Beautifully Ruined

Beautifully Ruined

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*TWIN TORMENTORS BOOK 2* After suffering and being tortured both mentally and physically by her obsessed childhood friends who turned out to be the mafia lords, Leigh-Ari Montreal finds her dragged deeper into the underworld rivalry with none but the twins’ longtime foe, who is much more retarded and ruthless than the twins combined. Living a new fabricated life with a new identity provided by her captor, she is bound to do whatever he demands, and that the fate of everyone from her ‘other life’ depends all on her action.

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44 chapters
Chapter 1
ISA POVTHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!I know that rings a bell to everyone because not a day passes without hearing or seeing news about it everywhere. You may be the son of the soil living in a damn pit on the outskirts of the most secluded and remote place in the world, but as soon as someone calls out those words, your ears perk up in interest! And all of us know a thing or two about it! Be it over inflamed fame, astonishing wealth, celebrities with 7 digits in their bank accounts, or the horrendous crime stories that would make you want to curl up in a ball and frolic in the luxury and safety of your unbothered pit for the rest of your life. Or simply the American Dream itself!You’ve heard about it.Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined myself being a citizen of such a highly praised and ‘mighty’ country. I have always been that kind of a person you would call mundane, boring! Compared to the 4 bedroom townhouse with a pool in the backyard, not far from the busiest, li
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Chapter 2
ISA POV THE FOLLOWING morning came and I woke up with a start! Having no plans for the future, except for the dreadful toddler party and drinks with neighborhood trophy wives, I decided to make a quick run to the store and stock up my fridge, since the house came with a huge chunk of money that I had no idea about its origin, or better yet, I gave zero shit about where it came from. As I have mentioned, I wasn’t in a position to even ask questions, or let my mind wander and overthink things. In just a year alone, I have lived 100 lifetimes and at this point, I wasn’t going to fight it. I couldn’t! I did try some time back, and I nearly had my ass split open by the mine explosion so no thank you, ma’am. As long as I had a roof over my head and food in my stomach, then I was all okay! With that thought in mind, I settled a few things out before leaving my house and ran to the store. The trip was short and pretty much uneventful and in just an hour, I was riding a cab home.
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Chapter 3
XANDER POV“Ready to dispatch?” I intoned softly with my eyes scanning the dark surrounding at the back of the harbor. Five different voices sang “CLEAR” into the truck’s radio, which was connected to my phone. I nodded to myself before powering the beast that roared to life as the engine engaged.I yanked off the seatbelt that was like a damn restraint gluing me to the seat, then stepped on the gas and drove out of the parking lot.“Let’s get this show on the road,” I smirked to myself as I entered the busy, heavily congested route that left the LA Harbour and got lost in the city. For the 2nd of January, the roads were way too packed.One of the many rules of the kind of life I led was:NEVER GO ON MISSIONS IN A GROUP, UNLESS THE MISSION REQUIRES SO.I understood that rule more than I understood the anatomy of life itself. It was a damn truth that many cooks spoil the broth, and I wasn’t going to have the trigger-happy motherfuckers destroy one of my best moments. And that is why w
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Chapter 4
ISA POV“I’ll be here till morning.” The sweet little blonde hair nurse, Ava, in painfully cramped scrubs called out waving on my way out of the clinic. I just wonder how she breathed in that. I waved back jiggling the keys in my hand before turning to step down the three stairs and headed to a shiny blue Kia sedan parked in one of the exclusive spots just outside the clinic. Rounding it, I slipped into the driver’s seat and locked the doors before buckling up, then started the ignition.I powered the radio and after a few scrolls of my finger on the screen, Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran poured in the live speakers, causing a huge smile to spread on my lips. I stepped on the gas and took off into the night.WHAT A GOOD DAY IT HAS BEEN!From waking up to find car keys on my kitchen island, a blue brand new car still clamped in tags parked outside on my driveway, to having a chance to avoid the much-dreaded Sunday noon tea party with trophy wives at the Thompsons because of a call from
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Chapter 5
ISA POVMy mind reeled with all sorts of thoughts as I tried to figure out what the hell was happening. Finding an injured person drowning in blood on my white couch seemed to be a signal that the glorious, merry days of me slithering around were well and finally over. Now it was time for me to get to work. Although I didn’t understand even a single thing about what was happening. What had been in that mail van? Why didn’t Xander just bring the lad straight away to the clinic instead of dumping him at the house? I really wished he could be here right about now to answer some of the bothering questions I had.Deciding to expel him and his vendetta from my mind, I focused on the old lady who was being discharged after staying over for 3 days. The poor lady broke her leg when she tried to take a walkout in the park. Stepped into a hole covered by grass, and the next thing she heard was a sickening crack as her ligaments and bones detached. How sad. But I was able to stitch her all back
