By:  I'sha'keyva Porter  Ongoing
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Being chased out of Ohio, Kahlan is forced to start a new life in Florida. She meets a diverse group of friends who thrust her into a world of romance, drama and secrets. Little do they know, she has a few dark secrets of her own.

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Sirens blared loudly in my ear. Red, white and blue lights flashed in my eyes, lighting up Smallwood Street. My body ached all over, but my joy overshadowed some of the pain. It felt wrong to feel relieved, to have any positive feelings what so ever, when those that I loved, those who were all I had, were being carried out on gurneys, hidden away by loose, black body bags. All of the terror created by this night was gone, yet the feeling still remained for the upcoming months. Tonight I was free. A fireman held me close to him. He held me tight, as if he were protecting me. One hand lay on my back, while the other rested on my head. I felt as if he were trying to make me bury my face in his chest, cry for what I've lost, what I've been through, and hide me from the man that would be walked out of that door. Yes, he was trying to protect me, but from what? I had already survived. I had already seen that monstrous face. I may have needed protection before, but now it was different. I was
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KAHLAN AND TINA The trees in Florida were opposite the trees in Ohio. Their stems were tall and skinny and they didn't offer much shade. I didn't like it. I didn't like how the sun was always so bright and shining on you, practically boiling your skin. I didn't like how the houses all seemed to have some sort of glamour to them. Nor how crowded areas could become. "You know, I'm not sure about this," I thought aloud as I stared out the passenger side window, allowing what little breeze there was to hit my face. I was trying to prevent the sweat from occurring, but it seemed to only get worse. My bangs felt like they were sticking to the light moisture of my forehead. I felt disgusting. "Don't start," a voice answered back, over the low music that played from the stereo. I don't know why I bothered to say anything out loud; I already knew what words were going to be enforced back on to me. At this point, I just wished the radio was louder; the bass and words could drown out what wa
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THE TWINS This table was made to sit four, that's what Mya thought to herself. That meant the twins, their mother and their father. Tonight, it was just Mya and her twin sister Amy. They hadn't had all four of the chairs filled in a few years and this made Mya really upset. Their mother left long ago, with promises that she would return, and their father...well lately he was never home. Who knows what hes out there doing? Who was Mya Kidding? Her and her sister both knew what was happening. Their father had met someone. He could make up all the lies and excuses he wanted to, but they already knew the truth. Mya looked across the table and it was like seeing her own reflection. Amy had been playing around in her food for the last twenty minutes, probably just as upset as she was; only she was trying to hide it. Amy's reddish brown hair was up in a messy bun and she wore her housecoat. She had suffered from a summer cold last week and was just now returning back to normal. Her nose was
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THE MEIR FAMILY Brooke opened up her bedroom window, letting air into the room but pushing a boy out. Sandino held onto the small ledges of the single family home as tight as he could as he made his way over to the ladder, which sat in a dark corner. Its one thing to sneak in when the sun is up, its another to sneak out in darkness. The wrong footing could send Mr. Lovett falling, hopefully landing on the soft grass of the yard, instead of the concrete patio. He moved at such a fast pace, it made Brooke nervous, but he reached the ground safely. Brooke found herself able to breathe again, not realizing she has been holding her breath in suspense. She pushed the window down to a close, just as her bedroom door swung open. Her younger brother stood in the doorway with a disapproving look upon his face. "Don't you knock?" she spoke, annoyed, plopping herself on to her queen sized bed. Micheal stared. "Sneaking boys out of your room again?" He assumed with a chuckle. It was no secret to
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KAHLAN The next day started early, six am to be exact. Today I started school. Tina told me to get a good nights sleep, but I was quite restless; too many bad dreams. Though he went away, the dreams didn't. Along with today being the first day of school, I also had an appointment with a lame therapist. Doctor Damon Meir. It was an agreement between the Judge and I. It was the only way he'd sign my emancipation papers. The only thing worse that could happen to me that night was being placed in foster care. To be placed with people I didn't know, maybe participate in some sort of group therapy and talk about my feelings and the past. No, I didn't want that. As far as I was concerned, I wanted to act like nothing had ever happened. I wanted to just start life over and move on. That's when the idea of emancipation popped up. It surprised Ernistina that I was approved, even with the conditions and rules that I had to follow; though they were all very simple. Stay low, stay out of trouble,
