Saving the Wilsons

Saving the Wilsons

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Our story begins with Natalie Marshall. A stubborn but sweet seventeen-year-old who is looking for a place to call home, and it ends with her youngest son finding love. Open your hearts and journey along with me as the entire Wilson clan overcome everyday struggles while finding love along the way. Book 1- Saving Natalie Book 2- Saving Dylan Book 3- Repairing Curt Book 4- Colt's redemption Book 5- Ian's guardian Angel.

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105 chapters
Natalie 1
(Authors Note- I want to take a moment to thank my readers for all your support. I would not be here without you, thank you. The first portion of this story is Natalie's and her story was my first ever attempt at writing. Please forgive my grammar mistakes. I tried to correct them all, but I am sure I missed some. My writing does improve when you reach Dylan's portion of the story, so please bear with me. Again thank you for reading. Your support means the world to me) Natalie POV "Home." I hate the word. What's a home? I don't live in a home. I live in a crappy apartment—the third crappy apartment this year, to be exact. Mom recently broke up with boyfriend number one million. So we moved, again, to start from scratch. She is definitely in her "I'm single and miserable mood."Another new school district and another new apartment. Luckily for me, it is late August, so for once, I am starting school with everyone else. Being
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Natalie 2
NATALIE POVWhat a waste of three hours. After my mom finally made her appearance and filled out the necessary forms, I had to wait for them to get my schedule sorted. I missed the first three periods of the day. But I finally have my schedule and I am being shown to the cafeteria by a very sweet girl who works in the office as an aid.I pick a protein packed lunch today. I am going to tryout for the school's soccer team since I finally started school at the beginning of the year like a normal person. So I need the extra energy for later.I find an empty table in the back of the crowded lunch room and sit down. When eating lunch I prefer privacy. I like being by myself for two reasons 1.) I like my own company, my own thoughts, it is easier to plan and focus that way and 2.) I feel like it makes me look strong. I like looking independent. I am not the new kid desperately looking for a clique, I am Ms. Independent in my book.Plopping dow
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Natalie 3
NATALIE POV"Sorry, I promise I'm not following you and technically I was here first," he quickly says while chuckling at me.   I glare while looking him over. I really don't have a reason to be mad at him. It's just so frustrating that every embarrassing moment that I have today has been witnessed by him.I take a moment to calm down before pulling out my supplies. I need to focus. This is my hardest subject and if I am upset I while taking notes I be able to understand them later. Plus I have to make sure I'm not behind in this class especially.  As I begin to take notes Ryan proceeds to try and distract me. He constantly whispers questions to me that I ignore, but he is making me angry. Why doesnt he pay attention to the teacher or take notes instead of bothering me?  Probably because he is one of those snobby spoiled kids or a person that teachers give breaks to. He seems popular and acts like he owns the
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Natalie 4
RYANS POVToday is the day. Yesterday I went to get my hair cut for the first time in months and bought a cool new shirt. So I feel ready. I am finally going to ask my best friend out on a date. I have watched so many guys ask her out. Every time that it happens when I am around my heart practically stops beating.She always replied, "No thank you" with a hint of irritation in her voice but it still scares me.To say I am nervous about getting the same reply is an understatement.I have already taken two showers this morning because I am sweating so much. I used way to much deodorant and half of my favorite cologne bottle. I brushed my teeth for at least ten minutes while rehearsing my speech. So yeah, I'm nervous.Today is her birthday. I figured it was the best time to ask. I plan to pop the question while I give her our homemade cards, some flowers and a necklace by mom helped me pick out. I prayed so hard last night for guida
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Natalie 5
NATALIE POV"How? What do you mean," I yell? My mind is running frantically. Her words aren't making any sense to me. It's like she is speaking another language. Mrs. Sheppard doesnt seem shocked that I am yelling at her. She looks like she pities me."Your mom was at the hospital last night, and she passed peacefully this morning," Mrs. Sheppard says calmly as if that explains anything."Why was she in the hospital? Did she get into a car accident," I ask, a bit calmer but just as confused as before.Mrs. Sheppard looks at the officer, this time with a slightly confused expression."Natalie, your mom, unfortunately, lost her battle this morning," she says as she turns her head back towards me.Confusion courses through my mind like a plague. Lost her battle? Was she in a fight with someone? Finally, the lady with the red glasses shifts in her chair slightly."Natalie, my name is Mrs. Phillip. I am the school
