Caged To Her Obsessive Alpha

Caged To Her Obsessive Alpha

By:  Eliza Selmer  Completed
Language: English
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He is darkness and I am his light. At least that is what he says when we are together. However, come morning light he is someone different, someone cold that I don't recognize and he is hers instead of mine. Though our bodies call for each other under the moon, our hearts aren't meant to be during the day. He is my mate, the one the moon goddess has specifically chosen for me out of the millions of wolves that roam the earth. But he will never be mine since he is in love with her. She is the princess of our kingdom and he and she have been promised to each other since long ago. Therefore, I can only yearn for him during the day and greedily accept him by night. What happens when fascination turns to obsession and obsession turns to possession? Meet Gale, a young omega from the Fire Rose pack. She is an orphan that grew up in the military and she is the second in command to Chance, the alpha heir of her pack and her mate. Though they are mates, Chance believes in duty and has chosen to ignore their bond and marry the princess of the kingdom of Langley, a prosperous land that deals in herbs and stones for healing and magic. Though Chance has rejected her, he can't seem to leave her alone. During the day he is a responsible and cold leader. But by night he is a wild animal that can't keep his hands off of Gale. What will happen when Chance's fiance finds out about his secret affair? Will Chance be able to forget his promise to another to listen to his heart or will he and Gale forever just be a secret?

