The Bad Boy Falls in Love

The Bad Boy Falls in Love

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“What’s your name?” His deep voice resonates in her ears and he eyes her with interest. “H-Halsey S-Scott!” She manages to say. “Is that girl looking at us?” He tilts his head to indicate his ex-girlfriend who’s glaring at them. “Yeah…” “Good.” Without another word, he kisses her on the lips. A kiss which sealed their fates. One kiss from the school’s bad boy and it was over for her. Ever since her parents died, Halsey Scott prefers to live a quiet life. Shy and quiet, Halsey is only free around her best friend, Lincoln Wright, the school's rising basketball player. But what happens when she catches the eye of the notorious bad boy? Nathan Jacobs doesn't believe in love. He only cares about his popularity and is a bully. Harboring an intense hatred towards Lincoln, Nathan will do anything to hurt his rival. And the only way to hurt Lincoln, is to crush Halsey's heart. Initially scared of Nathan, Halsey soon finds herself torn between her loyalty to her best friend and her dangerous attraction for the bad boy. What will happen when Nathan's plans are revealed? Will he succeed in breaking Halsey's heart? Or will the bad boy finally fall in love?

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110 chapters
A Kiss from the Bad Boy
“Halsey! Table 21 is still waiting for the coffee!” “Y-Yes!” A bespectacled girl squeaks from behind a counter. She hurriedly fixes her glasses and rushes over to the coffee machine. Putting the steamy cups of coffee on a tray, she heads for the table. “Here are your coffees, sir and madam,” Halsey says with a small smile. “We’ve been waiting for over an hour!” The man exclaims. “Why were you late? This is just bad service!” Halsey gulps nervously. The man is quite intimidating and she’s too scared of him at the moment. He looks as if he is going to hit her. “T-The cafe is packed today, sir,” she says. “I am sorry-” “The coffee is too cold!” the woman with him complains. “Cold?” Halsey asks blankly. I just poured it though, she adds in her thoughts. “Get her another cup!” The man yells at her. Halsey jumps in shock but nods. She picks up the coffee cups and goes back to make a fresh cup of coffee. It seems as if the whole town of Bayers’ Coast is there. The cafe was completely
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Go Away
Halsey’s heart stops beating for a moment as Nathan kisses her full on the lips. Her eyes widen in shock but her body cannot react. He presses his lips against hers and his strong musky scent is drowning out all her thoughts. Nathan is surprised by the girl’s reaction or lack of one. Her lips feel soft, making him deepen the kiss. She slightly puckers when his tongue brushes against her lower lip and Nathan can feel her tremble. He slightly opens his eyes to study the girl he’s kissing. Her bright chocolate eyes are covered by a pair of thick rimmed glasses. She has a sweet vanilla scent and her lips taste like honey. Her heart shaped face is terrified and she’s scared stiff. “You sick son of a b*tch!” Lydia’s screams break their kiss. Both of them are a little breathless. Halsey lowers her head, unsure of how to react to what happened while Lydia is furious at Nathan. “You dumped me for this…THIS?” She yells and points at the plain jane. Halsey feels even more embarrassed. “I…I…”
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You're Pathetic
“Hales, you look terrible!” Charlotte comments at the breakfast table. “Are you alright?” “I’m fine, Charlotte,” Halsey lies through her teeth. She could not sleep all night because of her kiss with Nathan. Halsey was torn whether to tell them of it or not but after seeing how Lincoln almost had a fight with Nathan, she decided that it was best to keep it a secret. But she cannot forget the incident. Halsey feels ashamed of herself for not being able to stand up against Nathan. Her hands tremble whenever she thinks of him and her heart is beating too fast. She lowers her head, hiding her face behind the curtain of long hair as she eats her cereal. “Lincoln, did you say anything to upset her?” Charlotte asks her son. “What? No! She’s just too flustered by her burnt hand!” He exclaims. Charlotte sighs and sips on her coffee. Even though she is 40 years old, she looks a lot younger than her age. She shares similar features as her son with strawberry blonde hair and a charming persona
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A Song for You
The door to Nelson’s room is slammed open for the second time that day. Nelson sighs and looks up to find Nathan standing there, glaring at him. “Why the hell would you do that?” He demands. “Take Lincoln into our team? He’s no good!” “Have you seen him play?” Nelson asks, going back to the documents he was studying. “Coz I have and he’s a damn good player.” “basketball is a serious game, Coach!” Nathan exclaims. “He has no practice in playing with a high school team-” “He plays great underground and I’m sure he’ll be equally good in my team,” Nelson says curtly. “If you have a problem then it ain’t my problem.” Nelson’s tone is authoritative and final. There will be no more arguments on this and Nathan is furious. He storms off towards the boy’s locker where the other players are changing into their clothes. Lincoln is there as well, already changed into his basketball jersey. The Coach also assigned him a number: 10. Nathan storms into the locker room and charges right at Linc
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The Trench
