CEO Stepbrother's Surprise Baby

CEO Stepbrother's Surprise Baby

By:  Veliciah  Completed
Language: English
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Natalie Gracen has just discovered that the quarterback she lost her virginity to is her future stepbrother, Noah Parker. She tells herself that the best idea would be to move on. But Noah isn't giving up easily. Noah wants Natalie underneath him, and he will do anything to make Natalie his. How long can Natalie resist Noah? Life brought them together, yet Natalie can't be with Noah. It would destroy his reputation and career, and other people's opinions would mess with their heads.

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64 chapters
Chapter 1
Natalie I lost my virginity yesterday. The guy in crime is sleeping next to me. Brown hair, tanned skin. Upperclass swagger. He is built like a Greek god and equipped with the package I thought only existed in my wet dreams. Yes, the guy in my bed is a living daydream. But the real thing that had me swooning was how he saved my ass yesterday. I was embarrassingly drunk when my tall six-foot-seven savior found me. I had gotten lost at a football game and this man? He gave me a front-row ticket to watch his game! That's right, HIS game. The quarterback kept his eyes on me whenever he scored, and each smile made me feel seen and noticed. Oh, and his name is Noah. Bubbles of joy soar to the top of my chest. I'm on a high, giggling at the ceiling before Noah grunts something in his sleep. One thick, muscular arm wraps around me, and I'm hugged to his chiseled body. "You're so soft..." Noah mumbles. "Stay with me..." My cheeks grow how. Noah's scent wafts into my nostrils. Manl
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Chapter 2
NatalieI stare at Noah, and he gently smiles back at me. I already hate him for giving me butterflies. Beautiful people are scary."Are we all ready to order?" My dad asks."Wait, let me look at the menu again..." Cynthia mumbles, licking her fingers to turn the menu page. "Noah, could you go get us some cutlery and napkins? The waitress forgot to give us some.""I can help him!" I exclaim.I grab Noah's hand and pull the man toward the open doors. He seems surprised but allows me to tug him inside of the restaurant. Once we are out of our parent's hearing reach, I confront him. He is taller than me and smirks when I glare up at him, but I won't be falling for those bedroom eyes. Not today!"Did you know about this?" I whisper-yell, motioning at our parent's table as waitresses pass us.Noah's lips curl by the corners. "Does it matter?""Of course it does! I could be pregnant with your baby for all I'm aware, and now our parents are planning on getting married! We will be step-sibl
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Chapter 3
NatalieI'm sitting inside Bianca's apartment. We are heading out to a frat party tonight, and all the other girls are doing their makeup while I'm fighting Noah over the phone.Son of a gun: Will you be at the party tonight?Me: I'm not telling you that.I dig my elbows into the couch, glaring at my phone once those three dots jump over the screen. Noah is quick with his replies. Doesn't he have a life or something?Son of a gun: I've been meaning to ask you something.I lift an eyebrow at Noah's text and convince myself that I'm only replying to him because I have nothing else to do. It's not like I'm into the guy or something.Me: What?Son of a gun: Our dad said your rent is pretty high and that he is paying for your living arrangement. Do you want to move into the mansion? It would save you a lot of money, and you would have your personal chauffeur take you to school every morning.Noah is insane! My cheeks and face scald as if someone had poured liquid lava over my entire body.
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Chapter 4
NatalieI'm nervous.The girls and I are waiting to get inside the frat house. It's a grand, luxurious building. White pillars support the roof of the entrance, and the garden is filled with dancing people. There is even a pool where some girls are floating around on a pink unicorn.Bianca turns to me, sizing me up for the billionth time. "You don't look like yourself wearing that. False eyelashes definitely aren't your thing—it looks super fake and not natural on you."What?My heart gets punctured by her words. I rarely wear fancy clothes, but I expected Bianca to support me, not keep telling me this look isn't for me. I already feel ridiculous—I don't need her to remind me."Calm down, will you?" Linnea frowns at Bianca. She is taller and wears her usual gothic clothes: everything is black except the Harley Quinn-inspired hair. There is also a piercing in her nose."I'm just stating the truth." Bianca crosses her arms. She is a gorgeous brunette. She always looks stunning, especial
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Chapter 5
NatalieNoah pulls me into a random room on the top floor and locks the door behind him. I swallow thickly. I'm reminded of his beauty once I'm alone with him. His shoulders are broad, and he gently pushes me down on the bed. I'm a bundle of nerves looking up into his blue eyes and that curve to his lips.He is so tall... Big... Sexy... Perfectly manly. My self-confidence is shattering into pieces with every breath. Muscular arms surround me. "I've missed you." I blush when his eyes roam over my face. "We talk on the phone all the damn time..."He chuckles and brushes away hair from my eyes. "It's not the same as being with you, Natalie."My heart races at his words, and Noah licks my jawline before covering my lips with his. An involuntary groan rolls out through my lips when his hardened cock press against my hip. Dear Lord, he is bigger than I remember!"You better…" I moan when he bites my lower lip and kisses my neck with his talented lips. He is a passionate lover and knows
