The Mafia's Good Girl

The Mafia's Good Girl

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- Book 1 of The Mafia Series - “Before we get on with our business, there’s a bit of a paperwork you’d need to sign,” Damon said suddenly. He took out a piece of paper and pushed it towards Violet. “What’s this?” she asked. “A written agreement for the price of our sale,” Damon replied. He said it so calmly and so nonchalantly, like he wasn’t buying a girl’s virginity for one million dollars. Violet swallowed hard and her eyes began to glaze over the words on that paper. The agreement was pretty self-explanatory. It basically stated that she’d agree to this sale of her virginity for the aforementioned price and that their signatures would seal the deal. Damon already signed his part and hers was left blank. Violet looked up to see Damon handing her a pen. She came into this room with the thought of backing out, but after reading the document, Violet had another change of heart. It was one million dollars. This was more money than she could ever see in her lifetime. One night compared to that would be minuscule. One could even argue that it was a bargain. So before she could change her mind again, Violet took the pen from Damon’s hand and signed her name on the dotted line. Right as the clock struck midnight that day, Violet Rose Carvey had just signed a deal with Damon Van Zandt, the devil in the flesh. * Warning: Mature content ahead. Enter at your own risk. *

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88 Chapters
~ Violet ~   “Good morning, beautiful!”   Violet Carvey heard her mom’s chirpy voice as soon as she entered the kitchen. Her mom, Barbara, was standing over the cramped kitchen counter in their small apartment, fixing a nice tuna sandwich and putting it inside a brown bag.     “Good morning, mom. What are you doing?” Violet replied.   “I’m packing you lunch for school,”   “Mom, I’m not in school anymore. I’ve graduated last month,”   “Oh,” Barbara stopped whatever she was doing immediately. She didn’t remember that her beautiful daughter is already 18 and a high school graduate.   “It’s fine, I’ll take it anyway,” Violet said sweetly. She felt bad about it and grabbed the brown paper bag, stuffing it inside her backpack. “Thanks, mom,”   “You’re welcome,” Barbara smiled. “By the way
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~ Damon ~   “Good morning, Mr. Van Zandt,”   Damon looked up to see his consigliere greeting him at the door to his study. Consigliere is another word for advisor, most notably to a crime boss such as Damon himself. His consigliere’s name is Adrian Luciano. He was the nephew to the famed mob king Joe “Joseph” Luciano who was the head of the New Jersey underworld from the 1980s up to now when Damon took over. Adrian, being a Luciano himself, had more claim to the throne over Damon who was only an orphan when Joe Luciano took him in. But Adrian never wanted the throne. Adrian preferred a more peaceful lifestyle with his wife Talia. So when Damon was willing to take over the throne, Adrian was more than happy to help him. They grew up together and Adrian knew there was no one more fitting to be king than Damon Van Zandt.   Damon was not born into the Luciano family, in fact, he never even
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~ Violet ~   Violet grabbed the most expensive bottle of whiskey she could find, the 30 year old Macallan, and the retail price was about $1,600. She brought the bottle over to their table and put it down right in the middle. She thought they would be impressed once they saw the bottle, that was most people’s reaction, but the guys just looked at her with a bored stare.   “Yeah, we’re gonna need more than one bottle, sweetheart,” the guy sitting next to Damon snickered.   “C—coming right up,” Violet said and turned to her heels.   She didn’t know why she was stammering. She had been serving drinks for customers her entire life, she didn’t need to stutter like that. Violet thought maybe the nervousness was because a mafia king was staring at her like a hawk. She didn’t know what she did wrong, but Damon Van Zandt had been glaring at her ever since he walked in here. &
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 ~ Violet ~ “Officer, this is just a misunderstanding!” Violet had been repeating the same words over and over again as she was being questioned at the police station. When the police came to raid The Union, all they could find was empty whiskey bottles, a passed out Dylan, and Violet standing in the staff room. Even all the strippers were gone without a trace. Violet must admit, they were very well trained. “We got a tip that some gang members were meeting at the bar. Did you not see any of them?” the police officer asked her again. “No, for the last time, I told you, I was closing down the bar and my brother was passed out because he drank too much. We were all alone in there,” Violet said reassuringly. “If you don’t believe me, check the register. I’ve closed the books and I was getting ready to leave, and
