Alpha Mate to the arrogant CEO

Alpha Mate to the arrogant CEO

By:  DameButterfly  Updated just now
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Bishop had it all. Good looks, money, a decent job he would be transitioning to CEO from when his father retired. On top of that, when the next full moon came around, he would be taking over as alpha of his pack. A week before the next full moon hit, everything fell apart. What was this about having to mate with another alpha in order to have his pack spared? Not only that, but he happened to be the arrogant human boss he couldn't being around?! NOTE: Cover art is not my own, please let me know if I need to take it down.

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102 chapters
A/N: I apologize dear readers for consistently editing the content. I am trying to get the flow of the story just right. This should be the last time. Bishop glared and bared his teeth at the werewolf towering over him with a smug. In what world was it okay to be forcing him to submit to an alpha like the one before. How in the hell did his father screw things up so bad that they got to this point? Why wasn’t he told anything before! Bishop let a low growl escape. Anger couldn’t even begin to describe the feelings boiling inside his body. “Well, what is your choice going to be little wolf? Your father has already put the options before you. Which are you going to choose?" The fact that the intruding alpha felt confident enough to stand in another pack’s territory with such confidence spoke of how severe the situation was. Bishop glanced at the older werewolf out of the corner of his eye. The older wolf didn’t look at him, too ashamed to face his son. Bishop wanted to beat the othe
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Food is reliable
Bishop sighed as he flopped down in one of the chairs in the employee breakout room. It was hardly noon and he was already completely exhausted. He didn't know how that man managed to exhaust him so much in the span of a few hours but he was pretty certain that it had to have been some kind of magical ability or special secret talent that only insufferable, pompous bosses had the ability to access. "I keep telling you that he has to have some kind of crush on you. It's the only reason why he would want you to stay around him so much." The young brunette who was sitting at the table across from him remarked. There were only the two of them in the breakroom at the moment. It would probably stay the rest of the way through the lunch break as only the poor employees tended to bring their own lunches rather than going on out somewhere to eat. By the number in the room, it was fairly evident that those who couldn't afford to eat out were
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Birth right
The night air smelled refreshing. Strong with the scent of grass pollen and the blooming flowers that grew near the cave signaling spring. Secluded enough and deep enough in the forest that it would be hard for any humans to locate even if they were looking for it. The fact that it wasn't quite the full moon made it easier for the cave to hide behind the foliage that grew thickly around it. It was visible during the day but hardly anyone dared to trek so deep into the forest. They all knew better and stayed on the trails unless there was reason to go searching further in. And those who were foolish enough to try to risk and travel further into the forest hardly ever made it back out alive. The howls of wolves broke through the otherwise dark night sky. It wasn't a hunting night nor was it a full moon, but the howls served as a reminder to anyone in the area who should have not been there that they best steer clear of the area if they valued their lives. Inside the cave was where
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Not Going To Give
Bishop tried his best to not pout about the whole matter. It was a rather unsightly thing for a werewolf to do. Unlike humans, they didn't have flat mouths with plus, plump lips that could pull off the look and make them appear adorable. Instead, for werewolves, it either just made them look like they were grimacing or pulling a horrible face that was hard to read. "It's not like your father said he was going to take anything away from you. I don't think that you really have all that much to worry about." John, a burly gray wolf, and one of his friends pointed out as sat outside on the top of the mountain. It was one of the best places to cool off and get away from everyone else. Few wolves knew that it was where Bishop and his crew enjoyed hanging out. A rather difficult place to reach made the perfect one the perfect meeting place for the still adolescent male werewolves. "Yeah. He's just telling you to buck up for a little longer in your job. That's something you've always been
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Blamed for sneezing?!
Grant couldn't hold back the urge to sneeze. He quickly had to close document that he was reading to ensure nothing got ruined.The mixture of cross between a squeak and snort that accompanied it wasn't very fitting for someone of his status. It was a good thing that the only person around to hear the sound was his driver of his limo otherwise it probably would've turned out to be a bad for anyone else.The driver was an older gentleman who had been with Grant for quite some years and had quickly become accustom to his boss's odd quirks and unusual way of thinking."Are you quite alright sir? Do I need to turn up the heat back there?" His driver asked with a glance back at the other man through his rearview mirror."No, Stewart. There's no need for that. That sneeze was more likely due to someone thinking about me than a cold." Grant assured the other."Thinking about you, sir?" Stewart asked mildly amused."I thought you were the one who did all the thinking about other people?" his
