Taunting The Twin Alphas

Taunting The Twin Alphas

By:  Saree  Completed
Language: English
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Cadence has worked very hard to be at the top of her class, and the lead investigative reporter for her college newspaper. All she wants is to be a successful she-wolf who stands on her own and prove that not all females are meant to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. She makes her own decisions, lives by her own rules. That is, until her final assignment before graduation sends her into the lion’s den. The local pack to her college is Moon Bay, and home to Alpha Keller, whose sons are popular football players and playboys. How will Cade’s strong will and determined attitude hold up against two identical twins who are future Alphas? Turns out the goddess was indeed playing at something with this match! The twins struggle to win over their mate, who more than makes them work for it! In this battle of the sexes only one can come out on top! Follow along with their story in Taunting the Twin Alphas!

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46 chapters
1 - The End Zone
~Cadence’s Point of View~ “If you’re serious about getting ahead in life, you’ll do this Cade,” my boss said, staring at me like I was his steak dinner. I gave him my best scowl, if I had a dime for everytime I heard that bullshit line. Just his way of bending me to his will, getting me to do what no one else wants to. He’s wanted me under his aging and saggy body for the three years I’ve worked for him. He doesn’t treat any other female at work like his side chick. But I’m NOT his damn side chick. He must have missed that email. It's a wonder I haven't killed him yet. “Take your interview and shove it up your ass where it belongs! That’s the only action you’re getting. I’m not doing it,” I s
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2 - We Can Play Too
~Cadence’s Point of View~ “This can’t be possible. This cannot happen to me. Not right now,” I said, talking to the wall. That was only the two hundredth time I’d repeated that phrase. I’d been up all night, losing my shit. After my utterly humiliating slip of the tongue in front of both Keller brothers it was apparent my actual mission was fucked. They both crowded me and I couldn’t breathe. I ended up storming away, like a pathetic female. I’d never live it down. “Reporter dies of sheer mortification, now here’s a look at the newest panda at the zoo.” I’d have my ten seconds of hell a
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3 - Donkey
~Lenox’s Point of View~ How did I know the Goddess would send us a mate that was feisty as hell? Because she had to know what my brother and I would need. Some lame pushover female wouldn’t do. Ohh she needs to be tamed, and I can’t fucking wait to do it! Cadence Mattison, hot as sin and positively a goddess in her own right. I’d never met her, but needless to say guys talk. I knew her reputation as I was sure she knew ours. Last night when she showed up at our party, it was all I could do not to grab her, throw her over my shoulder and go all Alpha male. I absolutely would have done it too if Weston hadn’t interfered like the dick he is sometimes. Even when she stormed off I was completely determined to go after her, let her know who the boss is in this relationship. Who is Alpha. Read more
4 - Bubbling Over
~Cadence’s Point of View~ Seven hours.  Seven flipping hours they’ve been in my place and won’t leave. Three hours ago they ordered Chinese and the waft of it was enough to make me ALMOST give in. I texted one of my long time on and off again fuck buddies after that and begged him to bring me some lunch. When he showed up and saw them at the door, he ran off. Now he won’t answer my texts at all. I was certain if I tried someone else it would be the same result. Prisoner in my own damn apartment! “Reporter starves to death due to her own stupid pride, next up Ollie the circus cat.” I was certain every real news story
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5 - Assertive
~Weston’s Point of View~ “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” I said, getting to my feet and putting my arm around my mate. Ohh she was pissed, and it was so hot. Yeah this little scheme of ours was pretty underhanded, and extremely ballsy, but it was perfect. It got her out of her room, we got to meet the parents and she was now super pissed and looked sexy as hell in the process. All in all, mission accomplished. Her mom couldn’t be happier that she’d be settling down and her dad couldn’t wait to tell everyone she was mated to Alphas. They could have really cared less about us being star athletes, apparently human sports aren’t that big a deal in her pack. Lenox and I had time in the car so we’d made this whole presentation
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6 - Cuffed
~Cadence’s Point of View~ When dinner time rolled around, a dozen people showed up in my parents’ backyard and set up two massive tents with tables. They had brought enough food to feed a hundred people. My dad went around and invited everyone over, and before I knew it the place was full. My parents were now winning the Keller brothers lottery of popularity. Full of congratulations, hugs and … questions. People had a MILLION questions.  “Ohh your mates must be so rich to have all this just brought in…” “Ohh your mates are so handsome, are they models…” “Are you pregnant…”Read more
7 - Fan The Flames
~Cadence’s Point of View~ “Mom, dad … this is our mate, Cadence Mattison,” Lenox said, smiling brightly. I took in the pair, I could certainly see the allure as well as the trepidation. They both had an aura about themselves, an air of … better. An air of … arrogance.  The mom wasn’t too tall, easily a couple inches shorter than me. Then again the twins were probably only about six feet even. She was pretty but I would hardly call her gorgeous. She had shoulder length curled brown hair and brown eyes, no make-up and no jewelry. Yet her casual sundress and sandals were very high end, certainly designer.  My eyes quickly moved to the father, who was the very stere
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8 - Going Fishing
~Cadence’s Point of View~   I didn’t trust the twins for a single, solitary second. I made them drive in front of me the whole way back to school, convinced they would somehow go back to my pack. They’d do something ridiculous. Then they insisted one of them ride with me, and hell no was that gonna happen!   *Well they’d certainly leave us if they heard you car singing,* my wolf said, shaking her head.   “I happen to love singing in the car and if you don’t like it I simply don’t care. You didn’t grow up with an appreciation of the finer things in life,” I said, wiggling my head around.   *Finer things? Oh, oh really? You are going to try and convince me that ‘to the window, to the wall’ shit is real music,* she sai
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9 - To Be A True Player
~Lenox’s Point of View~ I absolutely refused to believe that Cade’s little attitude wasn’t on purpose. I knew this whole back and forth turned her on just like it did for us. If she wanted to play hard to want, I was absolutely going to play her game. But she needs to understand, I don’t fight fair. Not when it comes to my mate at any rate. I wasn’t getting her another fucking cookie though. She owed me that after the stupid way she acted in front of our parents. Yeah we might have sprung the entire thing on her with no warning, but it’s no excuse. Especially not when literally everyone else in her family couldn’t have been happier and more welcoming. I’m not just going to sit back and let her keep whatever opinion she’s decided to have about us. I want to show her who we are, who our family is and what we do. She thinks we’re some pretentious assholes, but that’s just what she’s decided to believe. “Valerie, nice to see you. Shoot me an email to my school address with the details
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10 - Reflective
~Cadence’s Point of View~ I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I couldn’t trust the twins worth a shit. They just seemed far too smug and sure of themselves and it got under my skin more than anything ever had. Why the hell did I agree to go watch this neanderthal bullshit? I could be having a nap! Brushing my hair, hell … flossing would be more productive! If I had to endure this hell I wasn’t doing it alone, that’s for certain. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK I sighed and chugged the rest of a bottle of water, ready to get this over with. I really had no intentions of adding to their story, they already wrote the article so I wasn’t about to do more work than necessary. I knew good and well Alec would likely tweak it to his liking just so he could add his name somewhere. I fixed my messy hair and marched to the door, then threw it open to see Hailey. She was wearing jeans shorts that were dangerously short and a tank top that was beyond paper thin with NO bra. Ohh yeah, just the distracti
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