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 ~ Damon ~ “I’ll be sure to return the favor,” Damon said moments before he left the scene. He could hear the police sirens in the background, but he still took time to talk to the girl. “Don’t worry about it, just go,” she said. She looked even more worried than him. “Oh, no. Damon Van Zandt never forgets,” he said finally. Damon took one look at the girl before he disappeared into the night. Her eyes were the most captivating things he’d ever seen. They were blue with hints of violet in it. He had never seen such mysterious, glorious eyes.  When Damon told her that he wouldn’t forget, he was talking about being indebted to her because she’d helped them escape. That very night, as soon as the Van Zandt clan made their way back to the estate, Damon set out two orders of b
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 ~ Violet ~ “So, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” Damon said in that deep husky voice. “A girl like me?” she asked back. “Beautiful, smart, and… clearly inexperienced,” Violet narrowed her eyes and gave him a look like she was offended. “For your information, I’m well-qualified for this job. I’ve been working here since—” “I wasn’t talking about the job,” Damon cut her off. His deep brown eyes pierced into hers. “W-what are you talking about then?” “I’ve seen the way you look at me and you look away,” his eyes darted to her lips and back to her eyes. “Why? You can’t handle a little heat?” She let o
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  ~ Violet ~ “Dylan, can I talk to you for a second?” Violet gave Adrian a polite smile before pulling Dylan to the side. She walked far enough to make sure Adrian couldn’t hear her before she said, “What the hell is going on here?” “I don’t know, Vi. The man just came out of nowhere,” Dylan shrugged. “Did you do something? Or say something?” she narrowed her eyes. “Of course, not,” he said. “If this was about last week’s thing, they wouldn’t wait a whole week before finding me,” “Then what’s this about?” she asked. “And you know I don’t like you hanging around these people,” “I don’t like it either, but these people pay us well,” Dylan clapped back. “And I don&r
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   ~ Damon ~ “I will give you one million dollars for your sister’s virginity,” Dylan’s mouth instantly fell open. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  “You’ve gotta be kidding me, right?” Dylan tried to laugh it off, thinking Damon wasn’t serious, but Damon’s expression was stiff. “I’m a man of many things, but jokes aren’t one of them,” Damon said simply. “So, you’re saying you wanna give us a million dollars…?” “Yes, and for a night with her,” “T-that’s…” Dylan found himself babbling, looking for the right words to say. “Crazy. That’s outrageous,” “And that’s up to her, I suppose,&rdq
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  ~ Violet ~ “There, I’ve signed it. Now what?” Violet asked, pushing the document back to Damon. “You can keep that if you want. Frame it or something?” he let out a low chuckle, but Violet wasn’t amused. She knew full well the gravity of the situation. “So, do we just… get it over with?” she asked cautiously, not sure of the right words to use. “Get it over with?” he scoffed and narrowed his eyes at her. “Why are you treating this like it’s something you won’t enjoy?” Violet fell silent. She never figured enjoyment was part of the deal. She only looked at it as a business deal because it was. Meanwhile, Damon kept his gaze on her for the longest and it was making her feel uncomfortable. “I tell you what, we can just ta
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 ~ Violet ~ “Take off your clothes,” he ordered. Violet paused for a moment to let the words sink in. Okay, this is. This is the end. Seeing that she didn’t have any other options, Violet’s hand slowly pulled the zipper of her dress. The dress fell and pooled around her feet. Violet was now left in her white bra and underwear. She looked up to see Damon’s eyes turning dark, and she was shaking on the inside. A man had never seen her like this before and her hands went to cover her body instinctively. “Don’t ever cover yourself in front of me, do you understand?” Damon barked. His hands removed Violet’s hands from her body. Violet’s cheeks blushed bright pink and she nodded her head meekly. “Good girl,” he said. His hands
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