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Lena meets Jeremy , the young man she saw in her dreams occasionally since she was ten. He apparently tries to introduce Her into a world she once knew like the back of her palm, unfortunately she can’t remember a thing all because of a clumsy mistake made by Jeremy and now it’s his duty to make her remember and in the process fall in love with him. Lena falls in love with Jeremy but believes nothing from her pass as it seemed like a fairy tale to her,it was something a child could only imagine. Lena begins to remember her life as a werewolf and how she was rejected by Jeremy multiple times,how she Changed to suit him but nothing was good enough for him.

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51 Chapters
First meeting
Lena was up very early just like she always did every day since she was eleven. She wore her favorite pink shirt and random shorts. She horrid outside without any footwear,she sat on her front porch and her friend Mason who was her next door neighbor and her best friend joined her.“Hey Lena!!” Mason waved to her as he ran down the steps of his house and approached her. Mason looked like a regular teenager which he would have been but he came in contact with his grandmother’s ghost when he was eight years old and he has had the ability to see them ever since as well as the ability to levitate and become invisible like a ghost.Mason is a seventeen years old dark tall young man with an amazing British accent, slender body, one could say he lived at the gym with his intimidating shoulders and abs.his black long locus (shoulder length) green charming eyes, pointed nose, long eye lashes, his deep sweet voice which melted girls with just a word.“Hey
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Lena couldn’t sleep. She sat on her bed thinking about Jeremy. It fascinated her how a guy who has been in her dreams since she was ten,is now in her school and he spoke to her today.Lena tried closing her eyes but she couldn’t.she watched tv shows,played games and watched as many TikToks as she could but yet she couldn’t get Jeremy of her mind. Lenas eyes finally became sleepy by 5am and she had to wake up at 6am.Lenas alarm rang repeatedly and as it did she kept on snoozing the alarm.“Len!!!” Lenas mum screamed downstairs. “Len !!, it’s 7am I hope you're dressed for school”Lena couldn’t believe her ears, she jumped off her bed and into the shower. She had her bath and wore a simple white mini dress and a black bag with a pair of white boots. She looked like a zombie with her saggy eyes,messy hair and how she walked as though she was an old lady who just broke her back.“I’m off to school mum!!” Lena yalled past her mum. Lena couldn’t rem
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Jeremy chuckled for a few seconds before he got a grip of himself. He stared into Lena's eyes which told him words she didn’t know of, it showed him wonders that he was scared to explore, it revealed to him the darkness he had installed in her soul, the tears that had run down her cheek daily because of him. Jeremy could no longer take it. He reached out to her, held her soft tender hands and then he let his heart out.“Lena, I realized my actions were wrong. I should have never judged you, no one is perfect…” “What are you talking about???” Lena asked. Lena wasn’t sure if Jeremy was talking to her though he was staring at her but the words he spoke were strange to her.“I know you don’t understand now but you will soon” Jeremy reassured Lena. “You need to rest,” Jeremy concluded the discussion. He helped Lane lay on her back. When he turned around Mason was no were to be found. He assumed he went to get Lenas mum or something related.
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Valentines fever
It’s been a week since the breakup. Lena was out of the hospital but Jeremy didn’t let her move a muscle, her mum was glad she had Mason and Jeremy to look after her daughter whenever she was out of town.“Have you spoken to Ella lately??!”Lena asked. She was sitting on her bed with a cup of hot tea in her hand,her leg crossed and her eyes fixed on Mason.On hearing the name ʻElla’Jeremys eyes turned black his wolf was eager to get out. Lena knew she could calm him down and he was attached to her in some kind of magical way but she didn’t really understand.“I don’t want to talk about it!” Mason responded.ever since the breakup Mason didn’t talk as much as he did he was cold ,quiet and easily apologized.Jeremy had a lot on his mind but Lena was all he wanted to take care of.Jeremy watched Lena fall asleep,he covered her up with a blanket,he shot the windows so she wouldn't get cold, then he left her alone with Mason. he got into his car
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February 14th
“Oh okay”The day was filled with drama and tears. Some girls expected to be asked out or received gifts but they got none, while some were but they were all going to be at the party . Once the bell was rang Lena left school she was fed up by the drama so she left early leaving the guys behind.February 14thLena made sure she slept in and she ignored her alarm and the numerous messages from fans and loved ones. She finally got up when she heard a sound on her window like something had banged the glass.Lena opened the window to find a group of her friends outside.“What are you guys doing?!” Lena asked them,she rested on her window frame looking down at them.“We’re off to Jeremy's house aren’t you coming???!” They all asked in unison.“Nope I would stay in bed” Lena yelled to make sure they heard her.” Have fun guys' ' Lena concluded waving at them as they left the premises.Lena had her bath and wore a j
