The Heart of Hades  (MxM Werewolf Romance)

The Heart of Hades (MxM Werewolf Romance)

By:  K. K. Winter  Completed
Language: English
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Zeno Silver: If I had to describe Rogue Alpha, I'd say a surly, temperamental pain in my ass, and if possible, everywhere else. Never would I dare assume a deal my father made would drive me right into the arms of the monster himself. I had become Alpha a few months ago, and all I wanted was to protect my people. I brought peace, well, sort of, yet the consequences came in the form of an unwanted husband. Alpha Hades: I never labelled myself, especially regarding my sexuality. Not that I had enough time to experiment when my life was a vicious cycle of grief and pain, but these days, I found myself becoming the leader, the Alpha of an unstoppable army. I knew what I wanted when I took the deal: easy access to my enemies' pack. Exchanging false vows with an Alpha leading the pack that would become the perfect pawn in my plan sounded like a no-brainer. Except my stomach flipped every time he looked my way, and my body reacted when he brushed by me. He had an effect on me that I'd never wish on anyone. With this connection between us, this pull, this need... I'm not sure either of us is still playing the game.

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68 chapters
WARNING :THIS IS A MxM work of fiction (MALE x MALE fantasy romance)Please don't read it if you're against same-sex relationships or came here to leave hate.I WILL read comments and respond to every bit of hostility, filth, and disrespect towards the LGBTQ+ community.You CAN and absolutely SHOULD complain about my inability to write, but I won't tolerate hate speech towards loving people. ONLY 18+ READERS. The book contains violence, triggering content, foul language, graphic descriptions of nudity, and sexual content. I refuse to be held responsible for short breaths, raging heartbeat and dripping panties. You’re warned too, gentlemen, I see you ;)English is my third language, so
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Diamond ring.
Alpha Hades "Did you have a look around here yet?" My Beta, Damon, asks as he makes his way into the cabin we share for the time being.  I open one eye and cover my face, groaning in pain. We arrived a week ago to participate in the first round of negotiations with the old Alpha, and I haven't left the cabin since.  My ribs ache, and I still have to change the bandages over one of my shoulders. Fortunately, the old Alpha didn't notice how badly injured I am. The old fart wouldn't hesitate to send out his assassins and finish the job Duke couldn't.  Damon jumps into my bed, and I instantly hiss. "Holy shit, you couldn't be less gentle, could you? As for your question, I'm pretty sure it's clear I haven
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Here comes the bride!
Zeno I'm ready. I think. The big day is here, the milestone for the whole pack and my father: for everyone but me. Today, I'll be trapped in a loveless marriage with another man.  Not that I've ever thought about marrying a man, but the thought of my partner's gender doesn't bother me as much as the thought of who I'm marrying.  In our society, it's relatively common for same-sex partners to tie the knot. What isn't so common is getting married to a soulless, heartless killer who wanted to slaughter your entire pack unless you agreed to marry him.  At the end of the day, my odds were between this man and a possible war, so I had to choose the least d
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Where is he?
Alpha Hades  We chose to stand behind the gathering crowd. I don't want to let anyone know who I am until the time is right. Damon stands next to me and watches as the wolves arrive to take their places.  He nudges me and leans closer, "Are you sure this is the right thing to do? We discussed the deal, and you never told the old Alpha you would think on the day of the ceremony. The Rogue Alpha signed the papers, my friend; we can't back out of this without losing our honour." I scan the crowd once more and let a low groan pass my lips. I don't see the old fool among the guests nor the young Alpha. Have they decided to blow the deal before I've fully made up my mind? Damon
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Sweetie, you're wasting my time.
Zeno  "My name is Nero Hades, and you, Alpha, look like you're mine." His words echo in my mind again and again. The longer I look at him, the more I feel like my head is spinning. Especially with the tone in which he said the word "mine". He said it so loudly and with so much emphasis that I'm sure even our neighbours heard him.  Even though we're literally in the spotlight, and I'm sure my pack members don't want to miss out on the drama, his men slowly lead everyone to their seats. Never, not in a million years, did I think I'd be thankful for the Rogue Alpha's men around me.  Wait, he can't be the Rogue Alpha now that we
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You may now kiss the bride.
Alpha Hades Ah, if only I could put his facial expression in words. The best comparison I can think of to how the Old Alpha Silver looks now is a child who had a chance to grab and taste a lemon for the first time in his life. Someone's not happy about giving his son away. No one asked him for such a deal; it was his idea, not mine. Yet now, while his pretty little son stands in front of me and I hold his hands, the old bastard keeps throwing me death stares.  I wonder how he'll react when he finds out I'm taking his precious son away from this territory. Arranged marriage or not, I can't let anyone put my almost-husband in danger. I grin at the older Silver when Zeno, I believe th
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Not even your father.
Zeno I should listen to my father; every part of me almost cries out that I should. But I can't. An adult Alpha wouldn't allow a friend, or a pack member, to support his weight unless something was seriously wrong with him. I won't mention it; I'm sure Nero has a reason to hide his possible injuries. Fake marriage or not, the man in front of me is my husband, and I promised to stay by his side for better or worse, and that's exactly what I intend to do. This whole spectacle wasn't my idea, it was my father's, and he should know that I'm supposed to stand by my husband's side so that everyone believes we have feelings for each other.  Isn't deciding for me whom
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Alpha and Alpha's wife.
Alpha Hades Thank the Goddess, I didn't have to chase my bratty wife around the damn pack.  It's amusing how I understand that my spouse is a man and I should call him my husband, but I can't restrain myself from thinking of Zeno as my wife, let alone addressing him by anything other than that. But to be fair, I didn't expect him to be like this. When old Silver Alpha came up with the deal, I was sure I was getting involved with a spoiled brat, but Zeno proved to be anything but that.  Yes, he's a bit bratty, but that's something I can put aside as an Alpha trait- the constant need to defy everyone and prove his superiority.  
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So you do care.
Zeno "Damon, you have thirty seconds to close that door," Nero growls, his eyes still fixed on my face.  Here I was, thinking Nero's friend saved my ass, but it seems my husband won't let anyone free me from his grip.  I gulp and try to get off him, but Nero growls even louder and tightens his hold on me.  The friend, Damon, doesn't move from the spot. I glance at him, hoping I look as desperate for help as ever, which I probably do because his gaze holds pity. Great, even one of Nero's men pities my position. I can't drop any lower than that. "Five," Nero snarls, turning his attention to Damon.  Read more
For the wedding night.
Alpha Hades Did I come off too strong? Perhaps, but then again, he's an Alpha and should be able to take my shit with ease.  Now that I think about it, maybe, just maybe, I'm wrong. What if there really is more to Zeno than meets the eye? One of those hidden things must be connected to the medicine he mentioned earlier. What kind of crap does he have to take if he doesn't want to die? How severe is the disease? What in the world could be fatal to an Alpha? Unless it's another shifter, I've never heard of a disease that could take down an Alpha werewolf.  Then comes his unique appearance. Only a blind man wouldn't notice how handsome the Silver Alpha is, b
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