The Billionaire’s Bodyguard

The Billionaire’s Bodyguard

By:  Pink-Butterfly  Completed
Language: English
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Malik has never been the one to follow rules but after a life threatening incident, he’s assigned a bodyguard that has to be with him 24/7. And he hates it. Steel guns, bloody bullets and staring death right into the eyes, he has no fear. Wilder Thompson is entrusted to keep an eye on the popular pop-star. Bring together 24/7 every day meant having their decisions and wants clash all the time. Both have a different meaning of life but there’s something that will change their lives in a good positive way and steer them together.

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40 Chapters
Who is who?
The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 1. “Thompson, I’m very disappointed in you “. The over all head of the agency, Chief, shook his head sitting behind his desk. “I held you in high regard “.  “Sir, please, I did nothing with her”. Wilder said trying to defend himself. “She was the one who came on to me, I’m telling the truth “.  But of course, his boss would not believe what he was saying.  

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A new replacement
 The Billionaire’s Bodyguard  . By Pink-Butterfly . Chapter 2  . The morning was chilly, the gloomy clouds unwilling to let the rising sun peek through its endless grey stretching across the sky.    Wilder was the only one walking along the sidewalk early this morning as he was taking a jog, since the weather was bound to bring rain later in the day.    So people avoided the possibility of being drenched but not him.
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Everything that could go wrong
The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 3 .“Sexual harassment?”. Wyatt looked up from the credential papers and gave a questioning look. “What happened ?”.  “Ahh .. “. Wilder turned red rubbing his nape. “It isn’t exactly true. I was falsely accused by my former client’s daughter, she made a move on me and i refused, so I guess, she decided to tell those lies so she can get back at me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t believed so my chief had to take down my position and reduced my rank so that’s why I’m here“. Read more
The harsh reality
 The Billionaire’s Bodyguard  . By Pink-Butterfly . Chapter 4  . Wilder stepped out of the car as the driver stopped by the parking lot of the building.    His belongings were already going to be transferred to his client’s home.    But as for him?    He was supposed to start his work of being a bodyguard immediately. Read more
Guide to being the worst boss ever: by Malik Mendes
(5). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 5: Guide to being the worst boss ever: by Malik Mendes .Wilder drove down the road in a hurry seeing it was 7:40, he still had another 15 minutes to go. He kept beeping at cars, switching lanes, and skipping stop signs. Somehow not getting caught by the cops.He finally reached the building and parked his car immediately after seeing it was 7:58. He ran out his car making sure to lock it and made his way inside the building. Then he felt one of his shoes loose, he looked down and saw his left shoe lace going wild as he ran."Shit" he muttered and bent down to tie it quickly. "Mr. Thompson! You're here and just on time too, I'm impressed. Two days in a row!" He heard a voice say, he looked up seeing it was Mr. Carson.He stood up brushing off the invisible dust on his suit and stuck his hand out "Hey Mr. Carson, always gotta be here on time, especially on my second day" He smiled. Mr. Carson shook his hand returning
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The other Mr. Mendes
(6). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 6: The other Mr. Mendes .“So how is your mother doing?" Asher asked. They were both leaning on the wall outside of Mr. Mendes kitchen. Both Mr. Mendes and Mr. Carson were having lunch."She's doing amazing! She's been really happy since that horrible man left" Wilder replied. “That's good to hear, both of you are so much better without him, you and your mother are a really good team. You guys don't need another person"Wilder shook his head agreeing with him "hell no we don't, matter fact I'm not letting her get a boyfriend""Dude that's your mom, you act like she's your younger sister""She's my best friend! I love her, we don't need another man coming into our lives ruining us" He crossed his arms. “That's true, well I hope you find your true love one day and have adopted kids" Asher patted his shoulder."Adopted? You think my sperm isn't strong enough to make kids?" He huffed “Well to make a guy pregnant no, but
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Real life party pooper
(7). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 7: real life party pooper ."We are here today because Miles and Malik are going on tour in two days," Wyatt spoke. “Wait in two days? No one told me anything" Miles looked around surprised.Miles, Alan, And Nikolai sat on one side of the table and Wilder, Malik, Asher, And Wyatt sat on the other side of the table. Right now they were having a meeting about Miles and Malik."Miles we told you last month" Alanna sighed."I thought you were lying""Why would I lie about that?" Alanna shook his head."I don't know because you seem like the person to lie," Miles shrugged."Miles shh continue Wyatt" Alanna waved his hand for Wyatt to continue."Right. Anyways, since we're going to be traveling a lot you know you have to be extra careful every country is different. We don't want any trouble" Wyatt said, pointing at Wilder, Nikolai, and Asher.They nodded understanding.“You have to follow your boss at all times" Alanna adde
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All my friends are gay but I still don’t swing that way
(8). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 8: All my friends are gay but I still don’t swing that way . Wilder drove back home in a rush since he had little time to get ready. He quickly rushed inside the house heading to the shower, after a couple minutes he got out quickly drying himself not having time to dry his hair since it takes a little longer to dry.He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked out the bathroom seeing his mother standing there. "Where are you going?" She asked following him into his room. "My boss wants to go to the club""Malik? Holy shit which one?" His mother squealed as he was looking for an outfit to wear for the club. He shrugged and lightly pushed her out the room. “Dress nice to impress him, make him drool all over you" She exclaimed. “No mom that's gay" he sighed closing the door and locking it."That's gay! Eww no that's gay! I'm not gay" he heard her mocked as he started to get changed. “Leave me alone you meanie" He p
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I’m not gay and that’s final
(9). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly.Chapter 9: I’m not gay and that’s final . "Miles please don't" Alanna whined trying to push a drunk Miles away. "It's a free lap dance though" He slurred. "No I don't want it! Go ahead and do it on Nikolai" Alanna pushed him onto his bodyguard."Woah woah! I don't want his flat ass all over my face" Nikolai got up from his seat and tried to put Miles in it instead. "Come on Nikolai" Miles grabbed the collar of his shirt trying to pull him down on the one-seated couch. "Miles calm down! Can you stop being slutty for once, go to sleep" Nikolai removed his hands from his shirt and stood up."But I'm not tired" Miles whined about to stand up but Nikolai pushed him back down "Stay here and close your eyes"Miles complied and not even a minute later he was off to dream land. "Finally!" Nikolai walked to a different one-seated couch and plopped himself in it. "Damn" Wilder muttered."Miles is always like that slutty and horny, Wyatt
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I kind of liked him being drunk
(10). The Billionaire’s Bodyguard .By Pink-Butterfly. Chapter 10: I kind of liked him being drunk "Is this it?" Wilder asked as he pulled up to a nice modern house. Malik nodded "Yup! Now I want ice cream" He said getting out the car "go ahead get all the ice cream you want sir, I should get going sir goodnight" Wilder waved and was about to drive off but Malik started to pound on the window. Wilder pulled the window down confused "can you stay and have ice cream with me?" Malik asked.'Oh no! Hell no! I'm too tired if I spend another hour up I'll probably knock out'"Sorry sir but I-""Please" Malik pouted making puppy eyes.'Oh god that face, he's adorable... wait no! He looks creepy not adorable!'"Mr. Mendes I can't I'm-""Please! Please! It's just ice cream and then you can go home" Malik walked towards the driver side and opened the door. "Please Mr. Thompson" he grabbed his arm trying to pull him out the car. "Fine, but just one scoop and I have to leave" Wilder unbuckl
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