By:  Eden Dashe  Ongoing
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Annie Campbell just found out that she's not just human teenager, she is the daughter of a Legendary Alpha and Luna who had to be sent away just after birth to protect her life Getting there she sees that there's more to her return, she has a duty to the people in that pack. Though born without the guidance of her parents, They're strength and resilience lives in Annie and she's determined to do what she's destined to do. With the help of New Friends and a Soul mate, Annie must push through unfamiliarity and jealousy to Avenge her parents and redeem herself as The lost Luna of Silverwoods

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8 Chapters
 (Part 1)Alpha Lionel sat in anguish and sadness while the others argued. He couldn’t hear a word they were saying, all he could think about was that the tame woods pack was no more and he still hadn’t rested on it. He still couldn’t believe it. He just saw Alpha Tay yesterday along with his Beta. They were all here together and the meeting ended hopefully and even Alpha Tay had told him that together they would end this war with Alpha X. Alpha Lionel began to feel guilty. If he hadn’t brought the idea of the neighboring packs relocating temporarily to Silver woods till the war was over then Alpha Tay and his pack members wouldn’t have been ambushed a few hours ago.‘Alpha?’ His beta, Jared slightly shook him. He snapped out of his thoughts and realized that everywhere was quiet now. He sighed, they expected him to say something.‘Don’t blame yourself, Kane.’ Alpha Kane said. He was the Alpha of M
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Senior year is going to be one of the best years of my life. I know, today is only my first day but how could it not be a wonderful year? Grandma gave me an early present for my eighteenth birthday which is in two months. She got me a cute red convertible! Even though just during the summer she had refused me asking for a car and told me I wouldn’t be getting one till I was going off to college. I can’t wait to see the look on Tony’s face when I drive into the parking lot with my awesome ride. I had texted him last night telling him not to pick me up this morning because I had a surprise for him in school. I know I’m early, Grandma hadn’t come up to check on me like she does every morning before I leave for school. Well good days have to start early, don’t they? I take one last look at my self in the mirror and wink at my reflection before going downstairs for breakfast. As I approach the hallway, I can hear voices speaking in hums an
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    Everything that happened within the past 24 hours is still blurry to me. And I am still unclear about my situation. Grandma, Kelt, Sheryl and I boarded a plane leaving New York to Canada. Then we took the longest drive, I have ever been in in my entire life. Night came and it started raining, we had been driving in the woods for three hours. I guess that was when I got overwhelmed realizing that this was all true, that I was a werewolf? And so was Grandma? And we were going to the land of werewolves. I might never see the lights of New York city again, or any city for that matter. I might never see my friends again or go to the movies or starbucks. I might never see Tony again or I might be dead soon. I began to cry lightly. Grandma wrapped her arms around me pulling me into a hug, I rested my head on her laps and cried softly while she stroke my hair.   She apologized over a thousand times for not telling me who I really was and told me that remem
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CHAPTER 3 Time seems to be moving faster than usual, maybe this is so because I am still floating about my new reality unable to fully comprehend what is happening. The mansion we were taken to has to be one of the most beautiful and fanciest I have ever stepped foot in. It’s exquisite and Lavish interior décor had me wondering who it was that lived here. Old fashioned Lamp attached to Lamp holders stand in most corners of the room. Even though most if not all of the lamps were turned off, the house was lit by mini sized chandeliers at top corners of the ceiling. And the leather furniture had a nice feel to them. The house is classy and beautiful period. My room looks like a princess’s room. It has a king sized four poster bed, it’s walls are painted pink and a large balcony. The whole town seems to be dark and asleep. What do i call it? A town? A village? A werewolf city? Grandma’s story comes back rushing to my head.The horrible story I was told hours ago. It was suppose
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CHAPTER 4 You will be disappointed to find out I spent my night shivering in fear of the return of the large dark wolf I had an encounter with. I was up most of the night and I could not move an inch. In fact, I almost could not let myself breathe scared that he was around and coming in at one of the times. I wanted to run to Grandma but as I am still unfamiliar with my environment I am in so I did not want to risk running through the mansion halls in confusion while that wolf sprang out of somewhere. When Grandma came to wake me up this morning, I had myself wrapped tightly in my sheets and I had a headache. Grandma starred at me strangely as I opened my eyes. I sat up and stretched yawning. ‘Good morning grandma.’ I said and Grandma sat on the edge of my bed with a worried expression. ‘Morning baby.’ She said. ‘Is everything okay?’ She said and put an arm around my shoulders. ‘Mhmm.’ I reply nodding my head. ‘Why?’ She raises and eyebrow at me, ‘You look like you did
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When Sheryl, Grandma and I got into the car, I was a little excited that we would be following the busy part of Silverwoods, the part I and Grandma were looking at from my balcony earlier on. I was anxious to see more of the pack members, to see how they live. It does not mean that I am interested, just simply curious. But Sheryl surprised me by taking a tarred road on the left. I felt disappointed but grandma did not. Even though this path was lonely with trees and woods that looked colorful with different colors and types of climbing flowers, she looked fascinated by it. I understood that she had missed her home so much. We got to a manor mansion and Grandma and I got down while Sheryl drove off after telling us the guards will lead us in. And they did. I walked into a large spaced office room and noticed 6 pairs of eyes starring at me. Kelt and Sheryl stood side by side leaning against the wall with their dark hair pulled back into a low bun and complimenting their usua
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I can not remember the last time I had a proper good night’s sleep. My second night just went by and it was far from pleasant. The Anxiety of beginning in my new school has me all in twists. And my disappointment meeting with the keepers has been unable to get out of my mind too. The Alpha Especially, he must be one of the most annoying human beings I have ever met. Alpha Vane had decided that we would all meet again by the end of the week at the Alpha Mansion. He had walk up to me after the meeting and I thought he was going to come over to say something but he just walked right pass me with that stupid smirk on his face and a whisper. ‘Let’s see how much you like to kick ass.’ Of course no one noticed, grandma had left me to talk to some of the keepers while I waited for her. And that was how my meeting went with them. Grandma and Sheryl tried to be chatty in the car. Telling me how nice it is that I finally get to go to silverwoods high just like my mum and grandma an
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Seth led me through the halls of Silverwood high with a double hall pass that he showed to the hall monitors whenever they stop us. He was pointing out rooms, labs, classes, the library, the cafeteria then he took me to what looked like a smaller building sepeprated from the school’s building.‘’Now to the most exciting part of our school, the combat room. He pushed open the large wooden beche doors and reveals a large spacious room.‘This is were we challenge ourselves and our wolves.’ He said to me and smiled. ‘You would love to see this.’ He showed me to a corner of the room and we stood in front of what looked like the hall of fame in a show glass. At the top is a picture of a young girl with a wide smile and her hair wrung up in a bun. What was written below was ; For the fourth time, Diane becomes Silverwoods physical and wolf combat champion. ‘Mom?’ I whisper starring up
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