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105 chapters
[Gale's POV]Heat presses against my skin and sweat drips down my brow. Above, the blood moon shines brightly, and soft music mingles with the sounds of cicadas and crickets.Tonight is the night that I have dreaded since turning 21. It is the night that we wolves who are unmated could possibly find our mates.I never wanted to attend this function; I never wanted a mate. Something like that was never in the cards for me, and I didn't hold false expectations about it either. I was nothing more than an orphan that never knew what kindness or love were, and I had no intention of craving it now.Lifting a hand, I swipe at sweat that is threatening to drip into my eyes and scan the crowd of hopeful party goers.Everyone is dressed sharply in hopes of impressing their mate when they meet. Despite myself, I look down at the simple blue dress that I am wearing. Compared to the others, I truly do look plain."Ridiculous." I huffed, grabbing a glass of wine from the table I was currently stand
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Graduation Ceremony
[Gale's POV]I stand alone, staring out into the crowd of graduates who have already begun to drink. After all, tonight is a night of celebration. We have finally passed our military courses and can begin our lives as warriors for the king's army. This feat is something we've worked towards for many years, yet I can't find it in me to even want to enjoy myself.Taking a sip of my drink, I try to relax, but I can't. Even if I spent my entire life preparing to serve the kingdom of Langley, I didn't expect to have to work beside the great alpha heir, Chance Tutor. Why him of all the possible people? The universe was truly torturing me.With his ruggish good looks and cold demeanor, he is every woman's dream. Well... every woman but me.Personally, if I could spend the rest of my life without seeing him, I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep.You see, there is a painful secret between Chance and me. We are mates, but he rejected me long ago. From the beginning, we were never meant to be. His
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Princess Talia
[Gale's POV]My heart hammers in my chest as I stare up at the large castle in front of me. Today is my first day as an actual guard for the king and princess. However, I have to work alongside Chance, and that in itself leaves me filled with dread and butterflies.'We get to see our mate.' Anya purs, attempting to change my mood.'He doesn't want us.' I remind her, causing a wave of pain to stab right into my heart. 'Anyway, we aren't here to flirt, we are here to work.'Pushing Anya aside, I begin to move. Inside the castle, it is alive with servants and maids alike beginning their day. I had expected to avoid such chaos by coming as the sun rose, but it seemed everyone here was on the same schedule.Looking around, I attempt to stop someone to ask the way, but no one pays me any mind. At least, not until I feel that all-too familiar possessive gaze resting on me from just behind."You're early." His deep voice rumbles from too close behind. "Are you trying to earn his graces appro
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Prove Yourself Worthy
[Chance's POV]"You can't be serious!" Gale hisses, turning an incredulous gaze on me. "You want me to defeat that?"I didn't particularly want her facing off with Bruno, but if I wanted to keep her beside me, this had to be done. There was no way Talia would budge, so it was best that Gale prove herself now."You will be fine." I assured, ignoring Fray's insistent curses for me, allowing our mate to be in danger."Right, fine." Gale huffs, turning away from me and taking in the creature once more."If you don't think you can take it, you can quit the military entirely now and become a breeder."'Bullshit!' Fray snarls, attempting to overpower me. 'I'll kill any bastard that touches her.''Don't worry.' I already knew that there was no way that Gale would dare choose to be a breeder. I just simply needed her to feel like she had a choice."Breeder," she repeated with a disgusted snarl. "Who the hell wants to be that?"Letting a slow smile form on my face, I crossed my arms and took a
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Punishment Begins
[Gale’s POV]I could feel warmth surging through my frozen body as I lay in place. When I tackled that damn Bruno, I didn’t expect the water that he resided in to be so cold. Most of my energy was zapped and it wasn’t returning as quickly as normal."You did well." A deep, soothing voice murmurs from beside me. "Most never escape Bruno."Nodding, I begin to pry my eyes open and find myself staring up into large golden eyes nestled in a youthful chiseled face that is surrounded by long blonde hair.‘Who are you?’ I ask through mindlink as I feel myself beginning to shift back to human."I am Ramone Longley, the crown prince of the kingdom of Langley."Crown prince, that means that he is Talia’s brother and another man that I shouldn’t even think of associating myself with."Thank you." are the only words I can manage once I’m human again. "But I should get going."I just fought that damn kraken to prove that I’m worthy of guarding the princess. If I remain here and waste time, it could
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Secret Pleasure
Gale shivers and quietly moans in front of me, driving me fucking wild. Never did I think touching a woman would feel so damn good, but she was like a fucking drug and I could see myself getting addicted."Please, stop." Gale gasps, her body tensing as an orgasm overtakes her.Her delicious scent drifts up to my nose, and I pull my hand free, wanting to taste her juices.Free of my torture, she collapses to the ground while I lick my fingers clean.Neither of us speaks as the final remnants of the day disappear and the moon begins to rise."Bastard." Gale's soft voice murmurs, breaking the silence."What was that?" I growl, unsure of whether I heard her right."I said," she hisses, finally getting to her feet. "BASTARD!"Her silver eyes flash in anger as they lock onto mine."You enjoyed it." I smirk. "Don't pretend you didn't."I am so damn in tune with her emotions that it actually shakes me. However, I won't ever let her know. Otherwise, I fear that things could tip past the point
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Obedience Training
[Gale's POV]"Well?" Chance's voice is ice-cold as he waits for a response that I'm not sure will be able to come."Gale, what is he talking about?" Griffin asks while attempting to break free. "Let go!"My mind whirls as I try to process the scene in front of me. Why is Chance even here? Didn't i leave him in front of the barracks?"If you don't respond, I will break his neck." Chance warns, showing that he means business. "What the hell did I warn you about?""But... I didn't." I don't know what he wants me to even say right now. "Nothing happened!""Because I arrived before it did." Chance growls, tightening his hold on Griffin."Could someone tell me what is going on?" Griffin demands "Didn't you both reject each other?""Even if I rejected her," Chance begins, throwing Griffin against the wall like a ragdoll. "She is still mine and no one is to touch her."The hall grew silent as Chance's words fell around us. "I'm not something to be possessed." I hiss, finally coming out of my
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First Time
[Chance's POV]My body moves on its own, leaving me unable to resist its call. I want her, goddess I want her so fucking bad it is driving me mad. And from the scent of arousal that is reaching my nose, I know that she wants me too.Unable to resist, I pull my pants down and position myself at her sopping entrance. I can feel her tense at my actions, but I can't stop here."N-no, don't... UGH!" She gasps as I begin to push in, slowly burying my dick deep into her."Don't deny what your body says you want, sweetheart." I hiss, pushing further. Fuck, she feels good."I'm not," she pants, though I can easily smell her desire increasing with each push. "I…""Sssshhhh."Fuck, she is tight and she squeezes my dick just right. That's when I realize she's still a virgin, and my mind snaps.I give one final push, stretching her fully to accommodate me and ripping the thin piece of flesh that made her pure and innocent. From this point on, she is mine and I will kill any man that attempts to ta
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Flirtatious Prince
[Gale's POV]I stumble through the darkness while trying to ignore the pain between my legs. How did I actually let that happen and why did I find myself wanting more?'Our mate wants us.' Anya purrs with pride. 'That was proof.'Proof... I bite back the miserable laugh that wants to escape. How is fucking and then being kicked out proof?Pain shoots through my heart at this thought, and I do my best to ignore it as I spot the barracks.When I arrive Griffin is outside waiting, and when his eyes find me, he shoots up and rushes forward."Are you okay?" He demands, beginning to take me in. "Did he do anything to hurt you?"Before I can respond, he steps back and eyes me with confusion and hurt, causing me to remember how I currently look with the marks on my skin and Chance's robe."You didn't..." Griffin growls, his eyes growing dark."Even if I did, it doesn't concern you." I respond, deciding now is the time to draw a line between us. "He is my mate, and therefore this is normal."I
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Game Of Jealousy
[Chance’s POV]My gaze remains locked on Gale as Talia and Ramone begin to argue. By the look in her eyes, I can tell that she realizes what she has done wrong.Good, that meant that she was learning, but it seemed that she hadn’t learned enough yet. I would have to punish her later for openly disobeying my orders.‘If you claimed her, this wouldn’t be a problem.’ Fray points out, giving a growl of frustration. ‘She belongs to us and we should show that to all the bastards that have their eyes on her.’Pushing Fray aside, I continued to take Gale in. If I said that she didn’t stand out, I’d be lying. With her silver eyes, fair skin, killer body, and white blonde hair, she looked like a fucking angel. However, that still wasn’t enough to make me want to put her beside me."Would you like to come to dinner tonight?"Snapping out of my daze, I looked to where Ramone stood, his dark eyes openly taking in Gale as she stood aside waiting to be freed."Pardon?" Gale murmurs, yanking her gaze
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