The Billionaire's Crazy Nurse

The Billionaire's Crazy Nurse

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Apart from the traumas of her past, Harley's life is going perfectly well until Jim, her boyfriend decides to relocate when he got a job in London. Harley's misery leads her to cross paths with the arrogant billionaire, Antonio. Their first impression of each other is bad and Antonio will stop at nothing to make her lose her job. When Antonio ask her to be his personal nurse in order to take his revenge, Harley feels it is time to take her revenge on the Billionaire but something is holding her back. Who will win this battle of revenge? The arrogant billionaire or his crazy nurse?

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112 chapters
Harley's POV "I… going to London", Jim stutters, squeezing his eyes shut. My mouth hangs open as shock courses through me. I can't process what he means by going to London. Is he talking about us? If that is it, then it's good news, even though I am going to miss my job. "London? What's happening there?" I close my open mouth and question him, ignoring the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and the loud pounding of my heart. "I got a job offer there." He informs me. "That's great news. When are we going?" I watch him intensely, studying his countenance. I am facing him squarely outside his apartment, watching the rainbows after a heavy downpour when he announced the news to me. Jim has been my boyfriend for 5 years and he has been searching for a job since he lost the former one, all to no avail. He has no qualifications and that has made the search so difficult. "I'm going alone, Harley", he says and I raise my head instantly, glaring at him. "But I'll be ba
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 Harley's POV I got to work half an hour later and Anita got off work happily after presenting the files of the two patients who are inside wards 2 and 10 respectively. I saunter towards ward 2, after changing my clothes. There is a boy of 10 years watching me as I enter. There is a deviant look on his face. I plaster a smile on my face, despite my frustration. This is what it takes to be a nurse. "Hello pretty boy", I say and move closer. He is a pretty boy with blue eyes. He is looking calm and he isn't looking like someone who is sick. I open his file and read through it. When I bring out the injection, I can see the fear on his face.  "Don't worry, I'll be gentle", I assure him but the boy stands up and makes for the door. I am quick to catch him.  So much for coming from the slum, I muse to myself.  I am a well-trained judoist
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Antonio's POV When I wake up from my deep slumber, I groan remembering what happened earlier. I have no idea what that crazy girl gave me that made me sleep for so long. I am sure she knows nothing of me, if not she wouldn't have done that. I am going to show her who I am, no one messes with me and goes scot-free, except Xavier's gang because I have no power to fight them. I am sure it was one of Xavier's men who shot me. Xavier, Brandon, and I have come a long way, we used to be good friends until something tragic happened, and that will be a story for another day. Xavier and I became enemies and since Brandon is always by my side, Brandon became his enemy too but his hatred for me surpasses that of Brandon's.  Read more
 Harley's POV I can't believe the doctor fired me because of the idiot guy. I never thought the doctor would do that. I thought he liked me. I could see the look of defeat on the so-called Billionaire's face and a look of pity on his friend's face and Anita's. I picked up my things and left the hospital.  As soon as I get home, I walk into the house to see my grandmother knitting another cardigan for me in the living room. The last one she did was for Jim.  Seeing her in the wheelchair makes the realit
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Antonio's POVMy emotions are all over the place as Brandon drives me back home. In silence, my jaw tightens, and I grit my teeth in anger, remembering how that crazy lady rejected my offer. I can't believe she is so proud despite being poor. I am employing her to be my personal nurse so I can take my revenge on her and show her the stuff I am made of, even though I have no plans to deprive her of her payment. Who the hell does she think she is? She did not only pierce me hard on the buttocks, but she also insulted and humiliated me. How could she?The more I think of what happened between us, especially how she rejected me without giving it any thought like I thought she would is the most annoying. It is making me restless because I can't take my revenge on her anymore. I don't even know where she lives but I have gotten her full name from the doctor. Harley Davidson. A first-level Nurse.I hear a chuckle and I snap my head towards Brandon who is driving with a soft smile forming
