Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

By:  Gimbeeyaa  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Hell Gabby I'm such a douche." "I know." "I'm sorry." What defenses did she think of again? Were they even up in the first place? The dull pounding in her heart had better be the early stages of a heart attack. She moved then. Not to him, but away from the door. Seeing him in the flesh like something molded from her deepest desires and darkest fantasies, wearing a tapered black suit that practically worshipped his tall frame, an unbuttoned shirt that brought awareness to his hard chest and broad shoulders making her wonder how many buttons she had to open to see him in all his glory, she'd seen enough of him to compel her to not think. She was a healthy woman after all. Gabrielle Lot or Gabby as she loved to be called was one of the leading names in the Fashion industry, but she didn't do it in just one day she had to work and fight for it. Even if it meant disappointing her parent. Everything was going on well for her, with the success of her business waxing stronger and her name getting acknowledgment from different spheres of the fashion and business world. It changed when she met the one who broke her heart, Tan. Would she risk her heart being broken again or would she forget about the business proposition brought to her by Tan.

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20 chapters
Chapter One
'Gabby can I see you for a moment?' Lot looked up from typing the mails on her laptop before sending them out to clients. This was her work, her life and her illustrations were her soul. If the illustration was flawed she had to start all over. She wanted less than perfection when it comes to whatever she was doing. "I'll be right there", she said to Laila her partner and also the Co. CEO to their company. Company was too big of a word if people asked because they were only four working at there presently. But to Gabby, if you wanted something you had to manifest it and work towards it, nothing was going to be handed over to you on a platter of gold if you don't work for it. "Give me a minute to finish up, I need to get this mails delivered before the end of the day". Laila was her roommate back in college and since then they've developed a deep bond. Laila and Gabby had a thing for fashion and Gabby was good with the illustrations. So it was not a surprise when they decided to te
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Chapter Two
For many men they had two women who they loved most, their mother and the mother of their children or wife. That was not the case for Tan Lee the heir to one of America's holding multinational and conglomerate. At least not now he could boast of that four years ago but everything ended when his parents could not keep their business to their self. "Honor thy mother and father" was one commandment he wished he could get rid off from the holy books because his parents didn't care to reference the "don't provoke your children to anger" when doing their meddling. Tan Lee smothered a sigh. It was another day in New York; another day to make money for the Lee's. For years he answered to no one but himself that did not last long. He had to take responsibilities or "take charge of the family business" like his father would say. "Tan, you should start meeting potential ladies, your mother and I are no longer getting younger." Tan's father was on the phone lecturing him as always on how he need
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Chapter Three
'I must be imagining things' Tan darted at the love of his life, the only woman he had ever loved and will ever love. Gabrielle Lot. God knows he tried to get rid of any memory of her in his life, he used anything possible; his time, his work and other women but he couldn't she wasn't easy to get rid off. Gabrielle was his ex girlfriend. The woman he pushed away without thinking of a way to save the relationship. He often thought of the damage he had caused but that was like crying over spilled milk. He abandoned her within a backward glance. He hated himself for what he did to her. He hated he had to see those beautiful eyes of hers again. She hasn't changed except for the rage and boiling hatred she was looking at him with which was replaced by the look of love. She still maintained her tall gorgeous frame Her curves Which he could trace with his fingers. She was still the Gabrielle, everly Beautiful with her cheek bones and her elegantly sloped nose. He clenched his fists in a
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Chapter Four
Gabby spent her night thinking of Tan. There were things she wanted to forget about, but the moment she saw Tan, everything came flooding back. Every memory from when her face lit up whenever she saw him, her skin against his was all coming back. Tan was past tense and he had to remain that way to keep her sane. Getting involved with him would be Trouble. She didn't feel like she would have to see him again. "Even doing business with his family company does not mean she would see him, they would use a representative" she thought to herself. "Thanks, Larry" Gabby said to her driver as he alighted from the gleaming black Audi car. Shivering a little, she shut the door before he could. "I should be finished by six tonight but if I'm leaving earlier I'll call you " "Yes ma’am," Larry drawled, touching the brim of the black cap he was wearing. Gabby shook her head chuckling because today was going to be a good day. As the day before hadn't been. "Good morning, Ms Lot" Andre
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Chapter Five