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Natalie 6
NATALIE POVMy mom had planned everything for her burial. All I had to do was sign some papers. Then two days later, before I had even come to terms with her death, I attended her tiny funeral service. I didn't participate in her viewing. Instead, I sat outside in the hall. Ryan had sat outside with me, silently providing me comfort, which I felt numb to.Somehow yesterday, the Wilsons had convinced me to move in with them and put most of the apartment's stuff into storage. They even hired people to pack everything and move it to a storage facility.My whole life has changed in three days. All my plans have disappeared. It feels like my life is gone, even though it's just my stranger of a mom who is gone.  At her funeral, I hadn't realized they were starting to lower her down into the dark until Ryan asked me if I was ready to go. I didn't reply; I just started walking towards their SUV.A couple of days later, Mr. Wilson ask
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Natalie 7
RYAN POVIt's been two months since Natalie lost her mom and started staying with us. She doesn't talk much, and she never smiles. Mom and I are extremely worried about her, but dad says to give her space.Every day she comes home, does her homework, eats dinner with us, showers, and goes to her room for the night. She is overly polite and formal with all of us. Even the girls can't get a laugh or genuine smile from her.I miss my best friend. Football season is over, so I have nothing to distract myself with. We didn't win state this year. The loss hit me hard. My last high school game ended with a loss. Natalie quit soccer as soon as she returned to school.When I asked her about it, she only shrugged.We still eat lunch together, but a couple of my buddies now sit at the table too. I can tell Natalie dislikes them. She never engages into the conversations, but sometimes I catch her rolling her eyes.Today is the same as usual. Nat is
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Natalie 8
Natalie POVI can't believe how sweet he is. I watch him as we gather the soccer balls that I have been kicking for over an hour.He helps me unhook the school's net and fold it. He does it all with a small smile in the freezing wind and it amazes me. His whole family amazes me. They aren't afraid to show every emotion they feel. Whether they need to cry or laugh. They share it with each other.His sisters are complete angels. They are glued at the hip and I've only seen them get upset with each other once. The disagreement lasted for about 5 minutes.Lacy spent longer apologizing then they had actually spent mad at each other. It was beautiful.I dont deserve their kindness. My anger boils so close to the edge all the time. I feel like a complete misfit in their perfect home. I just yelled and cussed at the best person in my life.Why am I like this?When we finally finish putting away my stress reliever, I grab Ryan's hand and
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Natalie 9
THIRD-PERSON POVTerri and Rick get ready for bed in silence. Each thinking about Ryan and Natalie. Terri brushes her hair, washes her face, and pulls on her favorite silk nightie.Rick washes the remaining gel out of his hair and pulls on a pair of old basketball shorts. He rubs his neck with both hands, trying to ease the knots."Rick, honey, come sit in front of me. I will do that," Terri says while patting the bed in front of herself.Rick loves his wife's massages. No matter what, they always seem to ease the tension in his neck and shoulders."Today was a tough day for Natalie," Terri states."Do you think she will regret Ryan kissing her," Rick asks his wife? When it comes to emotions and understanding, Terri is the master. She pulled him from a deep depression after his parents' death. And when he felt like the world was crumbling in on them when the girls needed so many surgeries as newborns, it was his wife that
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Natalie 10
NATALIE POV Ryan opens the car door for me like a true gentleman, and I slide into the seat while blushing. I began to panic as he rounds the back of the car. What if I do something embarrassing? How do you even act on a date? Once Ryan gets in the car, I am relieved to see that he is just as nervous as me. He keeps having to wipe his palms on his pants, which is definitely one of his habits when he is nervous. I smile while looking at my lap. Okay, say something, Natalie, be brave. "I am excited about Mexican Food," I say quickly before smiling at him. "This isn't true Mexican food," Ryan says with a smirk. There's my best friend. "Okay, okay, I'm excited for this chain restaurant food that passes for Mexican food. Because it is delicious," I state dramatically, and Ryan laughs. I love that we could slip into an easy conversation. I know if I were going on my first date with someone that wasn't my best
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