By:  Nina Daniel  Ongoing
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Kristen De Silva knew nothing about the sinful world. Life was not a piece of cake for her though she lived it like a saint. Every demon had longing to corrupt her virtue but she was out of their league. She was different. She wanted to become a successful international model and she had looks to be one but life had other plans for her. The day she turned 18, she was sold to a brothel for money. Kristen was unknown to the book of sins when she stepped inside the world of prostitution. But the angel didn’t remain the same after her first encounter with the father of sins. Mr. Nikola Bernardi. A womaniser who believed women are born to satisfy sins. He never loved nor did he know what love is. Until his lust turned into an obsession, leading him to do things he never imagined.

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26 Chapters
Chapter 1
1Kristen Life was tough but living it was tougher. If somebody would ask me to exchange my looks for a peaceful life, I would not hesitate or waste a second to think about saying yes. That's everything I had desired since seven; to live freely, without worrying about how we would manage to eat tomorrow. People said living a life in America was easy, but for me, it was cruel. If you have money, you can probably buy a person as your slave. If not, then you're someone's slave. I was a born American with no father and a mother who knew nothing about parenthood. Instead, I was the one taking care of her since the day I got conscious about this hard life. You must be wondering why I said I have no father but not an orphan exactly? It's because he left my mom when I was in her womb. It's like I was a death news to him so he ran away. I'd never seen him in my life. Mom once told me he was a handsome man and I got these lo
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Chapter 2
Yesterday was an unusual day in my life. I had so much fun with Emily's family. They treated me like their own daughter and even bought me a pendant, right away I refused to take it but her mother emotionally blackmailed me saying it was the last gift from Emily. The pendant was beautiful and really expensive. It had a diamond stone fitted in it, and God knew how I would take care of it. This was the most precious gift I ever had. The packing went well. The dinner went better. The hug from Emily went best. And now, tomorrow, I'll have a flight to Italy. Last days had passed so quickly that I forgot the count. Mom was home and currently crying for didn't know what reason. She kept crying and that pierced my heart. I felt the urge to go closer to her but something inside me just stopped me. Maybe, she needed that time alone to realise what she actually did. This was our last property that she bid for a stupid game.I was going through with my school junk stuff that
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Chapter 3
"Honey, I said go upstairs. I need work to do!" Mom hissed at me, her calling me with sweet names was beyond irritating, and what work was she talking about? Drugs!? I huffed furiously and walked without looking in the direction. I bumped into people but that's the least I cared about that time. I saw stairs upwards. I took them and thought of reaching to the roof for fresh air but it was only a route to the first floor and there were beds everywhere, it seemed like a girls portion and by now, I was sure that it was public property. Maybe what I thought was right. I turned around to step downstairs but got my way blocked by a female... performer? This girl was wearing her red costume. Her eyes were weirdly roaming all over me. Those gazes weren't normal, they were full of lust as if she was scanning me naked. "Excuse me," I tried to step away but she came in front of me again. "Oh, ciao, bella. Non mi dici il tuo nome? (Oh, hello, beautiful. Wo
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Chapter 4
Warning: This Chapter Contains Sexual Acts. Please Read It At Your Own Risk.Nikola What a sight to my eyes! I must agree Mattea had sent a bomb this time. The way she moved her thick ass in a sensual way, grinding it opposite to the wall while biting that plump lower lip, her pussy was popping out as if it wanted to be licked till the last drop.Oh, this slut could give me a great fuck. I wanted her to ride me rough until she would faint. “Sit on the sofa with your legs wide open,” I ordered her and she stopped squeezing her boobs, sashayed to the sofa in her black YSL heels and sat as I commanded. Her pussy was clearly exposed before my eyes, I could see that swollen clit wet. My mouth became watery, I gulped my desire down my throat.She started rubbing her clit and I filled my lungs with the air. Her eyes were on me but I knew she couldn’t look clearly through me as the projector light was blin
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Chapter 5
