Her Forever: Rise to the Throne

Her Forever: Rise to the Throne

By:  Veronica Fox  Updated just now
Language: English
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Sadie and Seth's journey continues, now both Alpha and Luna, respectively, Sadie must understand the world of Bergarian and her pack along with training to be the next Queen of the Moon Kingdom. While the birth of their daughter, Evelyn, is a happy one, the nation of Vamparia begins to stir. The parliament once pledged to King Drago refuses to accept Diana, the half-daughter of the late king, due to her half witch powers. With a nation spirling out of control, Sadie must help her friends Queen Diana and Nathan gain control of a nation now full of rogues against the crown. The Dark War is upon Sadie and Seth as well as all the new friends they had made. The entire Bergarian world against Vamparia seems like an easy win, but little does everyone know of the new blood powers that could tip the scales and bring darkness to the entire realm.

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73 chapters
A Baby
Sadie“Harder!” I grunted, holding my back. “Harder come on, put your back into it!” Moans and groans left the other side of the room as the one final push of the large elaborate crib that now sat at the base of a beautifully painted woodland scene. Perfect! I squealed with glee, rubbing my overly enormous belly.“I hope you realize how much we love you,” Rebecca and Lela sighed as they leaned on the mahogany crib. Both panting from their exertion, they looked at each other, tired. “Carrying that up the stairs was brutal.” Rebecca straightened herself, coming over and sitting on the floor next to my feet.“You are a werewolf. Is it really that heavy?” I snickered. Lela rolled her eyes with her hands on her hips. Rebecca had been my right-hand woman when my mother wasn’t around. Technically, she was taking the role of the beta’s wife with how she helped me made schedules of renovations, new pup playgrounds, hosting Luna seminars, planning parties for the unmated wolves, mating ceremoni
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A baby 2
“Hello my Love,” Seth bent forward, holding his chest to keep the salty drops from ruining my thin dress. The salt that tainted his lips made me laugh.“You both are disgusting to watch. Too much love in this room, I’m out.” Marco laughed, patting Seth on the shoulder. “I’ve got a date with some twins. Don’t wait up, Seth.” Seth rolled his eyes, pushing my long hair behind my ear. “Luna, try not to stress. Everything will work out.” Marco walked down the hallway to his quarters.“He doesn’t listen to me about his private life, but he does a wicked job listening as my beta,” Seth sighed, rubbing his fingers through his hair.“That he does. He’ll be great at running things around here while our pup grows up and you need some time off.” Seth’s lip curled, kissing my cheek again.“As long as he protects the pack, I won’t push it, but he of all people should realize, especially after Nathan, he should keep his dick in his pants.”Diana and Nathan had swiftly gone to Vamparia as soon as we
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SethHoly fuck, how is she standing this? Another pain ripped through my own stomach. I've felt different kinds of pain throughout my training, but this was something unworldly. The tightness in your stomach leaves you breathless, and then the sudden urge to push the most giant shit out of your body left me weak in the knees."Hurts like fuck, doesn't it?" My father's mocking voice came through the link. I growled, only making Sadie jump with surprise while she rested between contractions. The nurses had left the room. I had barked at anyone that dared to enter. An alpha with his luna giving birth to a pup is a dangerous thing. Our wolves are protective of just not their mate but their family.Another pain had me gripping the bed, knowing that the pain is only a quarter of what my mate felt, broke my heart for her. Sadie's hand gripped mine as I tried to calm her, my hand sitting on top of her swollen belly to give some comfort through our bond. Breathing out heavily, her tired eyes l
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Proud 2
Sadie was peacefully sleeping, curled up with the baby in her arms in the bed. Just like an actual wolf would curl around their own pups. She unconsciously rubbed her thumb along the baby's back, nuzzling towards Sadie's neck."Have you named her?" My father asked, sitting on the far side of the room. "People are asking so they can make special blankets and wreaths for the new little royal." Sadie's father was proud. Not only did he get his daughter back just six months ago, but he now gained a granddaughter and a new pup of his own on the way.King Emilio took no time knocking up his wife once Sadie was safe back in Bergarian. Just like she promised, she would give him three more children after this."We have, but it's best if we announce it together." My fingers brushed Sadie's hair away from her face. Color returned to her face, and her freckles stood out more clearly.Mother nodded. The room continued to filter in with people, with Sadie's parents sitting on a comfortable couch. T
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NathanVamparia was dark, desolate, and a lot of nothing good.When we first arrived in Bergarian, Diana wanted to immediately head to the Vamparia castle to figure out what kind of shambles her half-brother had left it. Diana did a lot for Drago, from calculating taxes to take from the people down to spells to make his compulsion stronger.Diana knew the nation was already in shambles, and digging deeper in the archives of the treasury, the parliament, the welfare of the people, only made her mood more somber. There was much to be done, and not many willing vampires and witches left to help.Upon arrival, nothing but dead trees, crumbled leaves on the ground, and decaying corpses of animals laid barely intact. The homes on the outskirts of the main square were broken down, shutters crumbling to pieces. Several vampire children were running and playing with sticks while their parents hung up clothes on the line riddled with holes.Many of the small towns we passed by were ancient and
