Orphan Luna

Orphan Luna

By:  CB Marie  Completed
Language: English
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Forced to flee and live as rogues, Emma and her mother endure the unthinkable. Just when she thinks it can’t get much worse, Emma is brought salvation by a pack with a sad past of their own. Will she find the love she deserves? Can she overcome her traumatic past and allow herself to be loved? On this journey, she leans into her wolf Morrigan who has a dramatic past of her own. She will learn so much about herself and her wolf in the story to come as they travel down the rocky road together and discover her family's secret past. This is a story of love, power, magic and overcoming hardship.

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139 chapters
      I can feel the heat surrounding us. I am not old enough to have a wolf so my skin is nipped sharply by the flames. My mother and father surround me in their wolf forms. Just then, my father nuzzles me up onto mother’s back and urges her forward, jumping across the line of fire. Papa follows suit.      As we eye our escape and fresh air ahead, a band of rogue male wolves block our path. Father sideswipes them and clears the way for my mother to lurch forward at full speed. She stops and turns to find her mate.      They make painful eye contact as my father is attacked from all sides. They’re mind linking which I cannot hear and just then my mother starts to walk backwards, halting to take one more look at her mate and then turns to run for our lives. &nbs
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Chapter 1
    I wake up drenched in sweat again. Another nightmare. I hate these sweats because it meant that I would freeze the rest of the morning until I made a fire. Blinking a few times, I decide I cannot sleep any longer.      I don’t wish to return to my nightmare either. My home is a rock cave that I found about a week ago. It’s hidden nicely behind a waterfall so I feel somewhat sheltered, protected. I begin to build my small fire in hopes of warming up.      Over the last several years, I had collected some clothing items from rogue camps, but left it all behind when I was trapped a few weeks ago.I preferred to live in wolf form for many reasons, not having clothes being one of them.      My wolf, Morrigan, came to me about three months ago. She is a comfort
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Chapter 2
    Zak’s POV     “Alpha, may I have a word”. I am sweating a little, not sure if it was the right thing to bring a rogue in, well not after what happened to the town a year ago. Liam barely turns his focused head, “hmm”. He is a statue of a man. He is taller than me and I am at least six feet. Easily womps any of us at sparring and has muscles to prove it. Scars too. He has been in a few brawls, mainly to protect our town and pack.      I have known alpha since we were small boys and we have always been good friends. My father was his father’s beta. They were both murdered during the attack.       “Sir we came across a lone she-wolf in the far territory. She had been camping in a cave. I’m not quite sure how long she has been there but well… we”.... “You wha
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Chapter 3
     Liam’s POV     The thought of a rogue in my house makes me queasy, she-wolf or not. I step lightly down the kitchen stairs and see Grace conversing with a seemingly small human on a stool, facing away from me. I could not tell her exact stature as the clothes were easily five times too big. Her hair cascading down her back. Mom looks up at me suddenly, “Alpha, son. There is someone I would like you to meet”. The girl stops eating, setting the apple slice down and lowers her head in submission.      Keeping her head bowed, she turns toward me. I can’t quite see her face with the light shadows and her immense amount of hair. “What’s your name?” I ask. She lifts her eyes to meet mine. It feels like a bomb exploding in my gut. Kalen rushes forward, “MATE” he screams, loud enough I thought they all heard. My heart racin
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Chapter 4
     Liam POV    Holy shit, holy shit. “Oh my goddess Liam, did you see our mate? She is BEAUTIFUL!”. “Yes she is Kalen. I cannot believe our mate is a rogue?!”. “But did you see her bruises? Those were gnarly. And the choke mark on her neck”.. “Wait what? Did we see the same woman, Kalen?”. “You seriously didn’t see her face full of bruises? Wow you really were affected. Don’t worry, I am too little guy”. I have never seen Kalen this, well, emotional and sort of girly. He is gushing big time. But bruises? Why can I not remember any bruises. As I walk hurriedly to some unknown destination, I bump into Zak and Leo.     I did not really acknowledge the bump and keep walking. They jog to catch up, “Alpha, everything ok?” Leo asks. I turn to
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Chapter 5
       Grace’s POV     Emma is such a sweet and shy young woman. She told me she was content with an apple and water. I won’t push it, knowing full well that going from famished to well fed takes time. Her bruises are fairly extensive. She was definitely hit hard several times. There is also a red mark around her neck. Despite the wreckage, she really is a beautiful girl.      I sense her discomfort by my staring. “Sorry dear, I am a physician and was just examining your wounds. May I ask how they occurred?”. She looks down at her apple and without looking at me, “you can imagine being a rogue she wolf.. Well, it can get.. Well, rough without a pack. No one to protect you, no one to help you. Still though, I feel lucky. I managed to escape, unlike some”. Read more
Chapter 6
       Emma’s POV      The screech stops at my door and I hear a knock followed by the sound of whispers. Without waiting for permission, the door swings open followed by a young and bubbly face. As soon as she spots me, she screeches again and runs over to me, throwing her arms around me. I awkwardly return the hug, sort of.      “Ruth, what on earth are you doing? You’re going to frighten Emma to death”, Grace chasing behind her. “I finally have a sister” she exclaims and hugs me again. Ruth is beautiful. A tall, thin version of her brother. She is very young. Her face is so full of happiness and exuberance. “A sister?”, I ask Mor. “What does she mean, a sister?”. “I don’t know Emma but she seems friendly”. Morgan is usually s
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Chapter 7
      Liam’s POV     Tapping my fingers on the oak table, listening to my friends talk about the deer they hunted earlier. “What is taking the girls so long?” I ask Kalen, my wolf. “Girl things I think” he says with a grin, whatever that means. Just then I hear a shrill “brother” from behind me. Leo’s eyes light up. Zak and a few other members all hide their faces that seem to say “oh god, hide us”.      My sister Ruth is a bit… much. She has been away since she was 15, now 18. Leo has always had a crush on her. Neither of them were old enough to have mates when she left. Oh goddess, what if they mate? I can’t think about that. “Where is she?” Kalen asks impatiently. “I want to see our mate”. “I know buddy, m
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Chapter 8
      Liam’s POV     “Ruth, you’re here for a few hours and manage to fuck things up”. “What the hell Liam, I didn’t ask anything wrong”. I just look at her with so much anger. “Mom, please explain it to her, I don’t have the patience”. I stand up, motioning for all others to remain and eat. I gently open and close the balcony door. She’s not out here, where’d she go? “Oh shit Liam, she ran”. Just then I hear movement on the grass below. Peeking over, I see her with her hands covering her face. Trying not to startle her, I clear my throat.      She turns and her jade green eyes pierce through me but she quickly looks down. “Alpha… I am so sorry”. I gently walk towards her but not too close.. “It’s
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Chapter 9
       Emma’s POV     “Here, I had this brought to your room. It’s hot chocolate with whipped cream, my favorite”. I sniff the mug, it smells delicious. “Here is a set of silk pajamas. This week, I shall like to take you to town to buy you a wardrobe”. My eyes snap up to her. I could not possibly go into a town and with what currency? I have nothing.      She easily senses my uneasiness and gently cups my shoulders, “honey, please let me do this for you. You are one of us now. And do not worry about the particulars, they do not matter any”. She hugs me gently and closes the door behind her. Remembering the cocoa, I take a sip “oh my goddess Mor, are you tasting this?”. I end up drinking it too fast, wishing I had more. Just then, I feel sleep com
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