One night with Ex-Husband

One night with Ex-Husband

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How will you feel when you end up with the same person you were trying to find an escape from? How will you feel when you end up in a one-night stand with your Ex-husband? Her eyes fluttered as she felt the morning cool breeze brushing against her bare body, which was semi-covered with a quilt. Although her eyes felt heavy to even blink, her other senses were high alert. She could hear the bird chirping outside the windows, she could smell a familiar masculine cologne, her body covered with goosebumps with the presence of someone familiar, and her heart beats rapidly on its own accord. That's when her brain registered her surroundings and could recollect her last passionate night with someone who would be her soon-to-be ex-husband. How? When? Why? She mentally slapped herself, but then she couldn't hide the contentment. She felt as if she was complete now. She couldn't stop but feel happy again. Why? Why does she feel like falling in love again? "I see you are still the w***e you were back then," his words broke her little dream she just thought of. "A desperate woman like you, who can with her ex-husband, can no wonder w***e around any men." He said with no remorse. "I did the right thing by divorcing you. How much do you charge for a night?" he smirked, looking at her teary face. "Here! Take extra 200 bucks for the sake of our old times." She vowed never to cry in front of her husband, but what he said just now shattered her soul beyond repair. Her quivering body and hollow eyes didn't hide the agony she felt at that very moment. "Sorry for loving you."

