Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate

Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate

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Bastien marries me only for duty. I reject him and leave for good by faking my death. Yet he goes crazy looking for me. He says he loves me when we meet again. No! I don't buy it. I can't let him steal my child! ** "She's not yours!" The front door was locked and deadbolted, but it only takes Bastien and his Betas a moment to break past those defenses. As Bastien towers in the doorway, his silver eyes glowing with barely contained fury, I realize it's all over. Everything I've worked for these past three years is already lost; every tear I've shed and sacrifice I've made has all been for nothing. I come to stand in front of my ex-husband. Goddess I’d forgotten how handsome he is; how tall. It doesn’t feel right to be so near him without our bodies touching; it takes all my strength not to reach out to him. “Hello Bastien.” Whatever he was expecting, it clearly wasn’t this. His silver eyes stop their hungry head-to-toe scan of my body, settling on my face and blinking in surprise. I can see the gears turning in his head, piecing together the puzzle of my presence here and replacing shock with confusion and anger. “Is that really all you have to say to me?” I cock my head to the side. “What would you have me say?” “I thought you were dead!” He barks, making my wolf tuck her tail between her legs. Unlike my wolf, I have more than enough bad memories and regrets to withstand his ire. “Oh I’m sorry, did my funeral get in the way of your wedding plans?”