“What’s the girl’s age?” I questioned.“She turned eighteen yesterday, that's why I took her in after four months of her mother's pleading. Her mother sold her to me in the morning, that's why I'm telling you she needs time to manage the change but she will be your great entertainer. I can assure you will forget everyone if you see her once,” Mattea answered proudly. Great. My interest had piqued. She knew I liked younger girls. "When are you sending me her pictures?" I asked the main thing. If she was new then she wouldn't be in her recent catalogue."I will get her photoshoot done by tomorrow, don't you worry about it, you will be the first one to get the pictures," Mattea laughed.“And I don’t want any of your men to teach her anything. I will do whatever I want to do myself and for that, I wanna be her first,” I ordered her. “But Nik, she can misbehave,” Mat
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Chapter 6
Kristen This place was sick. I was crying myself to death, I wanted to scratch each inch of my skin to get rid of their hands all over my body. Their laughs and moans were plastered in my memory. I was mentally shrieking as loud as I could so that I could silence their voices in my head loudly, but they were still there. They didn’t miss any part of my body to remain untouched; not even my vagina. I couldn’t feel anything other than humiliation and disgust, the thoughts were killing me and I couldn’t stop crying.I couldn’t believe where I had gotten myself involved in matters of hours being in Italy. I was regretting the second I said yes to mom for coming here. How did I miss the clue my mother was planning to do something like this to me? I thought she had changed but it was my foolish heart who liked to believe in miracles. Now, those miracles were only a pain in my ass. I was on someone&rsquo
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Chapter 7
Nikola “Niko, you are going to fall in love when you will see those photos,” I narrowed my eyes at the ceiling, opening them I turned to the alarm clock, finding it to be 5:13 in the morning. Never thought I would wake up to this filthy voice.“Mattia, don’t you think it’s a bit too early to call someone, you sure you have a clock in your room?” I inwardly yearned to bang her head against the wall to knock some sense into her, silly bitch. “I don’t give hell of money only to be called at this hour,” I could mouth off better but she supplied me better girls than other agencies, sounded enough for now.“I’m really sorry, my friend. I thought you were up by now,” I sat on the bed, rubbing my eyes and putting AirPods on.“Yeah now I’m up and it’s a beautiful morning, all thanks to you,” I picked boxer from the floor and wore it while striding to b
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Chapter 8
Kristen I woke up, late. Didn’t know what time it was until my eyes reached for a clock that displayed 2:34 PM to be exact. I inhaled deeply, stretched my arms, puffed out all the laziness and encouraged myself to climb out of the bed to make mom some sandwiches but then I realised this wasn’t my bed… in fact, the room wasn’t mine either. It was an attic and roaming my eyes around, reality made its way hard in my chest. My flight, mom’s betrayal, those girls’ harassment and then Mattia’s sudden change in behaviour. I thought it was a dream and it would end once I sleep but I was still living in it and who knew how long. My head bent. I noticed I was in black lingerie with no underwear on. My breath was stiff, felt so uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to sleeping almost naked. I extended my hand for a glass of water and gulped all of it. Meanwhile, someone’s steps invaded
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Chapter 9
6Nikola Fuck you, Luciano! God if you really cared about me then why couldn’t you kill him before he could storm into my office at the wrong time! I wasn’t just angry, I was craving blood, again. That motherfucker didn’t realise till yet I killed my vixen because of his strawberry, because her beauty fucked my mind till I couldn’t remain sane, and today, he was forcing me to have lunch with them. He was going to make a mistake that he will regret, I would end up fucking his pregnant wife today if I would go. “Mr. Bernardi…" Even I could hear Jennifer calling me, her voice is so clear, "...Mr. Bernardi…" But then the tone morphed into another voice, "...may I have your attention?… sir?” Reality slipped inside me as Sarah’s brassy voice deafened me. I dashed my eyes at her, finding this fat woman in a black striped skirt with her curly-frizzy hair. Oh, such women
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Chapter 10
7Kristen I had enough to know I was in danger. It was dawn and I was still here even when I wanted to be miles apart from these girls who were glaring at me without giving a blink away. I wasn't watching them but I could feel their eyes on me. This place was full of gossipers. Mattia needed to acknowledge I won't be able to fit in this atmosphere. So I had to give the best whine of my life to convince her to send me away from this shithole, or else that blonde witch and gang would strangle me in my sleep or… throw acid on my face or... slit my throat. Who knows?God… please.I could not live my life in fear. She said she had to make calls to arrange a living for me. At first click, I thought to make her call mom and ask her if she could forgive me for whatever reason she dumped me here and take me away. But ever since I rolled my head over it, I realised moving with her would chop off all the wings o
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