Alpha Aaron

Alpha Aaron

By:  AQUIL  Completed
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Being the Alpha of the Dark Moon pack, Aaron Shaw, rules the greatest of the greatest pack. Helena Starks was always forced into finding her mate. Parents pressuring her on one side and her pack trying to get rid of her on the other, leaves Helena in a dilemma. Forced on a date with the Alpha of the Red Rose pack, she is told to meet up with her brother at the diner before the date begins. Her brother warns her that when she gets the chance, she is to run as far away from the pack as possible. That he will follow close behind. She does as he says. But what happens when she's trying to run away from being pressured to find her mate, that when she does run away, she bumps into her mate?

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75 chapters
Chapter 1
"You will do as I say, Helena!" My eyes widened. "But, Dad—" I couldn't finish my sentence because Dad had backhanded me, and I flew off the chair, across the room. "Are you talking back to me, Helena?" He growled threateningly. I held onto my throbbing cheek and slowly shook my head. “N-No, Dad.” Silent tears slid down my cheeks and my whole body shook. "Dave, leave the poor girl alone!" I heard my Mom scolded him. "I would. But, she never listens to me anymore. What am I supposed to do with her?" "Alpha, Luna. The Alpha from the Red Rose pack is asking for permission to enter our land. Should we give it to them?" I heard one of the fighters call out. "Of course, of course. Let them in!" My Dad said excitedly. "Why is he here?" My mom mumbled. "He's here to check our daughter out, don't you remember? I told you that these two are going out tonight." Dad emphasized the last three words. I continued to silently cry in the corner. "Alpha, Luna, you both can leave. I'll have He
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Chapter 2
We ran for about six hours. I was beyond exhausted. We had shifted to our wolf form only once but that was because we were trying to get out of another pack's territory before they found out. We had ran like our lives depended on it. Well, it did. "You said you made some arrangements. I'm tired, Felix!" I whined. "I did. We just need to run a little bit more." He huffed. One look at him and you could tell that he was exhausted and so close to giving up. He started to jog forward and I dragged my feet behind him. I saw a black shadow from the corner of my eye but thought it was nothing. I continued to walk until I was grabbed from my arm and pulled into someone's side. "Felix!" I tried to scream out but it was muffled. My wolf was on full alert and she tried to shift. But with the strong grip the person had on me, my wolf was struggling. I mind linked Felix and that's when he turned around and saw. My eyes were wide open and tears formed in them. Felix's eyes grew big and he to
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Chapter 3
'Idiot, do something. Its our mate!' My wolf screamed at me. But, all I did was just stand like an idiot. "Mine!" He growled again. He stopped a couple of centimeters away from my face and I felt someone grab my hand. I looked down and saw Felix's hand wrapped around my wrist. I was roughly pushed behind him and his hand stayed on my wrist. Both men were growling at each other and Dom looked like he was going to pass out. "Let her go!" I heard the guy growl. "Aaron, calm down man!" Don huffed. "Don't fucking tell me to calm down!" The guy, Aaron, yelled. Don jumped from the yell and bowed his head. Aaron came to face my brother, and pushed him roughly to the side. "Felix!" I yelled out. I ran over to where he had landed. There was a big gash across his forehead. "Oh my God! Felix are you okay?" I whispered to him. "Why the hell are you asking him if he's okay?" Aaron snapped. "Because he'
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Chapter 4
"Luna, Alpha Aaron told me to come and get you." Don walked inside the room. "You can call me Helena. Luna's too proper." I shuddered to make my point. He chuckled and nodded his head. "I have a question Luna." I glared at him. He caught on and chuckled. "Sorry. I have a question Helena?" I smiled at him. I nodded my head at him, which signaled him to talk. "Why was Alpha Aaron mad?" My smile dropped and a blush appeared. "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked!" He bowed his head. I shook my head and mustered up a smile. "It's fine. We just had a little argument. That's all." He looked up at me and smiled. "Aaron's a good guy." He smiled. I nodded my head. The door slammed open and there stood a pissed off Aaron. "I told you to get her, not chit chat with her, Don," he said sternly. "Sorry, Alpha. Helena was just grabbing some things." He bowed his head. 'During these times, he can be a real bastard!' Do
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Chapter 5
"What are you doing here?" Imer growled out."W-What are you doing here?" I asked stupidly.Aaron just looked back and forth, clearly amused. He won't be amused after he finds out what had happened.Imer didn't even answer my question and he turned to Aaron."Thank you, Aaron. I'll take your leave." He smiled at Aaron, and Aaron gave a curt nod and stood up.Imer stalked towards me and took my hand, dragging me along with him."Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Oscar growled out. He stepped in front of Imer, and I felt someone pull me to their chest. I looked up to Aaron, shaking with anger.I stayed glued to his chest and Imer looked at Oscar."I'm taking my mate back home!" Imer announced.Oscar cocked his head to the side and growled."And who would that be?" Oscar asked him, he turned to look at me and his eyes shifted to a pitch black."Helena!" Imer growled. I pushed myself closer to Aaron and did
