The Billionaire’s Pretend Girlfriend

The Billionaire’s Pretend Girlfriend

By:  Meenah  Completed
Language: English
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Nathaniel Carter was the total opposite of the kind of man Alexia likes or rather loves. I mean, he works out, he is cocky, extremely cocky at that and he doesn't mince his words, extremely sure of himself and he stops at nothing to get what he wants and most importantly he loves her cookie. He was the total opposite of Liam Davis, Alexia's best friend. Alexia has always been in love with her best friend, Liam, but he has no idea about her feelings and he definitely doesn't feel the way for her. In fact he always made it clear to everyone that she is like a sister to him. Everything changed when Nathaniel Carter came into her life. He promised to help her in her quest to win her best friend heart but instead she found herself thinking about him, Nathaniel more and more. All of a sudden he became someone she could run to whenever she was sad and needed someone to rant to. But what happens when his existence makes Alexia question everything she has ever believed in, including her feelings for Liam?

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76 chapters
Alexia's POV.The weather was really hot, I mean clothes sticking on your body kind of hot. How the fuck is it this hot? I grumbled under my breath as I tried to lift the last box out of the car but the thing wouldn't budge. "Liam" I called out to my best friend."What now Alex?" He called back. "Come help me with this box please." I pleaded and tried to make my voice sound as sweet as possible."Don't use that voice on me Alexia." He scolded and I resisted the urge to laugh."Okay but I really need your help with this. The box is really heavy, the damn thing has refused to move." I shouted back.I was pretty sure that at this rate we were disturbing the really peaceful neighborhood but since nobody has called us out on our extremely loud voices then... We are good."Liam." I shouted again when I didn't get any reply from him."Shit! Quit shouting already. How the heck is your voice so loud?
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Chapter 1
Alexia's POV.I groaned and flexed my stiff neck a little. I totally outdid myself, I made enough cookies to feed the whole of New York City. I placed my hands on my hips and stared at the trays of cookies on the kitchen counter."What am I going to do with you?" I grumbled. I was pretty hurt and mad at myself when Liam left and baking as always been an outlet for me. Whenever I get stressed or angry I bake or I write but in this case I really didn't want to write my book when my feelings were on overdrive, so I started baking and I got carried away.I snapped out of it when I heard the loud shrill of my phone. I rolled my eyes when I saw the caller ID.It was my mum."Hi Mum." I greeted."What are you doing? Are you settled in? Have you locked your doors and...""Goodness Mum, I am not a baby anymore." I told her.She sighed "I'm sorry. I can't help but worry about you." She said."I will be
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Chapter 2
Alexia's POV.It has been two days now since I moved to this new apartment of mine and I have spent the whole forty eight hours doing nothing but writing. It happens like that, there are times that when I pick up laptop and start writing it gets really hard for me to put it down and I end up getting holed up in the book. My Mum used to bring my food to my room for me whenever that happens but my mum is not here and that is why I have fed on nothing but cookies and coffee and maybe a little cake here and there for the past two days. I haven't been sleeping well too and I put all the blame on that damn coffee. The coffee made me so restless that it was impossible to sleep but I had to keep taking it because well... I had to.I stood up from the chair and stretched my stiff body, I could even hear the sounds of bones cracking. My butt aches from sitting on that chair for well... a long time. I went to the bathroom and freshened up a bit. I grabbed
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Chapter 3
Alexia's POV.I couldn't help but laugh after Nathaniel left my apartment to freshen up. Nervous definitely looks good on him.I told him I will bring some cookies over for him. I picked some cookies and put them in a tray, I made a mental note to collect my trays back from him. I went over to his apartment and knocked on the door."The door is opened." He called out. I opened the door and walked in. His apartment was totally different from mine. The walls of the living room was painted with something similar to off white color...or maybe it is grey. A chandelier hung in the middle of the room. The living room looked expensive, the furnitures here looked like they would cost a fortune. I looked around and spotted the biggest television I have ever seen. How the fuck is a television this big?The television is one hundred times bigger and better that the little shit I have in my living room. The living room was practic
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Chapter 4