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Harley's POVAfter I ended the call with the arrogant man, I dropped the phone and stared into space, thinking of what just happened. Why the hell is he asking me to become his personal nurse? So he can deal with me, use me the way he wants, humiliate me and make me beg for money? I don't even understand what he wants.Is he this foolish not to know that I am not a girl who will stoop so low to grab the opportunity of being a personal nurse for an arrogant fool like him? I don't even care if he is a billionaire or not. His behavior and lack of approach are totally out of it. I just feel bad that he has a good look. He ought to be as ugly as a duckling. That appearance would have fitted his dark and stupid mind.I blow a sigh and lean back on the headboard.Grandma must have heard me crying before Jim called me. I heard the sound of her wheelchair fading away. I feel she doesn't need to know what is happening. I don't want to tell her that I lost my job and I can't afford to pay her
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Harley's POVI increase my pace, ignoring the discomfort and sound my heels are producing on the marble floor of the entrance of the company. It's been two whole weeks of job hunting and two weeks of pure torture that I have been through just to get rid of Jim's thoughts from my mind. He hasn't been picking up my calls and he hasn't called either. I find it very hard to believe that we are truly done. Everything we have shared means nothing to him.Reality dawns on me when I tried calling three days back and I found out he has changed his number. Sadness engulfs me, sinking in the realization that Jim is done with me and gone forever. It is still hard to let go because I still think of him once in a while, despite my resolution to completely forget about him and move on with my life. I guess my failure to secure another job after two weeks of losing my job is also a factor. If only I am still working, I will have no time to think about my problems. I will bury myself in my work by b
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Antonio's POVI never thought this crazy fellow and I will ever meet again. I am glad we are meeting right here in my office of all places. I realize my little plan to make her life miserable is working after all and my smile broadens. I feel a genuine satisfaction in my heart. I noticed her shocked expression after she recognized me and the color drained from her face. It took me a while to recognize her too because she looks different from the miserable fellow I met that night. Today, she looks more responsible and a little pretty in her cheap dress. I want to laugh in her face. Where has her pride led her? How can she be poor and proud at the same time? What exactly is she proud of?Pinning her with a gaze full of satisfaction, her shoulder drops in disappointment and I see a flash of pain and fear. This is what I want. This is what I have been dreaming of seeing on her face. This is what I thought I would see that day when I threatened to sue the hospital but I didn't see it a
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Harley's POVI look out of the coffee shop with a distant look on my face, until Chelsea's hand touches mine, pulling me out of my reverie. I turn to gaze at her and she flashes me a smile.I sigh.I was tempted to hit the billionaire's head with something but I refrained from doing so. He is the most annoying and obnoxious man I have ever met.What was the big deal with not apologizing after two weeks? I just wanted to help out but it turned out to be a misfortune for me. Anita is still in the hospital as the staff there while I am out here, stranded, broke and jobless."Harley", Chelsea calls me. I look down at the cup of milkshake in the middle of the desk between Chelsea and me. She is sitting opposite me and our chair is close to the window. I drag the cup closer and take a sip of the milkshake from the straw, hoping it will calm my nerves and allow me to talk to Chelsea about what is happening.I had called her immediately after leaving the office of the arrogant man and she pr
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Antonio's POVThe car comes to a halt and I climb down from the Mercedes Benz without waiting for the driver to come out and open the car door for me. I fling my suit to my shoulder and rush into the house, calling Alexis's name.There is a heavy silence in the house and I wonder where they are. I thought my mother would have taken her to the hospital so I went straight to the hospital instead of coming home. When I got there, I was told that Alexis was not brought there and that the doctor left the hospital in a hurry. I figured out that the doctor was coming to the mansion to check up on Alexis."Alexis", I yell at the top of my voice as I hurry towards her room. I wonder where the cook had gone to and why she didn't keep an eye on Alexis. Ever since the old nanny taking care of Alexis left for another town, I haven't bothered to get another nanny because of my busy schedule. I keep Alexis in care of the cook with my mother whose house is just a stone's throw away from my mansion.
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