Boys Love Boys

Boys Love Boys

By:  Anne Garcezz  Completed
Language: English
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Will grew up in a reality where men were not allowed to cry, express their feelings, or do anything that was considered too feminine. The son of a wealthy Thai family, he was raised to be his father's successor in business, but Will wanted to go beyond that, and became an actor. Everything in his quiet world was fine, until he was invited to act in a Boyslove series, alongside Nate, the guy with the intimidating eyes. Nate wasn't very sociable, always very quiet, didn't like much physical contact, and wasn't romantic at all, all this before he met Will, the boy who made him smile and made his day happier. Wil and Nate's world is no longer the same, everything they believed in has disappeared, and now fiction seems to invade reality, feelings are not only those of their characters, and they can no longer disguise what they feel...

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    The intimidating look
    WillCan boys cry?When I finally heard, "You were our chosen to play Thirasak!" tears streamed down my face. It was the first time I cried in years, and I think boys can cry, and express their feelings.It was the first meeting with the director, production and cast after it was established that my character would not be Thirasak, but Wanchai, I didn't quite understand the reason for the change, although P' Tan, the director, explained to me that when seeing the audition footage, he thought I would look better as Wanchai, and the other actor as Thirasak. I didn't like it very much at first, but I really wanted to work, and for that I still had to lose a lot of weight, because the character had a fragile and delicate appearance, in relation to his romantic partner. Nervousness takes
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    I Kiss you until you go crazy
    Will— Of course not! I think it's the first challenge as an actor, and as a person, to learn how to deal with someone like the Lord looking intimidating, but sometimes it gets tiresome!— You are my brother, and you have inherited my courage..."— How is it? Did I inherit your courage? Did you forget that I'm older?— I don't see much. You may have been born two years before me, but it's a fact that hierarchy doesn't exist between us, right?— You clown! You don'
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    When I laid my eyes on you...
    Will“Keep looking at me like that, and I'll kiss you until you're crazy.”I feel great discomfort when I hear this. The feeling would be Wanchai's, but I'm the one who feels it. But why? What's with me? My discomfort is visible as Nate gives me a strange look, looks confused.— Will, are you all right?— I'm... It's all right!— Do you think this tone is okay? — I know we will have a rehearsal before recording, with the cast, but...He keeps talking. I can't face it. I sit on the couch and leaf through the notebook in my hand. I need to compose myself. What's up, Will? You are not Wanchai, and this
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    Will“ I've wanted it since the day I laid eyes on you.It doesn't take long for me to take your lips to myself. It feels weird, well, I don't know how to describe it, the only thing I know is that I feel light. Your lips are so soft. I suck on his lower lip with a desire I don't know, as I wrap my hands around his neck, and at the same time I feel his hands play with my hair. The kiss intensifies, and he presses my body between the door, behind me, his hand that was playing with my hair goes down my waist, and... Suddenly I feel someone hitting my shoulder hard.— Will, wake up! I want to borrow that yellow watch...I open my
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    Dreams - Part II
    WillI couldn't come up with a plausible lie to convince Nate that he couldn't meet my "mother-in-law". So at the appointed time, there I was, in front of his door, holding a bottle of French wine on one side and insecurity on the other. Before I ring the doorbell, the door is opened by a woman apparently middle-aged, with shoulder-length hair, round face and slanted eyes like mine. She smiles happily at me.— You're punctual, I'm glad you came!— Thank you! I brought this wine, I don't know if you like it...Nate 's mom invites me in, and makes me extremely comfortable. She is so cheerful, affectionate, it's no wonder he talks about her t
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    There's something wrong with him
    WillI take a deep breath as I lay my head on my pillow. My night was intense. It started with an amusing moment during dinner, and ended with a very unpleasant situation in Nate 's room .“What's going on here ?”, that sentence sounded so accusatory, as if we were doing something very bad. Okay, that I was caressing your face, but I guess friends can do that, or can't they? I know I felt an overwhelming urge to kiss him, but I didn't. The problem is that we were surprised by someone I didn't know was still a part of his life. Your girlfriend.Her presence took us by surprise, I quickly removed my hand that was caressing his face, and we both sat on the bed, the girl looked enraged, bu
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    There's something wrong with him - Part II
     Will During the rest of the day we shot a lot of scenes, we had a few breaks, but Nate didn't say anything else about what we talked about, or what was causing the fuss. So I thought it best to leave it all alone.Confused, confused, confused. That word doesn't get out of my head, as soon as the day's recording ends, everyone heads to the parking lot, I say goodbye to everyone, and I stare at Nate who looks at me in a strange way, he seemed to want to tell me something. I turned around and opened the car, and I heard his voice from the other side of the vehicle.— Will, can you give me a ride? — His request takes me by surpriseRead more
    What happens in the series, stays in the series?
    WillWhat I find when I look at him is nothing but sweetness. I watch her mouth closely and an uncontrollable urge to taste her takes over me. His lips look very kissable to my eyes, extremely inviting. Will, you need to control this insane desire, you are not Wanchai, and he is not Thirasak. I can't, it's stronger than me, I approach him a little, shortening the small distance between us even more, he continues to stare at me as if he's been waiting for me. I bring my face closer to his, and before I take any action, my phone rings.I reach into my pocket for it, and Nate quickly unbuckles the belt. I look at the viewer, “my father”. Before I say a word, he steps forward.— Read more
    What happens in the series, stays in the series? - Part II
    WillI argued with my sister over her insistence that I'm in denial. I spent the night thinking about what he said, and I came to the conclusion that I was an idiot in the past, and out of fear I didn't experience that "possible relationship" during the end of high school. But and now? How do I feel about my co-star? Is it just enthusiasm? Is it the closeness that makes me think of Nate differently?I don't know what I feel for him, but I know that being by his side makes me very happy. Every time I make him smile, it makes me feel light. Hearing his voice telling funny situations from his life while having dinner is perfect. I observe every detail of her face that makes me enchanted, her eyes are an intense brown, and they look at me with an expression of happiness. He smiles when he hears me say any nonsense, and it infects me, sometim
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    Does life imitate art?
    Will— What? Did you dream about me?— Did I say that? It's not me...— You did, but… — Before I finish my sentence, his phone goes dead, and that unbearable sound echoes in my ear. There's no way Nate could have hung up the phone in my face!I really can't believe he did that. Tried calling back but the phone seems to be off, won't ring. If I was already shaken, I was even more so after his confessions. What does he want? Drive me crazy or something? He said he dreamed of me, and maybe he was embarrassed by what he said, or by the dream?
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