Nathaniel's POV.I watched her face closely and I could see the indecision in her eyes but that soon changed and she just nodded in reply. I really don't know why I offered to help with her love life, I don't even have any plans on how to help her. I don't know how I am going to make her silly ass best friend fall in love with her. I have never seen or met the boy before but I already despise him.I don't know why I was being nice to her, I mean I even told her about how lonely my mansion can get. I have never admitted that to anyone apart from my little sister, Natalia and I just told Alexia about it without even thinking twice. But I must admit that she seemed really cool and there was something about her that just seem to draw me in. Maybe because she will soon become my source of entertainment. The thought of helping with her love life is so exciting, at least it sounds exciting to me. Maybe because I haven't had much fun in the past years.My friends and I idea of fun is to go t
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Chapter 5
Alexia's POV.I was still in shock. I mean what the hell just happened here. Nathaniel just called himself my boyfriend and that right in front of Liam and the funniest part of all this was that I didn't deny it. I will blame my lack of denial on shock. I mean everything happened so fast and that I didn't even realize what was happening.Hell, I was still having a hard time understanding what happened. "Care to explain what just happened here, Alexia?" Liam asked. I could practically see the smoke coming out of his head.I tried to open my mouth to speak but my mouth was suddenly too heavy to move. How do I explain to the love of my life that I was only in this ruse with Nathaniel because of him? "Uhhmm...Liam...well... I don't know where to start from." I finally managed to speak. "How did you guys meet?" He asked. Oh no...this is bad. Everything happened so fast that I and Nathaniel didn't even think of
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Chapter 6
Alexia's POV.I let out a yawn and stood up from my chair and stretched a bit. I quickly checked the time for the hundredth time today. It was already 7:30 pm and Nathaniel wasn't back yet. Yes, I have been waiting patiently for him to get back. I got tired of waiting so I started on my next chapter. Now, I am done with that and still nothing. He isn't back. My stomach lets out a loud groan reminding me just how hungry I was. I headed straight to the kitchen and decided on making spaghetti and chicken sauce. I grabbed all of the ingredients needed and placed them on the counter and then I started cooking. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thirty minutes later dinner was ready. I unconsciously made enough food for two. Maybe because I have been waiting for Nathaniel for the past hour or...I don't know. I just ended up making dinner for him. I walked over to the living room window and pulled the curtain to check if Nathaniel's car is parked outside
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Chapter 7
Alexia's POV.The past few days were a blur. I couldn't tell each day apart. I slept, ate, and did virtually everything in my living room. I barely even had time to take a shower for the past three days. Now, don't judge me okay. It only happens once in a while. There are times that I just get so into the book that I was working on that I end up sitting in front of my laptop for the days. The longest I have gone is a week and yes, I didn't take a single shower all through. The misconception most people have about this occupation is that it is easy. I mean you just have to sit down with your laptop and write fake scenarios. But that is not all writing is takes a lot to be a writer, you have to have the zeal and passion for it. You have to have a very sharp mind and vivid imagination and to a certain point, you must be talented. You need to know how to use your words, what to write to draw people to the book, you have to build emotions too. It is not just about writing fake
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Chapter 8
Alexia's POV."What about this?" I asked. I have tried on a total of ten dresses in thirty minutes and Nathaniel's and Lara's reply hasn't changed since. More like, Lara disagrees and forces Nathaniel to agree with her."Nahhh, that won't do," Lara commented. I threw my hands up in surrender. "I am done here. What exactly will do? This is the tenth dress already. I am going for a date, not a gala." I exclaimed and I think I heard Nathaniel chuckle but I wasn't too sure cause he covered his face with the magazine he was reading.   "We are trying to make Liam realize his feelings for you, baby girl. You have to look hot, like so hot that he gets tongue-tied and stutters." Lara said. Yes, she is in on the whole thing too. I had to tell her cause she had the misconception that they were something going on between me and Nathaniel. Apparently, he has never booked an appointment for any girl before apart from his little sister and she i
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Chapter 9
Alexia's POV."You know you don't have to be nervous right?" Nathaniel asked. "I am not."I was, nervous I mean, very nervous might I add and you can tell just how nervous I was from the way I couldn't stop wringing my hands. "Yeah right." He answered with a laugh and I scoffed. He removed his hand from the steering wheel and took mine in his and squeezed it. "Just remember that I am right here and all you have to do is to tell me if you can't take it anymore and we will leave immediately." He said. "I know," I said smiling up at him even though he wasn't looking at me again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"This is it," Nathaniel announced when we finally got to the restaurant that Liam had reserved. "I don't think I can do this," I whispered but he heard me anyway. He moved around in his seat until he was facing me then I felt his fingers on my jaw forcing me to meet his eyes."Come on no
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