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Chapter 6
NatalieI rush down the stairs and notice everyone is cheering. The bottom floor has turned into a battleground arena. It's quite the scene. People are clapping their hands in a circle around Linnea and Bianca.Wait a minute, is that blood on Linnea's face?What the hell is going on?!I press through the crowd, but I only glimpse what is happening in the middle."You used to be my best friend!" Bianca is furious and drunk, raising her voice at Linnea. "But now you're hanging out with that damn loser, Natalie. You're constantly taking her side!"Linnea can barely stand and laughs at Bianca. "Do you want to know why I'm not your fucking friend anymore? Because you're a sad, jealous little bitch! You're such an attention whore that it's pathetic!"Luna is biting her nails on the side, shrieking when Bianca takes a swing at Linnea, who quickly steps away. Linnea is the bigger woman and shakes her head in a warning. "Okay, now you've done it, princess!"Linnea punches Bianca in the face,
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Chapter 7
NatalieA few days have passed since the party, and I wake up to the sound of my door unlocking. Before I know it, there are plenty of voices in my hallway. I don't even have time to wipe the drool off my face before it sounds like I'm getting robbed.What is going on?!I sit up in my bed like a rocket and slip into my morning gown."Hello?" a male voice asks. "Anybody home?"I pick up my phone from the nightstand and wander out of my bedroom with confusion making my heart race. My jaw slacks to the floor when I find men clad in blue t-shirts taking down my paintings from the walls.Am I still dreaming?Hallucinating?Holy pancakes, what was in those cereals I ate yesterday?"Are you Natalie Gracen?" A man holding a clipboard is looking me up and down. He wears a cap like the rest of them, but a star is on the front. Is he the leader or something?"That would be me... What is going on?"The man blinks. "We are the moving company you hired? Your husband called us?"Husband?Wait.Noah?
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Chapter 8
NatalieNoah drives up to the curb with his old, roofless red Ferrari. It's probably super expensive, very stylish, like the man sitting behind the wheel.I have to fight the immediate response to drool. Noah looks good with his shades and a white t-shirt in the summer heat. It's fighting for its dear life to hold back his pumped, sexy biceps."Good day," Noah muses. "Or should I say morning, Mrs. late riser?"I open the car door. "Good day to you too."Noah smiles at me but snaps his head to the sidewalk when a girl from our school, Lindsay, calls his name."Noah!"Lindsay walks down from a building with a Louis Vuitton purse dangling from her trimmed arms. Her smile speaks of a woman who knows she has the world admiring her beauty. I'm not exaggerating. Lindsay looks like she could be dating the handsome man sitting next to me. They would make an attractive couple that could easily pose for magazines."Hey, Lindsay," Noah says. "I didn't know you lived here."When Lindsay walks up
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Chapter 9
NatalieI didn't settle for Italian food. It felt cliché, so I pulled Noah to a Vietnamese restaurant. I'm happy with my choice. It might go against my morals to let Noah pay for everything, but Dear Lord, I'm in heaven.Noah ordered us a buffet of food, and we are now surrounded by various dishes that all taste amazing. Every bite is an orgasm of flavor inside of my mouth. I haven't stopped moaning."Oh-my-god!" I'm eating something called Gỏi cuốn, and it's love at first bite. I talk with food in my mouth, not caring that I have rice on my chin. "This is so good..."Noah told me that the Vietnamese have this thing where they value balance in their tastes. Everything should add something different to the table, and boy, I will follow that like a new religion."I'm glad you're happy."I watch Noah as he eats with his chopsticks. His face remains calm, focused as he picks food, and every movement is fluid. It looks like he is drawing or creating art while bringing the food to his mout
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Chapter 10
NatalieWe blast through the doors, and I laugh as Noah spins me around while I'm carried like a princess. I see stars. Everything feels light and aflame; I'm on cloud nine.Did I mistakenly enter through heaven's doors?"You're truly stunning tonight, Natalie," Noah says. "The only thing I hate is your outfit."I snort through my nose. "Then how about we take it off?"The poor butler, Frank, can apparently be trusted, and therefore, Noah doesn't care about being intimate.And I don't care because I'm drunk."We have to wash you, my sweet duchess. Do a cleansing before we burn your pajamas to the ground."I'm snorting through my nose again. The wine I drank has clearly gone to my head. I'm happy and unguarded. Noah bought me plenty of new clothes today, but I'm not allowed to wear them.Not yet. "And how are we supposed to do a cleansing?" I ask.Noah replies by running up the stairs. His mansion has plenty of them, and the walls are covered in paintings. Chandeliers fill the ceiling
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