Ecstasy Land: The Billionaire's Illicit Desire

Ecstasy Land: The Billionaire's Illicit Desire

By:  Rei Parker  Completed
Language: English
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Snow Miller was never happy with her life. She never was until she met Ezra in the Ecstasy Land. She felt the happiest with him until she realized that everything has an end and she needs to face the reality sooner or later. Ezra Masterson is a rich ass man. He could get things with just a snap of his fingers; girls, power, fame, you name it, he could have it. Everything was easy and simple for him until he learned how to love and all of his defences crumbled when he discovered that he was pursuing a married woman. --- Ecstasy Land established by Masterson and friends is a secret island in California in which exclusive billionaires pay to live their deepest, darkest desires. A trusted place to play and explore your dirtiest and kinkiest imagination. It is where they met and it is where they will collide. What will happen if Clayton, her husband finds out she's having an affair? They say love conquers all. But how will you fight for a love that is forbidden in the first place?

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48 chapters
Chapter 1
"Snow, you still have time to change your mind." Quinn kept convincing me that we should go home. As if it was not too late; we finally arrived and she agreed to this plan. I couldn't understand why suddenly she had the gut to feel bad. "Quinn, look at where we are." I looked around as fresh air massaged my face with the trees dancing around and the ocean far away from us waving. "We already arrived at the island. Now is not the time to cancel any plans. Besides, I'm far from sure that I wanna do this; I need this, Quinn." We were walking towards our private room and I couldn't help but be amazed at the people passing by us, especially men. I already went here once and God forgives me for almost drooling at every man I had a conversation with. "But what if Clay--" "Please don't mention him." I puffed a breath. "Never mention that guy for God's sake." I rolled my eyes as I flipped my hair. I was here to have fun and forget my life outside The Ecstasy Land. People go here to forget t
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Chapter 2
"I'd love to." I hid my nervousness behind my sweet smile. He smiled back and grabbed my hand as he intertwined it with his. My lips parted with the electricity he brought to my nerves. "I hope you don't mind." He was looking at our hands. "Why would I?" Thank God I didn't stutter. I was fucking nervous and uncomfortable, at the same time I was liking his filthy, playful, straightforward act. We walked toward his cabin with our hands intertwined. I couldn't help but hide my smile. Clayton never held my hand in public, well we didn't care about each other so yep, no reasons to. When we arrived at his Cabin, I sat on the sofa and looked around the marble walls. His cabin was pretty big; he must be a VIP. "I didn't give you the permission to sit on my sofa." He frowned. My brows crossed in confusion. "Excuse me? You invited---" "But I'm giving you the permission to lay on my bed." His voice sounded alluring. I gulped. He was giving tension to my organs. I glanced at his queen-siz
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Chapter 3
"Let's go." He pulled me from my chair after I finished drinking my wine."Where are we going?" He didn't utter a word. I just stared at our hands intertwined while he was pulling me somewhere. Our whole dinner felt awkward for me. I could feel my chest pumping loud while eating. I was even uncomfortable with my underwear, soaking wet.My brows crossed when he walked me to the restroom. He pushed me into a cubicle and immediately closed the door."Ezra, what---""We're done with the dinner; it's dessert time." His breath travelled on my ear as he slid his finger inside my panty. I arched my head a little from the electricity he brought."Here? Are you serio--" "Yes, I am." He moved my body to turn back on him as he lift the skirt of my dress, revealing my panty, he slid his finger again on my wet womanhood."Aah..." I could hold my moan anymore. He was playing with my clit, rubbing my folds. My cells shivered one ev
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Chapter 4
"Where are you, Snow? Seriously." Clayton asked on the phone. I rolled my eyes as I walked outside Ezra's cabin. It was my second day on the island and another day of getting to know Ezra. Two days with him felt so good except Clayton kept on calling me. "I told you, I'm with Quinn," I was trying to lower my voice despite the annoyance I was feeling with my husband. Since yesterday, I was ignoring his calls but it seems like he'd never stop bothering me. He really was good at ruining my life. "Where? Exactly?" I squeezed my eyes closed as I massaged my forehead. I looked back at Ezra's cabin, being cautious about him not seeing me talking with someone on the phone. Luckily, it was early morning and we slept late yesterday so he could be sleeping deeply. "It's girls' hang out. Why do you have to know?" "Because I'm your husband!" I gripped harder on the phone while it was on the side of my ear. I took a deep breath. I was supposed to forget everything here but Clayton coul
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Chapter 5