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It'll All Be More Interesting In A Week
Bishop once again found himself leaving the presence of his both in a rather burned-out state of mind.Grant had done a decent job of trying to figure out who the mysterious person that occupied his assistant's thoughts was. No matter what argument the other gave, his boss always somehow had a valid rebuttal as to why he should get to know the information that he was seeking. His reason? If it was going to impact the abilities of his personal assistant so much, it only made sense for his boss to know. He couldn’t have his personal assistant being so distant with him when there was so much work that they had to take care of. Bishop stood his ground on this matter in a way that he was rather proud of himself for once as he didn't give his boss the full answer that he was looking. There was no way that he was going to let the Grant Winchester man of many women know about Amber. If he even caught a whiff of her and managed to see her in person, there was no way that he would leave her a
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The Days Just Keep Rolling By
Friday came rolling around much quicker than Bishop had expected it to. He didn't know what exactly he should have been expecting, but he felt on edge as he tried to figure out what his boss might have been talking about. Grant gave no indication to him what was going through his mind or if it even involved his personal assistant. The fact that he wasn't saying anything to him about it after that one day only made it that much worse for the other. Bishop tried not to let it affect his work since he knew how important everything was going to be this week, but it was rather hard when his boss kept sneaking him odd looks and little smirks whenever he was around him. He tried to ask him what it was about, but Grant simply said that it had something to do with the fact that he was impressed with the progress that his assistant had been making after so many months. Finally getting to where he should have been all along. Bishop only snorted at what the other said to him. He didn't bel
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Uncomfortable Lunch
The car ride to the restaurant was only one of the uncomfortable things that Bishop had to deal with. It didn't matter that his boss was too busy on his phone going through calls and doing others to really pay attention to him. It was the mere fact that they were in such close proximity to each other that bothered the assistant so much. He had a feeling that wherever they would be going in the first place wasn't even going to be somewhere that he wouldn't be able to enjoy eating. The price was likely going to be through the roof and nothing he could afford. His father was always so stingy with the pack money and refused to give him much considering he had a job that he was able to earn money from. The alpha seemed to think that whatever he made was more than enough to live off of while being around humans. Of course, that old man didn't take into consideration situations like the one that Bishop currently found himself in. If he was able to get anything to eat, his pockets we
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I will Pick for You Then, Dear
"What are you going to get to eat?" Grant asked as he picked up his own menu and started to look it over. He already had an idea of what he wanted but he enjoyed looking to see if they had added anything new. "I already told you that I have lunch waiting for me back at the office so I'm not going to be getting anything." Bishop replied stubbornly as he pushed the menu over towards his boss. He didn't need it in front of him tempting him any more than the good-smelling food in the restaurant was. "As your boss, that isn't an answer that I can accept from you. You need to choose something to eat since I'm taking you out." His boss replied without looking up from the menu. "There's nothing here that I want to eat so I don't think that I should have to pick something." the assistant argued as he took a sip of the water hoping that would help to settle his grumbling stomach. "I'm sure that's not true. By the look on your face earlier, I'm actually fairly certain that there is a lot
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I Should Excuse Myself
Bishop had somehow underestimated the amount of food ordered. What was placed on the table did match seemed to be far more than the order. Grant did not seem upset when the waiter came back a few minutes later with their food. The assistant was silently thankful for this. Having too much free time for small talk did not always turn out well. "Bishop, I expect that you will eat rather than only stare at your food." Bishop kept his attention on the food rather than paying his boss any heed. "I spent the money you so best not to let it go to waste." Would it really go to waste though? There were likely more than enough people back at work who would love this kind of meal. Bishop began to survey the mouth-watering food in front of him, taking everything in as he felt his mouth begin to salivate. To most, it might not have looked like much but to Bishop, it was the best-looking feast in the world at the current moment in time. The sirloin steak, still slightly red indicating succulent t
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