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Vamparia 2
"No, no, I haven't done enough," I whispered to her lips. "I owe you the world Diana, I owe you everything giving me a second chance, and I will prove my undying love to you." Diane smiled, her lips brushing mine again until her tongue reached into my mouth. I groaned, pulling her close to me but respecting her boundaries. I wouldn't push anything on her. I was at her mercy.Unfortunately, she pulled away, her white fangs shining against the candles' lights. I had spread rose petals in her bath along with hibiscus oil. "I hope it's alright, but I put your night clothes on the counter. Once you are done, I can feed you."Diana being half-vampire and witch, she could eat regular food, but blood gives her more strength. She doesn't like to feed on me, thinking she is using me. Anything to get her to touch me was a reward, and I didn't mind the euphoric feeling it gave me after using her venom. "Nathan, I'm alright," she sighed, wrapping her arms around me."You need your strength, and I'
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A date
NathanDiana had been in a meeting with several vampires from the immensely small group of parliament along with Duke Mortus, our only duke that was the kingdom’s lifeline. Everything rode on his support and luckily we had the strongest of dukes wanting to fight for the Diana’s crown and a new nation.I stood outside, standing as guard while they spoke. They didn’t trust me to be inside. I heard every word anyway, but from the sounds of it, the Duke was more than willing to help. Which brings me to wonder if he had ulterior motives. Trusting Duke Mortus was not on my to-do list. He says he is playing sides, he still has many rogues that walk up to his mansion demanding to speak with him.The Duke humors them, lets them come inside his home, gives them something to eat and lets them on their way. He says he is playing both sides and would help the outcome in the end. It’s meant so uprising didn’t happen any sooner. Gaining a stronger military force would be wise. I understood the logi
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A date 2
Diana touched each bush, small tree while walking on each stepping stone, afraid to step in the meticulously trimmed grasses. Several pixies from the north had noticed the new small paradise in a land in which it should be dead. Their laughter rung through the wind, walking into a new home they made in a nearby tree, slamming it shut, making Diana laugh. “Nathan, how?”“I had help, not all of it was done by me,” I dared not take the credit. Hoping she wouldn’t have asked who had helped me, but of course she did. I bit my cheek, saying the name I didn’t want to bring up.“Sadie did,” I whispered. Diana only nodded, bending down to pick one lone deep red rose, accidentally pricking her finger.“She will make a wonderful Queen,” she whispered to herself. The back of my index finger brushed her pale cheek, her long lashes looking through to meet mine.“You already make a wonderful Queen.” Before Diana could argue with me, my fingers slipped around her waist, playing with the light blue ca
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Catch me 1
Sadie“Come on little one,” I chanted quietly as I tried to breast feed Evelyn. It wasn’t as easy as mother made it out to be. Evelyn was having a terrible time and finding out she was tongue tied didn’t’ help either. Seth almost snapped at the doctor when the clipped the extra skin under her tongue to allow her to suckle properly.It was taking all my strength to keep Seth calm. It wasn’t a joke when he said an Alpha fiercely protects his family. It was for the best having Evelyn have the procedure done, the numbing medicine wouldn’t have worked on a werewolf and she was one-hundred percent werewolf. Tiny little teeth buds were already sprouting in her mouth, what you would see with most tiny little puppy new borns. She was strong and fierce just like her father, a perfect ruler to inheret the throne one day. She was everything I wasn’t, and I was happy with that.Ten pounds, ten whole pounds of baby came out of my five foot four frame. Dr Talbert said if I was a human I would have r
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Catch me 2
“I need to talk to the both of you,” Mother got up from the bed to sit down in the rocking chair. Seth had a plate of fruit, feeding me as I fed our daughter. His gentle fingers traced my jaw, leading me to look at him.“You know the vision I had, about the upcoming war back when you first had your mating ceremony correct?” Emilio, my father walked in with a large turkey leg, taking large bites. Mother just shook her head, rubbing her temples.“I thought, we thought,” Mom stared at Dad, gripping his hand, “that the battle with Marcelleus and his rogues was the war or battle I had invisioned, but this does not seem to be the case.”“What do you mean?” Evelyn cried, releasing herself from my breast. Pulling her away and switching to the other breast, Mom cleared her throat.“There have been small groups of vampires, attacking smaller prides and packs that prefer the more traditional lifestyle of living. You know, without electricity or what not, living more like their ancestors. This me
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