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80 chapters
#Chapter 1 My Wolf Leaves
Selene's POV You never get used to being poisoned, no matter how frequently it happens. I've been poisoned every day for eight years, held prisoner by my father, the person meant to love and protect me most. I wish I could tell you why, but I can only guess. The reality is my childhood ended the day my mother died; the day my father, Garrick, finally showed his terrible true nature. Sometimes I think the grief stole his sanity. It seems impossible that the kind, caring man who raised me could commit such brutality. I was only ten, and I have not always been a good prisoner, but I always thought I was a good daughter. My world used to be wide and wondrous. My ancestors, the very first members of the Nova Pack, built our city into the mountains themselves. Outside the walls of my prison a sprawling city waits, glittering with light and opportunity. We call it Elysium; paradise. In my memories it lives up to the name, but it has been out of reach for so long I cannot be sure anymore.
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#Chapter 2 Run Away!
Selene's POV Thunder booms overhead, shaking the mountains themselves. It rolls through the sky in a violent tempest, its near-constant crashes vibrating through my bones. I can hear rain pounding the street on the other side of the thick rock wall at my back, even as the sound of my own screams and sobs rise to a fever pitch. This is it. My too-short life is finally coming to its untimely end. I've never seen anything of the world, never got the chance to make anything of myself. It isn't fair. It breaks what's left of my heart to know that Garrick is the last thing I will ever see. I don't want to cry, I don't want to show him weakness, but I can't help it. The thunderstorm roars over Garrick's heavy breathing, the perfect soundtrack to my agony. I cannot see Garrick's free hand, but I hear the clinking of his belt buckle. It takes me a moment to recognize the sound, and then I wish I had not. He whips the leather implement from his trousers and throws it away, snapping the end
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#Chapter 3 Marry Bastien
Selene's POV I clamber to my feet, leaning on the wall and ignoring the pain shooting up my legs. He holds out one arm to block his companions from entering, and I take the opportunity to dart past him into the main part of the suite. Gabriel Durand, the very image of Bastien were he a few decades older, steps forward. "Hello Selene." Without thinking I slink behind Bastien, using his large body to hide myself from view. I cannot explain it. I do not want any of them to be in this room with me, and Bastien is the one who brought me here against my will in the first place – he's the last person I should seek for protection. He reaches back, circling his arm around my body and catching me up before I can contemplate fleeing. "Come here, you." Bastien deposits me back into the plush bedding, taking a seat by my side so that his large form remains as a barrier between me and the strangers. "We need to talk." --- Third person’s Pov Bastien watches Selene closely as his father explain
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#Chapter 4 Marry Bastien
Selene's POV I jerk awake, jolting to a sitting position in an unfamiliar bed. It takes a moment for my nerves to catch up with my head, sending shouts of protest and pain once they do; every inch of my body aches. One of my eyes is swollen shut, but the other blinks rapidly against the light. The room – a large bedroom suite decorated in muted colors – is far too bright. The silken fabric of my nightgown scratches my overly-sensitized skin despite its softness. How long has it been since I've worn clothing? Someone has washed and braided my hair, and bandages have been wrapped around my feet and arms. Muffled voices reach my ears, and my attention swings to a closed door on my left. The fine hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and I slip from the bed as gracefully as I can. I cross the small space, settling with my back against the door and pressing my ear to the cool wood. “Selene Moreau." I don't recognize the voice speaking my name. "She's supposed to be dead." “Well
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#Chapter 5 Three-year Marriage Contract
Selene's POV “What are you talking about," I'm out of the bed, edging toward the door. "You want me to marry Bastien?" Gabriel, not the least bit fooled by my furtive movements, blocks my path. "You need protection, Selene. Not only from Blaise but from any wolf who might seek to take advantage. Without your own wolf you are vulnerable and defenseless." His soothing tone has a core of steel. "I will not fail your mother again. Bastien is the only man I trust to keep you safe, who I know without doubt will honor my wishes long after I'm gone." “But–" “And it's not only safety." He presses on. " You've been in captivity through the most important formative years in your life. You've had no education, no socialization. Your knowledge of the world is that of a child." He gestures toward my skittish movements, "And forgive me, but you are clearly not prepared to rejoin the pack as you are. If I let you walk out that door right now, what would you do, where would you go?" My throat beg
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#Chapter 6 Pregnancy and Rejection
Selene’s POV Three Years Later The steady woosh woosh of an ultrasound machine fills the small exam room. I’ve been in this cramped, cold space dozens of times, but I’ve never felt anything but discomfort within its walls. Now, as I lay on my back, vulnerable and exposed, I find myself overwhelmed with joy. A faint thumping noise joins the alien sounds of the equipment, and the doctor seated between my legs grins up at me, “And there’s the heartbeat.” “That is, without a doubt, the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.” I whisper. This is not how I expected my day to go. I thought I was coming in for an annual women’s health check up, and afterwards I’d planned on sitting down and writing out everything I want to say to Bastien before our Anniversary tomorrow. As they say, even the best laid plans can go awry, and sure enough, my world has been turned on its head in one fell swoop. I wasn’t even sure I could get pregnant after everything Garrick put my body through, and we cert
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#Chapter 7 Bastien is Drunk
10 Days Until the Rejection CeremonySelene’s POVThe spinning blades of the ceiling fan whirl over my head, their swift revolutions mesmerize my senses, distracting me from all the unwelcome thoughts in my head.Today is my three year anniversary, but instead of champagne and gifts, I lay alone in my bed while my husband is out doing Goddess knows what. I’ve been staring at the ceiling for the better part of an hour, and I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.When I lost Luna, I thought I’d lost the ability to love. I imagined that nothing could ever come close to the pain of her death, that my heart was incapable of feeling any deep emotions without her.I wasn’t entirely wrong; I do feel things less intensely than I did before. But if I’d known there was an emotion so powerful that it could destroy me even when I can’t feel it completely, I would never have married Bastien.My husband is going to reject me in ten days, and I can’t even be angry with him. Bastien sacrificed th
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#Chapter 8 Meeting Arabella
Selene’s POV Arabella Winters is everything I am not: Tall, blonde and voluptuous, with an innate confidence that allows her to flourish in pack society. I sit across from her at a small table, a pair of cappuccinos sitting untouched between us. Big brown doe-eyes look me up and down, her face never revealing her thoughts. When she finally speaks, her voice is high and reedy. “Listen, I know things are really complicated with you and Bastien right now, and I just felt…” She pauses to search for the right words, “I saw how upset you looked last night and I just want to assure you that nothing happened between Bastien and me.” “Oh?” “You have my word.” Arabella vows, “Nothing happened and nothing will until your separation is official.” I can’t keep the surprise from my face. Arabella winces, “I’m sorry I thought the information was public.” I bring my coffee to my lips, intending to buy time with a few sips. I barely taste it before I remember that pregnant women aren’t supposed
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#Chapter 9 I Faint
Selene’s POVThe ground trembles beneath my feet. I don’t think I can take another surprise this week. If what Arabella is saying is true, everything I thought I knew about my father-in-law, about this pack, is wrong.“But,” The protest sounds feeble even to my own ears. “I can’t believe Gabriel would do that.”“Selene, you’ve known him three years,” Arabella says gently. “I’ve known him since I was a child, please trust me when I say he is not what he seems. I promise you the Gabriel you see and the man he truly is, are two very different people.” She takes a sip of her coffee, clasping the mug with both hands to keep it from shaking. Slightly fortified by the rich drink, she levies me with her undivided attention. “He killed his own brother, do you really think he would bat an eye over killing a lesser pack member?”“His brother tried to usurp him.” I hedge, recalling the details of the story. “There was an uprising, the entire pack was at risk.”“So Gabriel says,” Arabella remarks
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#Chapter 10 She pushed me!
Selene’s POV Bastien has gone to find us some food when I see a doctor approach the nurse’s station outside my room. I rise from bed as quickly as I can, hurrying out of my room and pulling my IV behind me. “Excuse me, are you my physician?” The man turns to face me, looking mildly surprised. “Mrs. Durand, you really shouldn’t be out of bed.” “Please, I feel fine, and I need to speak with you alone.” I beseech him. Bright blue eyes survey me thoughtfully. “As you wish,” he gestures toward the corridor, moving us away from the main desk. “Is everything alright?” He asks. “I don’t know.” I admit nervously. “My husband said I hit my head and was dehydrated, but I know you must have run tests and things.” I trip over my words, “That is to say – I mean, I wanted to ask you…” Sensing the direction of my thoughts, he raises a pacifying hand. “Do not worry, your baby is in perfect health.” A weight I didn't realize existed lifts from my shoulders. “Thank you,” I breathe, “But that’s onl
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