The Cold Hearted Prince And His Maid

The Cold Hearted Prince And His Maid

By:  Edna Edson  Updated just now
Language: English
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After being enslaved for fourteen months, she was chosen as the Prince's personal slave. Of course she's heard about him. The cold hearted prince then the entire kingdom wouldn't stop gossiping about. Then, her fairytale world is crumbled to dust. All hope of freedom gone as hate flashes from all corners, together with pain and distress. How would she survive? Will there be a little glint of hope for her? Or maybe her hope is..... Encouragement is all need dear readers. I'm sure you can all give that. Join me in this exciting long ride. Thank y'all.

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26 chapters
Pain. Excruciating pain ran throughout her body as the whip landed on her back for the umpteenth time. Tears mixed with tears ran down her face to the ground, wetting it lightly. Yet, she relentlessly raised the hoe, digging it into the ground to get rid of weeds.   It's all slavery. When agony becomes a very part of your life that's what she calls slavery.   Working relentlessly, paying for crimes they know nothing about. Striving hard to survive. Striving hard to survive a tormenting phase of life.   Yet, they've been going round and round in this tunnel and haven't seen even a glimpse of light.   She's the most courageous. She fears nobody. She was brave. But then she's subjected to slavery, where she has no powe
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Chapter 1
*Few weeks earlier*                      *Eleanor's POV*       "Eleanor! Eleanor! Eleanor!" I heard my mother's voice yelling my name from the front yard. "Mother, I'm right here," I replied. My mother emerges from the front yard to the back yard where I'm sitting right now.   "Where are you?"   "Up, up here mother." She looks up to find me sitting on a tree in the back of our house.   "Oh dear gods, Eleanor, I've told you times without numbers to never climb a tree, you're a lady."   *Oh god not today*   "Mother come on, you know I really love it," I said with a smile plastered on my face.   "Down." mother warned with her signatory frown on her face.   *Not again*   "Mother," I tried protesting.   "Down!
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Chapter 2
            *Eleanor's POV*    I breathed heavily but kept digging, beads of sweat were all over my head, running down my face and blurring my vision, but I kept digging non-stop, why should I?, I'm not thinking of spending the night here looking for some stupid gold. "Eleanor," I paid no attention to who was calling me "Elly!" still kept digging, "Eleanor!!" Gwen called and held my arm to stop me from digging further, I panted heavily. "You should take a break." She looked at me sympathetically, "here, sit here." she said, pulling me to sit on a rock. "Thank you." I whispered and sat down.     Fourteen months, it's been fourteen months since I've been here, fourteen months of sorrow for every last member of Narva, fourteen Months of being whipped and treated like an outcast from hell, fourteen months of suffering, fourteen months I started bearing the name "slave
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Chapter 3
     "Don't you think that was mean?" Nikolai asked as they walked down the hallway leading to the prince's room. He was rewarded with a deadly look from Luciano.     "Oops sorry" He raises his hands in mock surrender. "Didn't mean to offend prince Wolfy.....pleeeease.have mercy my prince...don't..kill... meee!!!...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to offend the kingdom biggest baby cat!!!" He teased mimicking a helpless voice and laughed loudly clutching his stomach.     They reached Luciano's room and the guards opened the door and they both stepped in. The room screamed ROYALTY. It was spacious, a little bit dark and well furnitured with a king sized bed at the left side of the room. A shelf occupied the right end of the room with a table and chair close to it. There
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Chapter 4
 Maria took a deep breath before speaking "you have been assigned to clean and make sure Prince Luciano's room is in order." Eleanor could hear a loud bang in her head.      *Prince Luciano!! Dear gods!!*.     She looked at Helen with eyes wide open in shock. She could only nod her head. No words forming in her mouth. She was about to turn around and take a seat when Madam Helen added "you should get your equipment, you're starting right now."      Eleanor felt her legs go weak, she had to lean on the wall to support herself from falling. *Prince Luciano!! Oh god please!!*      Since her stay in Cordenia Elean
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Chapter 5
     I held my skirt as I raced up the stairs to the Prince's bedroom. It's my second day working as his personal slave. I was relieved of few of my duties, I feel sorry for Gwen and the others because they still had to work the mines today. I stopped to catch my breath as I reached the last floor. Was I really ready to face the prince today? I remember yesterday when I hurriedly finished my work and literally ran out of the castle just to avoid seeing him. I guess I just have to deal with seeing him everyday. I reached my destination which was exactly the front of his room and met two guards there again looking like their faces were made to frown. I greeted them but they just kept looking at me like I'm some dumb fool. One of them, yes I recognized him, he was the one who came into the room to call the prince yesterday. He turned and opened the door for me.     I opened the room and met the prince and the Queen in a heated discu
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Chapter 6
                           Eleanor's POV       "Hey brother" he said looking at me "who is this" he asked       *okay, here we go again*       "My personal slave" He grunted in response before walking away to train with few of the warriors       My heart was beating real fast...wanna know why...okay...the prince younger brother has been standing here six minutes since prince Luciano left and has been staring at like...does he even know who I am.   Read more
Chapter 7
  So when would Elliot arrive here in Cordenia" Ariel asked   "I don't know, he should have sent a letter by now" King Axel replied   "I really can't wait, at least he would talk some sense into Luciano's head" She said turning to face the king and helping him with the buttons on his shirt.   "Luciano?? What did he do this time Ariel??"    The Queen signed, finished the buttons and took a step back. She folded her hands under her breast before speaking "you would not believe what I'm about to tell you" She paused before revealing "Luciano assigned a slave of Narva to work for him as his personal maid" She said with a voice that clearly sounds like she's gossiping       "What?!!!!" The King roared "how could he?!!" Exactly. That was the exact reaction she wanted to get from him.    "What the hell is wrong with him" He yelled, h
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Chapter 8
          *Eleanor's POV*     I heaved a sign of relief as I walked into the empty kitchen. I leaned on one of the kitchen cabinets to catch my breath. Today has really been hectic, we have been cooking different kinds of meal. Why? According to what I heard this lord Elliot happens to be a very powerful person and is very hard to please. The maids wouldn't stop gossiping about him, and I've been thinking if he's that hard to please, why are they wasting their time preparing a surprise party for him. Well the worst part is, nobody's attending the party aside the king and his family. So why are they cooking all the kind of meals I've never heard of before, talk less of eating them. I doubt if they are going to finish it.     Madam Helen r
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Chapter 9
                         *Eleanor's POV*       I walked into the castle to assist other servants to clean the palace. I can say it again that yesterday was another worst day of my life. After the prince ordered me to get dressed, I went to my room and got dressed in another of my slave wears, which was neater and did not stink of sweat like the one I had on.       I still wonder how I'm still alive today cause yesterday my heart was pounding hard like it wanted to break out of its ribcage, and the deadly look the Queen was giving me did not help matters at all.   I can't say the Royal family is one interesting family cause the so called 'party' or 'dinner' they were having went in total silence. Only the King and his brother were making small talks.   It was just once Prince Luciano spoke, which was when his
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