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The energy inside the club was at its peak, and aloof from the crowd, there stood a woman in the corner, Myra. Dressed in a beige-colored body-hugging dress with bold red lips, she looked nothing less than a seductress, though petite, yet there was something about her that was intriguing. She was accompanied by her friend, Sharon, who was doing everything to engross her in mischievous chat about men around, but to no avail. Myra’s eyes told everything that she was feeling from inside; sad. “Myra, you have to let him go,” Sharon said, interrupting her thoughts.Sharon observed how Myra was only holding her drink and was lost somewhere.Giving her signature smile with a glint of sorrow, Myra replied, “He already left me. Can I do anything now?” With that, she drowned her drink in tw
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“Your honor, I would like to bring to your notice that this is the fifth time Mr. Abram Aly has not attended the divorce hearing. He deliberately harasses my client Mrs. Myra Nur by delaying the hearing,” Thomas, Myra’s lawyer, accused.“I object, My Lord. Mr. Aly is going through serious health issues which require him to frequent the hospital and stay for treatment,” the opposition lawyer argued.“So my friend, Mr. Nathan here is saying, since the day he filed for divorce from my client, he is either not well or out of the city. My Lord, for two years, Mr. Aly has neither attended any single court hearing nor has he responded to my client’s call. In contrast, my client Mrs. Myra never missed her appointment though she has a career which also needs her attention.”&ld
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The Club
When Myra stepped out of the mall, she had already gathered the attention, and a few even whistled, cat-called, making her face flush. She kept glaring at her friend walking beside her looking immune to all the whistling and flirtatious comments.“Do I have to wear this to attend a party? If you had told me this condition before, I wouldn’t have come,” Myra said while pulling her dress.“Oh, come on, can’t you see how they are gaping at you? You are a treat to watch,” Sharon winked, slapping Myra on her ass.The latter gasped in surprise, looking around to ensure no one saw what her friend did to her in a public place. “Where is your car?” she asked, cursing the moment she agreed to be friends with the wicked woman st
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The night
Seeing the commotion inside the restroom, Abram dragged Myra out, much to her horror. All he could see was red. He came to the club along with his acquaintance and joined his friends on the upper floor’s booth. He was enjoying his time, coming back after two years, and was engrossed in the cliche discussion when the topic diverted on the girl wearing a beige-colored dress and moving like a seductress. As the lighting inside the club was dim, he couldn’t make out her face initially. One of the guys from the group claimed his stake and went out of the booth towards the dance floor. He almost reached the seductress and was about to grab her by her hip when the lights were turned on for a brief moment. It required Abram a second to recognize that face, and before he knew it, he was out there screaming bloody murder.Read more
The next day’s sun rose with the brightest and coolest rays in sync with the previous night’s passion shared by two souls. Myra laid on her stomach, completely naked unaware of the daybreak. Her hips and chest were partially covered with a quilt, her hair gliding with the wind over her bareback. A moan escaped her lips, and she shivered slightly with the morning cool breeze making her eyes flutter.Although her eyes felt heavy to even blink, her other senses were high alert. She could hear the bird chirping outside the windows. She could smell a familiar masculine cologne, her body covered with goosebumps with the presence of someone familiar, and her heart beating rapidly on its own accord.That’s when her brain registered her surroundings and could recollect the passionate last night with someone who wanted to divorce her for an unknown reas
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Myra was staring out of the window at the steady and dreary rain while her companion, driving the car, chose to remain silent, seeing her blank expression. He knew whatever she faced affected her deeply, and the disheveled look couldn’t deny his dread.Elijah signed, looking at her defeated form, and he knew even if he asked her, she would not utter a single word. That’s how Myra was. Anything that bothered her, she would not immediately say it out, whether it was her anger or her pain. She always kept it to herself, and once it reached her saturation point, she burst out.You are the best thing that happened to me. The best thing about you is your soul. It’s pure.I did the right thing by divorcing a whore like you.She laughed bitterly, thinking about how Abram’s view changed about her in just two years. Elijah could see; although her face was blank, her eyes were full of sorrow which she had been controlling.He was shocked when he saw her walking on a de
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New Boss
‘Shock’ was evident on Myra’s pale face.How can it be possible? She thought while looking at Abram, who didn’t notice her till now.He was wearing a crisp white shirt along with gray pants and a blue tie. He ditched his coat, indicating he was mid of something and had joined the meet in haste. Being 5.11 tall, lean built with toned forearms, he was visible to people even at the farthest corner of the room.He still didn’t lose his charm, she thought.There was a round of applause resonating inside the conference room, and the moment Abram was turning around in their direction, Myra immediately hid behind Elijah. Since the room was filled with more than 100 employees, Abram failed to notice three pairs of eyes with shock marred all over them.“Good Afternoon, Team. It’s good to see you all. You can call me Abram. I don’t believe in formalities. I am a man of few words, so I would directly come to the point. I believe in hard work and sincerity. I expect nothing bu
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Who is she?
Mrs. Abram Aly, get your ass back on the bed right now.No.Are you disobeying me?Maybe.Oh, I will give you two options, move your ass or…Or?Or pray that when I catch you, I go easy on you.We shall see.Oh, you have no idea how much you are turning me on, my catty.Let go of me, Mr. Aly.Oh, my Persian pussy, never I would let you go.You are so gross.What? I was calling you a cat.************************“Mr. Aly, can you let me go?" Myra said with no emotions, although her stomach fluttered with the familiar warmth and hold.Embarrassed at being caught staring at Myra, he cleared his throat and let go of her. However, without giving a second thought the next second, he blurted out, “What are you doing here?"She wanted to ask him the same question, how the hell did he change in just two years.Why is she looking different? Abram thought while openly gazing at her from head to toe.Myra didn't reply
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Sharon's date night
Every day Sharon used to drop Myra at her home since it was on her way. However, after hearing Sharon's rant about how he didn't take her out the other day, Elijah planned for a date night.“Myra, how will you go home?" Sharon asked. “I'll book a cab. You guys should get going now," Myra replied while checking for a cab in an app.“We can drop you. It won't be a problem for us," Elijah joined them.“It's OK. This is not the first time I am traveling alone."Meanwhile, Sharon and Elijah bid her goodbye; Myra was notified that Abram had asked her to meet him.“Now, what does he want," she huffed.“Ms. Nur, I am sorry to bother you, but I need some data urgently," Abram said without glancing at her and working on his laptop.“I need the customer satisfaction report for the last quarter, I hate to say this, but you have only 30 minutes to pull the data."“30 minutes are too less of time. I need to run a pr
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Home alone
I told you she is not what she pretends to be.Stop it!Denying the truth will not help you anyway, Abram.I love her!Does she?I want her to be happy, even if it means I have to stay away from her.Abram drove his car back to his apartment, “Why do you have to come back to my life, Myra?"“Wasn't it enough that I let you go once? Why are you making it difficult for me?" His trail of thoughts was interrupted by a song playing on the radio. It was the song which he sang and dedicated to Myra when he proposed to her before their wedding.On the other side, When Myra stepped into her house, she saw her father waiting for her.“Dad, why aren't you asleep?"“Ah, nothing. I thought of having a warm tea with my daughter. It’s been a long time that I could spend time with her," Rayan said, smiling from the couch “You made tea for me? Why did you? I would have made it for you," Myra smil
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