Gabby was going to the fucking dinner. Standing in front of her large closet, Gabby squeezed her eyes shut, pinching the bridge of her nose. Gabby surveyed her closet for clothes. She had clothes suitable for work and casual outings but nothing there was appropriate for a dinner. You would think with all the money she had, she would have a lot of dinner wears but the truth was that Gabby didn't do dinners, she didn't care for such things. When Gabby had decided to start her company, she didn't think it would involve dinners with other big names. But no, Laila had called this morning to inform her they were attending a business dinner and it involved top leagues in the new York business world. God; what had she been thinking to agree to this? Laila said they needed to associate more with other fashion big names. Right. If she constantly said that to herself, maybe she could make it through this evening without going insane. Sighing, she grabbed her phone to call Andrew, he was
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Chapter Six
She looked stunning. Tan Lee tuned out the voice of his father who was speaking to him, as he studied Gabby who just walked into the ballroom and was weaving a path through the crowd. She stood out like 'bridgerton' diamond of the season, making those around her look like mere stones. He noticed her neck and how the silk dress she wore glided over her breast. He hated the way people ogled at her. Did he say stunning? He meant exquisite. And she hadn't even come closer. Yet. "Excuse me, Dad." Tan said abruptly interrupting his father's conversation with him not bothering to give a polite explanation for why he is walking away. His father surprised sputtering should have made him feel some ounce of guilt but he didn't care, his mind was set on Gabby, he couldn't bear another man whisking her away. Normally, he would stay to hear everything his father had to say and watch his father introduce him to guest, but tonight he wasn't interested. He despised this dinners, it only benefitte
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Chapter Seven
The ringing pierced into Tan's dreamy sleep, waking Tan up. Tan frowned reaching out to pick his call. He still felt sleepy, a warm lassitude weighing down his muscles, relishing it instead of chasing it away."Fuck" he muttered but instead of reaching for his phone on his bedside table, he slapped the air. No bed.He sat up, and realized he had slept in the living room, scanning the room with cushions, a round glass table and large television.The dinner.Gabrielle As if her name offloaded a truck of memories from the previous night. The conversation with Gabby and his mother, talking with her. Kissing her. Leaving him after the kiss. Getting drunk.He whipped around, scanning his environment for his phone, it was his mother calling him. He felt angry, remembering the way his mother spoke to Gabrielle at the dinner."Hey, Mom" he said in greeting, trying to get himself together as he spoke."I just woke up, so I don't think I can talk""Tan", she said and her angry tone cut him off,
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Chapter Eight
Gabby really wanted to mend her broken relationship with her family. That was why when the call came in informing her that her mother was ill she rushed back to Houston .Gabby paid the driver with a swipe of her phone and stepped out. Although she hadn't been to Houston for a long time, she could still feel the homely spirit the city had to offer. She received a call early hours of the morning that her mom was sick and she wanted to see her.Gabby climbed the steps to her childhood home and twisted the door knob and pushed the door open. Since the matter was urgent she felt there was no need to knock.From the balcony she studied the environment as if she was new to the place, since her last confrontation with her parent she hadn't stepped foot in the place that housed most of her memories growing up. She missed them badly. She felt angry towards them but figured all those anger was turning her into something else and she didn't want that. She had loved them unconditionally until t
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Chapter Nine
Tan was scared when he heard the news of Gabby's mother from Laila. It would do Gabby good if she saw a familiar face to share her pain with, he thought. He knew Gabby's family they were friendly to him, they never made him feel like an outsider like his parent did to Gabby.He packed some clothes and told his secretary he would not be around. Since Gabby had no sibling, and Laila was busy with their company, she would need all the support she could get.Tan climbed the set of stairs to the house and stared at the purple hibiscus which was planted on the pathway. He knew Gabby's mother would have planted them, she loved gardening from what he could remember.The flowers added a touch of humility to the house which was a perfect description of Gabby's parent. He smiled thinking of them. He knocked on the door and someone opened the door."What in God's name am I doing here?"The question kept on singing in Tan's head, what if Gabby sends him away... he couldn't bear the fact that she w
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Chapter Ten
The last thing Gabby needed was Tan clogging up her brain God knew having Tan in Boston could distract her from the inevitable ( her mother's death) and she couldn't lie to herself she craved the distraction. Days passed so fast and It's seems Gabby and Tan became closer again. Gabby feared that this would end if her mother died. She gradually convinced herself it was only a distraction. Tan's family would never accept her and Tan wouldn't dare go against his parent for her. Gabby heard her phone ring, it was Tan. "Hey" his voice calming her nerves. "Hey" "I was wondering if you were free today, so that we could hang out, I would be going back to New York tomorrow, I need to attend to some urgent business" "Yes of cause, I really need a breather right now" "I would come pick you up then" Tan said as the call ended. Gabby showered and got dressed. She wore a summer dress. Gabby heard the door bell ring and rushed outside to see Tan, he was gorgeous as always. "Hey, you ready"?
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