I was stunned, staring into his eyes. He could kill for me? Boyfriend? Where did he get that idea? His body built looks like someone who could torture anyone but I doubt he'd do that for a woman. My heart was drumming loudly. I was anxious he could feel it. Our chest was touching each other while our arms were still wrapped around each other's bodyI blinked a couple of times when he laughed so hard. "Chill! I was just joking." I punched his chest. He grabbed my fist as he pulled me closer to him, hugging me tighter. "Asshole," I whispered sarcastically. "Do I look like someone who kills?" I stared on his sandbar eyes. It was hella captivating. He was like a predator that could easily catch his prey. "Might be." I shrugged. "Serial killers are charismatic." "I'm charismatic, huh." He smirked as he wiped his thumb on my lips. I gulped, my throat felt dry. "As if it's your first time getting that word." "It's the first time I heard it from you. It sounded a lot better from
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Chapter 6
The next day, Ezra invited me for another ride, so we roamed around the island, admiring every beauty of it. After the long ride, I asked him to just drop me down at the hotel. He tried to insist but I resisted. I kinda need space away from him. I was continuously sleeping with him for three days already. I need to gather my thoughts alone. I couldn't think properly when I was with him. It was like, I was losing my mind. He parked the motor right outside the hotel. I handed him the helmet."So... Dinner later?" he asked.My lips froze like I didn't know what to say."Ez! My man!" A man stood in front of us. My eyes met his grayish eyes. He looks familiar, I probably saw him in the bar the last time I went here. His abs caught my attention since his buttondown polo was unbuttoned."Reid! What's up!" Ezra then glared at me; he leaned so his lips could reach my ears as he whispered, "Stop staring at his abs. I'm not jealous but... whatever.""I'm Reid, by the way." The guy In front
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Chapter 7
"Where are we going now?" I asked while he was driving his motorcycle with me on his back. We just finished eating lunch. "Don't you like surprises?" He drove much faster than before so my grip on his waist tightened. I gulped his manly scent was attracting the hell out of me. The strong wind touching my face felt relaxing."Spoil me." I rolled my eyes. "I can spoil you in other ways except this." He chuckled."Why do I feel like you're kidnapping me?" I joked."It's not kidnapping when you allow yourself to come with me, but maybe I'd kidnap you in the future. Thanks for the idea."I pinched his waist. He was such a jerk but I was loving it. His humour made me laugh and smile all the time. He drove slower when we reached the trail of a very rocky road. I hold onto his hard, firm chest when he put more force on the speed as the road was uphill. I felt like I was gonna fall at any time. We should have used the golf cart instead. Motorcycles were scary!"Are we going to a forest? Oh
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Chapter 8
"See? It's fun to try new things." He laughed while he was wearing his pants.I locked my bra before wearing my dress. We just had sex in a cliff and I still couldn't sink it in on my mind. I never imagined that it could be possible for me to try sex on a rocky road uphill. "Let me help you." He went on my back to zip my dress. My body shivered when his hand glided on my back as he closed the zipper.I felt like I was ice, freezing in hell. I just stood there while he sat back near the tip of the cliff and looked at the view of the sea. I swallowed so deeply before I sat beside him."You didn't like it?" he asked as our eyes met."I like it, Ez." But there was something inside me that was pushing me to stop flirting with him. The more I get to know him, the more it feels dangerous."You seem odd." His brows crossed.I stared at his shimmering eyes. The loud wind was playing with his hair but he still looks amazing. I couldn't handle thinking that I might hurt him with my messy life,
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Chapter 9
"W-what?" My heart thudded continuously like I was having a heart attack. I couldn't think right. My brain felt beating also. "Fuck, Snow! You're cheating on me?!" "I'm not!" I was out of breath as I shouted. My eyes burned on fire as I felt some of the waters forming on the side. "Then go home!" "I'm having a vacation with Quinn! What part of that is hard to understand, Clayton? I never interfere on your vacations. I never even bother you though I know you're sleeping with another woman!" My voice cracked as my chest crumpled. We never really talked about his affairs. I didn't care much as I don't have feelings for him. My pride is shattered into pieces but other than that, I don't fucking care. Fuck whoever woman she wants, just don't bother me if I chose to have fun. "So you really are cheating on me?" "No!" My tears fell. I wiped my cheeks aggressively as I bit my lower lip so he wouldn't hear the cracks and sobs in my voice. "Then why are you bringing my affairs into our c
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Chapter 10
I looked at her with my brows crossed. She raised both of her hands like surrendering. "I mean, I'm asking what to say if that would be his response?" "Just say yes. Just tell him I'm good and I'm not doing anything wrong." I puffed a breath. "I'm tired of him acting like he really cares about me. He never cares. He only thinks about his reputation, pride, and ego; that asshole." I rolled my eyes before putting red lipstick on my mouth for the final touch. "Red huh." Quinn walked and stood beside me, she looked at my reflection in the mirror. "Going wild today?" "We're just gonna eat." "Eat what?" She smirked. "Food." I gasped before standing and getting my purse. I put some of my essentials there. "Snow, I don't want to interfere with your life but I want you to be careful, okay?" We stared at each other as my chest pumped in confusion about my being careful. I slightly smiled before nodding even if I wasn't sure anymore. "You look absolutely stunning," Ezra welcomed me with
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