Fist Emperor Of The Universe

Fist Emperor Of The Universe

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Ao Ertian was a normal, powerless, but gifted young man. with great perseverance and destiny, He was given an opportunity that no one else had ever been given before.

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264 Chapters
Chapter 1 Virus
[Would you like to make the world a better place?] [Accept] [Deny] Inside a small room that had less to none decoration.  A young man was playing with his phone and checking his message but suddenly received a pop up message. “What is this” The appearance of the message and the style displayed on his phone right now weren't any different from those displayed for advertisement. Ao Ertian could only sighed. “Who would be crazy to accept this suspicious message? It is clearly a fraudulent message.” Ao Ertian knew
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Chapter 2 Second dimension
Ao Ertian was a high school student.  The school taught him about second dimensional creatures. Second dimensional creatures were discovered 200 years ago, they had invaded the human world. but not successful.  There were people who were able to recognize their identity first. and work together to deal with one of the Lord of the second dimensional beings, and when the humans have won for the first time  Humans had learned to use some power by chance. A power that can be used to fight the creatures of the second dimension, Mana. [Checking the area... A level 1 threat was detected at the direction of 10 o'clock.] [Analyze the possibility that
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Chapter 3 Awaken
“Mana Stone, Did the System just say Mana Stone just now?” Ao Ertian couldn't believe his ears. [Correct, Does the host want to extract and absorb the Mana Stone?] “Absolutely!” Ao Ertian replied without thinking, Mana Stone! His dream was about to come true. with this Mana Stone He could unlock his core and become a Wizard! [Ding!] [Extracting and absorbing -Lv.1 Mana Stone- Completed] [Modify the body structure to support mana.] <
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Chapter 4 Room of the Sage
“Alright, it's a good thing Tian'er has awakened his mana. But right now we should pay attention to what we are going to do the most first. Let's have dinner.” The middle-aged man spoke up, interrupting the three. The middle-aged man was sitting on the head chair reading a newspaper in his hand.  Although he was very happy, he would not show it. This middle-aged man was Ao Yihao, the father of Ao Ertian. Hearing Ao Yihao said  The trio stopped talking about mana. and immediately sat down to eat together. The four of them had not had a meal together for a long time. adding to the good news. The four couldn't help but chat happily while
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Chapter 5 Everything can be upgraded
“Room of the Sage?” Ao Ertian was now looking at his hand that had a layer of lightning attached to it with blissful smiles. He was just a moment ago using The Mana Skill, A Mana Skill! What is Mana Skill? The Mana skill was a skill that Witch and Wizard were extremely proud of. Each skill was divided into 9 levels. Mana skills were an indicator of one's abilities. “System, what level of mana skill am I currently using?” [The skills that the host used recently is level 1, It can be upgraded if the Host has enough resources.] “Mana skills can be upgraded really?"
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Chapter 6 Magic Frenzy Mode
In the silence of the night,  Ao Ertian walked along the brightly lit streets.  Even though it was late into the night. He was still roaming around in happiness. Tomorrow was the school opening day and was the day he will go to The Central Hall to ask for mana checks. If He did well, he might even get an invitation from a famous guild and be paid with a lot of money. A man can dream right? Ao Ertian just thinking about it made him excited. “Now I have mana I will see who dares to bully me again." Read more
Chapter 7 Inventory
Ao Ertian smiled.  His black eyes now shone bright yellow. his eyes were filled with lightning mana. He felt like he could tear everything down just by looking at it. These eyes made Arachna feel threatened. She was ready to attack Ao Ertian again. Ao Ertian, ​​too was ready, He compressed the surrounding mana to form a protective layer around him. Ao Ertian, ​​even if He didn't have Mana previously.  But that didn't mean he didn’t do anything to solve his situation.  One thing he was proud of. That was martial arts, kung fu, aikido, karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, ninjitsu, Muay Thai
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Chapter 8 A path
Ao Ertian after receiving Arachna's corpse, then entered the back of the store and destroyed all the evidence recorded on CCTV. “Fortunately the entire convenience store's camera system is offline, otherwise it would be difficult to destroy it.” Ao Ertian, ​​after destroying all the CCTV files, walked into the store again. Grabbed his warm food and walked home as if nothing had happened. “By the way, why would a 2nd-dimensional creature appear here? It's behind the wall. There must be something strange about it.” Behind that wall everywhere there was a system to detect foreign creatures. If there is an organism whose genetic code is foreign to a registered human or pet. There must be an alarm
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Chapter 9 Testing Center
Ao Ertian after taking a shower and getting dressed walked downstairs and sat on an old stuffy sofa before turning on the old TV.  There were not many shows on TV in the lower area. because the territories were clearly divided. The shows, too, were divided. Although each territory was divided by man-made walls. But that feeling was as distant as hell and heaven. Ao Ertian turns on the TV. Wait for Li Xiyan to finish showering before they would head to the testing center together. Li Xiyan also woke up around five in the morning as she waited for Ao Ertian to finish taking a shower before leaving the room and taking a shower after Ao Ertian. Ao Ertian's
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Chapter 10 Hong Yan
Li Xiyan was relieved. She has always been jealous of any girl that comes closer to him since childhood. Ao Ertian used to be a cute child, not that he was not cute anymore. When he was a child he made all the girls like to play with him.  Li Xiyan would often chase those girls away from Ao Ertian. Because she did not want to give Ao Ertian to anyone. This was probably another reason why Ao Ertian didn’t have female friends. But he was close to Li Xiyan instead. that’s good and all. The two were chatting to kill time. They kept saying things. The people around them who were initially interested only in their own affairs turned to look at them. There were many people secretly staring at Li Xiyan with their unblinking eyes. In the G-Z area, there weren't many beautiful women that appeared. Li Xiyan's appearance was som
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