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THE BOYS "I hate this place," Brandon muttered to his friends, gripping the two straps of his backpack, which hung from his shoulders. Chad gave his friend a little pat, as if he were encouraging Brandon. Chad didn't really mind school. He could see his friends, and all of his teachers loved him. It was going to be sad when he left this place. In high school he was famous. Everyone knew him. Who knows how it would be out there in the real world. Brandon didn't like it because he had a tutor for almost every class he was taking. Hence, why he needed scholarships to get into college. For Jason, school was school. He came in and did the work that was asked of him. That was really all it took to survive high school. They made their way to the side doors that led to the cafeteria, in hopes to get some breakfast before the bell rang. They were on their way through the steel gray doors when Brandon unexpectedly threw his muscly arms out in front of the guys, causing them to stop. "What is i
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KAHLAN AND CHAD Some job Ashley did, I thought to myself as I stood outside of the door of my first period class. I think I was expecting her to be at my side through out the day, but instead she dropped me off at my first class, followed by general directions to all my others. Here we go. The new girl was my title now. I didn't like it, but it was better than some of the alternatives. I walked into the class, keeping my head down. The female teacher who sat at her desk rose to her feet, smiling. Her red hair was tied to the back, where loose curls hung. Her hands went automatically to her side, and I could tell she hadn't been a teacher for more than a few years. She wore loose tan jeans and a navy blue button up shirt. After all, not many teachers got the excited look in their eyes when getting a new student. I could tell she had been expecting me. She explained that the students were doing an independent reading for the remainder of class, and since I had yet to check out a history
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JASON AND AMY "There she is," Jason said aloud, as if there were people around who could hear him. He had watched Amy long enough to know that she was always the last person to come out of Ms. Rockwell's fourth period English class. Watched? Thats the wrong word to say. He admired her from afar. She was perfection. She was beauty. She hugged her English book to her chest, arms crossed along the back, and hands gripping the sides. She stared ahead, almost as if she were lost in her own thoughts. Her hips swayed to a rhythm only she knew. And for a moment, he could have sworn time slowed. Possibly even stopped. The ends of her dress swished loosely around her thighs, stopping at the knee of her bronzed legs. He took her in. Her eyes met with his, and he swore he could have swallowed a lung. It became harder to breathe. She smiled. Did she really see him? Or was this her being friendly, as she was to most everyone in school. She looked away. He took a deep breath. Now that it seemed like
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KAHLAN AND THE GIRLS Walking through the lunch room, I felt another panic attack coming on. The cafeteria was packed. Every circular and rectangular table had been taken. The lines to get your food were long and slow paced. I knew that it would be this way, no matter how much I tried to deny it. My fellow peers had already settled into their groups. I at least hoped there would be one empty table where I could sit alone. I was good at being antisocial. I practically perfected it over the last few months. As I scanned the lunchroom, there was a table that I didn't mind sitting at. There weren't any young men. And I knew two out of the three girls sitting. So I grabbed my lunch tray and went straight to Carly's table. As I sat, I felt a little tension, as all three girls' eyes were on me. Carly's blue eyes looked ice cold. "Hi Kahlan," Ashley greeted, looking up at me, remembering me from his morning. She was the only one who made me feel welcomed. "Hi." I still looked Carly in the fa
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JAMES AND MICHEAL "So what was up with you and Justin today man?" Mike asked as he and his best friend made their way through crowds of students to the parking lot. The school day was finally over. It was kind of a dumb question though. He knew how James felt about Justin. James hated him, for reasons he could understand. First, Justin and Carly had a past. It was a very special past. Justin and Carly were each others first, and no one could ever replace your first. The people around James, Justin and Carly remembered, and the halls of the school held memories. First dances, first kisses... it could be a lot to take in, especially when your girlfriend and her ex boyfriend were still friends. Though they didn't flaunt their friendship in front of James. Just the fact that he knew was a problem. "Its the same thing everyday," James replied, "He always has to bring Carly in the picture." That also was the problem. When an argument went down between the two, Justin would always bring up
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