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Chapter 6
"Helena!" Dad spat out. I didn't have time to react before he shifted into his brown wolf and leaped on me. "Helena!" I heard screaming but it was too late. My Dad started clawing at my face and by each swipe. I felt a burn and blood trickled down the side of my face. "You're stupid! How could embarrass me in front of the whole pack?!" My Dad sent through a mind link. My brain wasn't registering anything. I didn't know when someone pulled my Dad away because all I was seeing was black. I felt the blood continuously drip down my neck and down my cheeks. I could smell the scent of blood which was making me nauseous. "Stay with me. . . Please, baby. Stay with me." I heard someone shout but all I wanted to do was sleep. So that's what I did.   **   "Helena, are you awake?" My eyes fluttered open to see Aaron's handsome face looking deeply at me. I smiled at him and he sighed in relief. "God
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Chapter 7
"Helena." Alpha Imer smirked at me.My eyes widened and jumped out of my bed."Aaron!" I screamed as loud as I could but Imer snatched me, and threw me out the open window.I was waiting for the hard impact I was going to make when I fell to the sidewalk but nothing came. I opened my eyes and let out a terrified shriek.My father held me in his arms. His face had dried blood, covering it and his canines were out."Make another sound, Helena, and you're fucking screwed." My father growled lowly at me.I heard someone land beside my father and saw Imer, smirking."Let's go. We are going home."Tears started to pour down the side of my face, and I tried to get out of Dad's grip. His hand rose and slapped me across the face when I protest."Don't make this hard for ourselves, Helena. I will kill you right now if you keep doing this," Dad warned me. They were still running, and I kept trying to get out of his grip.He
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Chapter 8
"I don't wanna go home. Please, Dad!" I cried out in pain."Shut the fuck up, Helena, so you don't get hit again." My father said angrily in my face."What did I ever do to you?""You did everything. From the day you were born, I disliked you." He spat in my face. I took my sleeve and wiped away the spit.My legs were shackled in chains made of silver. Every time I moved them, they would burn and hurt."Aaron will come for me." I whispered, full of hope."Stop this craziness of yours, Helena! You will marry Imer, and that is my final decision.""Alpha, someone needs your assistance upstairs." Imer called out. He came down the steps and looked at me."If Helana bothers you, just hit her," Dad replied. He sneered at me and walked up the steps.Once I heard the door slam close, Imer came to my side. My mouth fell opened when he unlocked the silver chains from my legs and helped me up."W-What are you doing?" I asked
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Chapter 9
My heart pounded when the words left Imer's mouth."Nothing will happen, baby." Aaron tried to soothe me, but it wasn't working. When Imer said my father was in a foul mood, that meant he would destroy everyone and everything that was in his way."Helena!" A voice boomed. A voice I didn't want to hear. . ."Stay behind." Aaron growled. He quickly turned into his black wolf.My brother Felix, turned into his wolf and leaped forward. He snapped his teeth at Imer, and slowly walked over to the door.Felix ferociously snapped his teeth and soon my fathers' bloody body came into view."Stay away," Don warned, but my father just chuckled.Aaron's wolf was huffing and his teeth continued to snap.I sidestepped away from them but Aaron was watching, and he pushed me behind him. He snapped his teeth at me, and Christian held me in place.I pushed his hands away and quickly got out of the way."D-Dad, if it's me you want to talk to then here I am," I announced calmly. But inside, I was ready to
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Chapter 10
AARON "Mother, what a surprise!" I plastered a fake smile, and so did she. "Likewise, honey. May I talk to you?" She looked at Helena, and back at me. "In private." I looked to Helena, and she got out of my arms and made her way back upstairs. I looked back at my mother and saw her eyeing me. "Why didn't you tell me you had found your mate? I was told through another pack member. Am I not your mother anymore?" She rambled. I rolled my eyes at her. "You would've stayed my mom even if I didn't tell you." I chuckled. She huffed and folded her arms. "I've just been kind of busy with all of the situations going on." I mumbled. "It looks like your mate has caused quite a scene already," she replied. My eyes snapped at her and I balled my fist. "She's my mate. I don't care what she does. I'll love her no matter what, Mom." I growled at her. I didn't want to show disrespect in front of my own mother, but my wolf didn't enjoy the fact that she was accusing our mate. "I never question
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