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Chapter 6
XANDER POV“You’re pregnant.” Just saying out the words caused my whole body to go rigid, and glued in one spot. I had no idea how to feel, or what to feel right at this moment. When I took Leigh-Ari from the Cattanios, I didn’t plan for her to be carrying a child. Even worse, their child. If word gets out, the two fuckers were going to open gates to hell and I so wasn't ready to deal with their shit right about now. And it was as if the universe refuses when I try to shake them off my back. Because here we were, in a bathroom as she was having one of those sick episodes pregnant women have, with an Italian baby growing inside her stomach.I don’t know what it is that made me so certain, but I have watched her from a distance. The little lady was always as healthy as a bull, a damn horse. She never got sick with silly things such as cold and more, and her throwing up out of the blue meant one thing, she was expecting. And that only complicated everything. Like everything!Training t
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Chapter 7
ISA POVI had one question only. Just one question which I needed a quick answer to and please, if by any chance anyone knew the answer to it, please; feel free to answer it.WHAT THE FUCK?My mind spiraled down a tornado of thoughts as I recalled the occurrences of the day before when Xander had stood in front of me and told me we were in a basement which happened to be a factory of fuckin’ cocaine. My jaws had literally detached as my mouth dropped with the divulgence, and I remember staring at him like he had grown an extra pair of eyes. Everything had just clicked into place. All dots connected until I was left with one giant vivid picture of why the hell I was here; giving answers to all the lingering questions that gnawed every hour I spent awake. From the bashed mail van I found dumped in front of the house, the house itself and the money came with it. Everything. Now I knew where it all originated from.I was once a nobody, but now, now I was a doctor sitting on a plant of fuc
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Chapter 8
ISA POVLeaving Edwina who looked like she’d seen a ghost all alone in Becca’s front yard, I huddled my jacket and brought it closer to me as I ran towards my house in the biting cold. Can’t winter just go away?I thought to myself as I unlocked a thousand latches on my door and made it inside and then locked the door behind me. The sound of the blender came hard from the kitchen and caught my attention. I tiptoed stealthily towards the kitchen and peeked through, and you guessed it: there stood my nemesis dressed in black with his back turned against me as he punched the blender.“How did the tea party go?” He asked not bothering to turn to look at me. He didn’t have to, because he was Xander. The guy who had eyes at the back of his skull. Sighing and ungluing myself from the wall, I replied;“It was long, boring.” My feet carried me further into the kitchen as I felt my mouth salivating and yearning for the heavenly, rich and creamy taste of hot chocolate. He didn’t reply to me, a
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Chapter 9
XANDER POVI HATED IT!All of this; I hated it.She didn’t come here to slither around housewives or get free smoothies and hot baths. She wasn’t on a damn vacation for crying out loud. She was Isabella Fuckin’ Jones, one of my chess pieces who were supposed to be a watchdog guarding my cocaine. That's why she was here, to work for me. And to make those bloody Italians pay for everything.I was damn fed up with them spreading their shit and branding everything in their trail. And robbing them of something they held so dear was one thing that soothed me in ways I never imagined. So I had no idea what had gotten inside of me to be so soft and end up making that damn smoothie. I hated being swayed. I was always on guard and ready to take down a motherfucker. But good fuckin’ fuck, fixing that smoothie for HER felt like one of the most natural things ever to do in life. I couldn’t help but visualize the kind of life she’ll be living after 7 months, with a smelly baby in her arms waiting
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Chapter 10
XANDER POVNot wasting any time, Scar and I delved deeper into the club and walked down the corridor, passing open doors where amateurs were getting blown or were balls deep, completely lost in euphoria. I wonder if the loud music didn’t give them migraine though. Plus the moans and the whips.Weird people and their weird shit.At the end of the hall was a door that was heavily guarded by 4 big guys, and as soon as they saw us approaching, they withdrew their guns and aimed at us. One of them stepped up to stop us, and I wondered if he was naïve or just simply stupid.He opened his mouth to say something, but then stood there frozen for about 5 seconds before the nice red formed on the middle of his forehead, and then he dropped languidly to the floor. I sent a quick glance at Scar who smirked, before focusing his attention on the fuckers who came charging at us. But their feet were not quicker than Scar’s bullet. In a matter of seconds, they were lying on the floor in the pool of the
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