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Stay with me
In her hand she stared at the picture. The girl looked exactly like her. There was a mirror in Jeremy's room. Lena stood in front of it with the frame in her hand. She stared at herself and then the picture. She heard footsteps right outside the room. It got closer. Lena horridly put the frame back where she saw it and how it was then she sat back down.“Hey I finally found it” Jeremy said.“What were you looking for??!” Lena asked.“It’s a surprise”“Hmm okay” They both sneaked back out and went to Lena's house. It was exactly 12pm when Jeremy got Lena back home. He laid her on her bed and covered her up with her blanket.“Jeremy??!” Lena called out as he was about to leave“Yes Lena?!” He answered. “Stay with me till I fall asleep” Lena pleaded.“Sure thing” Jeremy said he sat beside her, he held her hand and robbed them, he pulled her hair back from her face and laid his lips on her forehead.Lenas eyes slowly closed but she was stil
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him a seductive look, he tried waving it off, he gave Lena a kiss on her forehead and then left.It’s been three days Lena and Mason haven’t spoken to each other neither have they seen, Lena came out every morning but she never saw him she tried sneaking around his house but he was nowhere to be found she even threw things at his window but no responses, she took the risk of climbing a tree close to his room widow and then jumping off and held the window frame she saw a girl on his bed that did bother her she knocked on the window the girl stood up and brought the window blinds down.Lena went back home.Lena laid on her bed and her phone rang. It was Mason and she immediately answered the call.“I am at the door,” Mason said and hung up.Lena rushed downstairs barefooted.She opened the door and offered him in, Mason had a frown on his face. His voice cracked like he had been shouting for hours.“Are you okay???” Lena asked as she laid her eyes on h
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Love triangle
Until he gave her a kiss behind her neck, Lena shivered she turned and their lips met, Jeremy kissed her and Lena reciprocated, Jeremys hands slid under her shirt and took them off, Lena wasn’t really in the mood so she pulled back which made Jeremy confused.Lena wore her shirt and she had a sad look on her face. Deep down she wanted to ask him about the picture and who the girl was but she kept it to herself.Jeremy could tell something was up with her; he knew she had seen the picture so he pulled it out from underneath his bed.“There are so many differences between you now and then” Jeremy murmured.Lena's eyes widened at the sight of the picture. Then she asked. “ Who is she??!” “She’s you,” Jeremy answered with a light chuck. He looked at her facial expressions then placed his hand on the side of her face,he looked into her eyes,he smiled and drew her closer her body followed his force.Just then he realized how fragile she was aga
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Best friends
but she objected.“I can walk Jeremy!” Lena said.“Okay I just…” “It’s okay, no need for the explanation,”Lena said, interrupting Jeremy.Lena walked into the leaving room,she sat and crossed her legs while Jeremy went into the kitchen to get Lena something to drink.he came back out with a cup of smoothie and a beer for himself. He handed the smoothie to Lena and then took his seat opposite her. They chatted for minutes before Lena brought up the topic of the girl in the picture. Jeremy acted a bit uneasy before he responded to the topic.“So the girl in the picture what’s her name,” Lena asked.“Her name was Mia '' Jeremy said as he sipped his drink.“What do you mean by was??”Lena asked.“You see Lena, every life she lived was a different name like now she’s Lena you were originally Mia” Jeremy explained.“I am not her!!” Lena angrily said.“I know it’s strange but you are”Read more
The truth
Lena checked the database of the recorded dates of deaths in 1900 but she found nothing on Mia Kai, she decided to go through each picture but she felt it was taking forever.“I could help” “Okay help” Lena was exhausted and had no other choice.Gideon placed the details in a more organized manner and sequence. After a few minutes of researching the results were was as though he worked magic with the information Lena had provided him with,Lena was astonished and at the same deeply pleased.“Omg that’s her??!” Lena exclaimed in a hushed tone.her eyes widened she began to shiver in fear and disbelief.“Don’t you mean, that’s you??” Gideon answered Lenas question with a question. “To be honest you look just as I remember you”“You remember me???.no this can’t be,she could be my great great great grandmother for all we know ” Lena replied in disbelief. “By the way, how old are you?!” Lena asked. Before Gideon could say a word she continued. “You look young
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