By:  Oreoluwa Lasisi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Forbidden is about two young African-American lovers. It centres on how much one has to fight for what he wants. The story has proven that love is not enough, this can be seen throughout the story through the character's acts of selflessness and respect for the one they love. Vivian Blake and Alexan

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Calm down, will you?" "Peace, you don't understand. I'm happy that he finally wants to introduce me to the world but then, there goes his family.They are quite infamous for always maltreating the less privileged, so I am scared.""Babe keep calm, Alex loves you and that is all that matters, Peace reassured."Oops, pardon my manners.I'm Vivian Blakes. I don't know if I should say I'm a Nigerian or just claim to be an American. Either way, I'm African-American.My parents are both Nigerian and they spent their youth over there, making beautiful memories.They moved here when mom realized she was pregnant and she continues to live here ever since dad's death because she claims she has nothing left to go back to in Nigeria, not when dad would be no longer be by her side. She never explains why though.So that explains it. I've lived all my life right here in New York so my life is here.Ouch, I forgot to mention peace, sighWell, pea
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Chapter 2
The car stopped in front of a glassy gate which I assume to be our destination.After the security check, they open the gate and Mike keeps driving.Just when I thought I've seen it all, Mike parked in front of a huge mansion.Everything about this place screams money!I can't help but gasp at the sight of the beautiful castle standing right in front of me.Of course, Mike didn't miss the surprised look on my face, as he smiled at me through the front mirror."You are not expecting this, are you?""Never have I ever imagined myself in such a beautiful and classy place."He kept on smiling as I continue to observe my environment in awe."You should see the inside first, you will be shocked."Mike might be Alex's driver but we vibe pretty well.First, I'm not a snub plus he is a nice guy. He grew up with Alex and they share a bond but...Anyway, he is friendly and I like him. Most times, he fills me with the gist
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Chapter 3
I woke up feeling numb and void of all emotions.I can't say this is what am feeling like, I just want to be on my own.I went downstairs to fetch food in the kitchen and there goes peace sitting comfortably at the dining table oblivious to what happened yesterday.She was already asleep when I came home and I purposely lock my room so she couldn't come In the midnight to ask me questions."Good Morning Peace, I greeted.""Morning Vee, she greeted with her charming smile.When did you come back last night?I thought you slept out.""I came back around 1:00 amYou were already asleep so I didn't bother to wake you.""Oh! okay, so how was it?""Bad""What?""Yeah, it was badI ended up in a fight with his mom.""That sucks""Yup""What is Alex saying on this?""Nothing""What do you mean by nothing?""Well, I haven't heard from him since last
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Chapter 4
Today is the day Alex and I agreed to meet with my family.After the whole drama with his mom, followed by the apology, I sent a message to him last night that he should meet with my family too.I have a beautiful family who lives In the rural part of California.My mom had to work her ass off to ensure a good life for me and now that I can take care of myself, she still has to take care of my little sister.That woman is strong.Ever since my father's death, she didn't give any man a chance in her life until recently.She raised me as a single mother.She met Thomas about 5 years ago and gave birth to baby Ivy 3years after. Ivy is such a cute kid and honestly, Thomas is an amazing stepdad too.It hurts him to know that I don't consider him my dad but the love just doesn't fill in.Don't get me wrong, I have a good relationship with Thomas and we talk a lot.sometimes, I tell him stuff I couldn't even share with my Mother.That i
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Chapter 5
I went back home feeling angrier than I have ever been. This time, I am certain that we are not getting back together.I met Peace on the couch, looking relaxed as ever.I can tell she had a great day."Hey girl, I greeted.""Vee, I thought you are spending the night with mom.""I thought so too.""What happened?did you fight with mom?how did it go with Alex?""Okay, didn't go well.Alex thinks so lowly of me and thinks my family are dirt that he can't associate with.""He said that?""not with his mouth at first, until he finally says poor people are lowminded.""shit! guess mom is never going to accept him then.""can't blame her, not when he looked at Ivy with so much disgust.""that bad?what do you intend to do now?""Nothing.""what do you mean by nothing?""I told him that I'm done already.what else would you hav
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