Halsey is completely stunned and scared. Her hands are shaking at the sight of him. Memories from last night and that morning are swirling in front of her eyes, making her very nervous. Nathan approaches the deck and stops right in front of her. Halsey feels like a tiny mouse in front of a giant as he looks down at her.“Your friend joined the team today,” he states. “Did you know?”Halsey fervently nods her head. Her heart is beating too fast and for a wild moment, she’s afraid that he’ll kiss her again. What if he does?“Tell him to quit,” Nathan orders. Halsey slightly looks up, surprised by his demand.“Tell him to quit the team and I’ll tell my friends to lay off you,” he offers. “Lydia’s the one who wrecked your locker, right? I’ll tell her to stop if you tell your friend to quit the team.”“No.”Nathan blinks in surprise. Even Halsey is shocked by her own audacity but she couldn’t stop herself from saying it out loud.“What did you say?” He whispers in a dangerous tone.“I-I wo
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Picture Perfect
Halsey sneezes out of cold. She’s in the car with Nathan, too nervous to talk. The events of the day had taken a toll on her. All she wants is to go home and hide under her blanket. No person ever scared her as much as Nathan Jacobs did. “You live with the Wright’s huh?” he asks in a deadpan tone.  She nods in response. “C-Charlotte is my godmother,” she says. Nathan’s fingers clench around the wheel but he shrugs it off.  “Is that your place?” he asks, pointing at a two storeyed house near the town’s cafe. “Yes,” Halsey replies. “I should get going…” As soon as the car stops, she runs out of it but to her shock, Nathan follows her. She instantly grabs her spare gl
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The Match (1)
“Oi sleepyhead!”Halsey is snoozing in the library, too tired to read that day. She does not sleep well at night because her mind has been filled with Nathan’s threats. He also knows her long buried desire to sing and it only makes her more nervous. What if he tells his friends and they make fun of her?She jolts awake to find Lincoln sitting across her. He looks very worried.“Are you alright, Hales?” He asks. “You don’t look so good.”“I’m fine…”Lincoln leans forward to touch her forehead. “You’re not sick,” he mutters.“I just couldn’t sleep because of the history quiz,” Halsey lies. “I stayed up at night to read.”“You work way too hard!” He groans. “Are you gonna come and watch the game tonight?”Lincoln is going to play his first game that night and he’s very excited. He never played professionally before but the coach has been praising him a lot. Nelson selected him for the game that night which earned the ire of Nathan but Lincoln doesn’t care.“Of course I will!” Halsey excl
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The Match (2)
Lincoln sprints forward as the ball comes to his direction and he catches it before dribbling it across the court. He is being blocked by a large player with bulky muscles. The player tries to take the ball from him but he dodges it and passes it to another of his teammates.Nathan is at the center, blocked by two players but he goes past them and catches the ball from another one of his teammates. The game starts to become intense as the two teams are locked in a point war while the audience cheers.Everytime the Eagles score, the audience cheers but groans and curses at the opponents when they score. Halsey timidly watches the game, her eyes on Lincoln. She occasionally glances at Nathan as well whose attitude changed from domineering to a more serious one. He is shouting his orders at his teammates or encouraging them when they score but he doesn’t even look at Lincoln. The match continues for a while and Halsey is becoming increasingly worried about the outcome. It’s Lincoln’s fi
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A Monster
“Earth to Halsey!” Halsey is startled and looks around to find Charlotte calling for her. They are at a steakhouse, waiting for their orders to arrive. Lincoln is sitting opposite Halsey, not talking.“What’s wrong?” Charlotte laughs. “You look as if you’re lost.”“I was just thinking about tomorrow’s math test,” Halsey lies.“Study study study!” Charlotte complains. “That's all you can think about! Just loosen up and relax.”She pinches Halsey’s cheek in an attempt to lighten the mood. Lincoln doesn’t say anything but glances at Halsey as if he wants to ask her something but thinks the better of it.“I was just worried…” Halsey says sheepishly. She loathes lying to Charlotte but with Lincoln there, she can’t tell her the truth yet. What if he overreacts? Or worse, picks a fight with Nathan?The food arrives and Charlotte tells them to dig in. Halsey tries to focus on her dinner but her mind is still plagued with the thought of Nathan. What if he told people about their kiss?Halsey
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Term Project
School is bustling with students. It is a warm, sunny day so most of the students are inside the cooler corridors, escaping the heat. Halsey has literature first that day but to her dismay, Nathan also happens to be in that class. He bunks classes most of the time but after getting a warning, he’s forced to join classes.Halsey is sitting in a corner, away from everyone’s gazes. Thankfully, she has not been bullied by Lydia after that day but she’s still watching out. Lincoln still urges her to complain to the principal but Halsey hates confrontations. She wants peace.She takes out her book, a poetry collection of Tennyson. Halsey opens it and starts to read the poem, “Lady of the Shallot” when she feels something slam on the chair next to her. To her shock, Nathan is putting his bag on it.“W-What are you doing?” She squeaks.“Sitting here,” he mutters lazily and sits down. The other students are staring at Nathan in shock as well. One of Lydia’s friends, Daisy, takes a picture and
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