Chairman Grey's Legitimate Daughter

Chairman Grey's Legitimate Daughter

By:  Queenes  Ongoing
Language: English
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'I'd rather you quit pretending and trying to get close to me. I know you killed my mother!' A young college graduate unaware of the truth surrounding her birth, leaves her home in Canberra on a tour to Birmingham city with her bosom friend only to discover too suddenly, the reality that she was the legitimate daughter of a billionaire tycoon. Faced with a new family that wasn't willing to accept her, she fights to fulfil her dead mother's desires amidst the chaos. However, the weight of responsibility seemed too much of a burden to her until she met and fell in love with Kyle Kwan, the famous Korean multibillionaire chaebol _popularly known as KK, who was on a business trip in the city. The young chairman found her intriguing and irrestible but her younger stepsister thinks otherwise. Find out more in this intriguing novel 'Chairman Grey's Legitimate Daughter' A fight for power and love.

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    CHAPTER 1: Leaving Canberra
    NARRATIVE Tears ran down Paige's face as she stared weakly around the white painted room. She could hear the sounds of footsteps along the corridor she wouldn't be walking out to again, the bustling and honking sounds of vehicles along the streets fifteen floors down. She smiled tearingly when she felt Harriet's hand on her face, wiping away the tears with a little hanky in between her fingers. 'It's okay Paige, you have to stop crying,' Harriet said pitifully, using her free hand to wipe the tears rolling down her own cheeks. Paige sighed heavily, the pain from her earlier Ceasarean operation still hurt terribly. She smiled and placed a kiss one more time, on the forehead of her little treasure, the sleeping beauty cooed and stirred in Paige's arms and she couldn't withhold herself from letting out a pleased chuckle. Harriet beamed as she watch the adorable mother and daughter. 'She's so adorable and looks just like me, doesn't she?' Paige said, looking over at her best fr
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    CHAPTER 2: Billionaire Daughter
    SCARLETT'S POV I nod in agreement as I tap my chin thoughtfully with my index finger while I listened to Sky go on and on about the places we would be touring during our stay in the city. She was reading from her phone over the list we've made from our inquiries about the city before we left home. We arrived Birmingham's airport few minutes ago after a few hours flight from Australia, Canberra's airport. Upon our arrival, the private uber we ordered was already waiting and without hesitation we hopped in and let him drive us through the streets of the beautiful city, to our already booked rotunda hotel. 'We'll also check out the famous birmingham canal, heard so much about it. I definitely can't afford to miss this opportunity of seeing it with my own eyes.' She said excitedly and I chuckled softly. 'You won't Sky, that's why we made a list. Besides, we've got a lot of time and money to check out every part of this city if we want to.' I said and she nodded quickly in agr
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    CHAPTER 3: Asian Hunk at the hallway
    SCARLETT'S POV I blink severally to ascertain I wasn't dreaming as I beheld the scene before my eyes. Walking down the hallway in the opposite direction was a gorgeous, breathtaking asian hunk. He was tall with a mass of jet black hair, his lips were red and his eyes, gosh! those eyes were the sexiest I've ever seen, his thick yet long lashes conceal his berg chocolate eyes. His legs were long and his hands were in his jean pockets as he walked. His unbuttoned shirt revealed his well defined abs, his perfectly proportioned muscles and his veins popping out close to his groin. He's the perfect definition of manliness in every aspect...I literally found myself swallowing. Jeez! I don't know him but for the first time in a long while, a male is having such effect on me.Sky was so lost in her ogling trance while she clinged unto my bicep. Jeez! This is so not me. This is Sky's thing!I was screaming at myself mentally to get a grip. The dude walked past, not sparing us a glance and
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    CHAPTER 4: Stranger at the canal 1
    NARRATIVE Amie paced to and fro the grand and spacious living room, her anxiety almost eating her up. Today's the day she's anticipated for a long time but also the day in which her world might crumble or get in a better shape. She walked to the high shelf and stared skeptically at it for a while before finally making up her mind. She removed some books and pressed a secret button behind it, the shelf slowly gave way to reveal an office like room, hidden and kept from everyone else other than herself. She knew she couldn't stall time again as the year had come that she must fulfill an old promise to a friend.SCARLETT 'C'mon Sky, that's the 100th time already!' I sighed. 'You can just edit this ones you know.' I cried in exhaustion. 'Oh puhleasee, just one more shot sugar, I promise.' She said as she striked a pose for the umpteenth time. 'You know what they say with the unawares right? Just keep taking the shots, this one might come out really strong.' She added.This
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    CHAPTER 5: Stranger at the canal 2
    NARRATIVE It took some seconds for the woman to register what she was seeing. Standing few meters away staring at the crowd of people in confusion, was the replica of the late Paige Grey. Her long black hair flying in the wind, her silver grey eyes were squinted and her thin naturally elevated brows were raised in surprise. Not forgetting her almond shaped eyes or her red plump lips or her prominent chin and well defined jawline. Everything about her, screamed Paige Grey! Even her Dolce & Gabbana flora print summer dress was similar to one of Paige's summer dress. It wasn't up to a minute before the entire crowd had noticed her and some courageous ones had began walking towards her while the local camera men that had accompanied the women to take shots of the event, all turned their attention to her as their camera's clicked and filmed. Some onlookers had gathered and they weren't left out in the frenzied moment as they turned on their phone cameras and began to take pictur
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    CHAPTER 6: Dead?
    SCARLETT'S POV 'Scarlett, what's going on?' Sky nudged me fearfully as the stranger drive us to an unknown location with his car. I was too lost to remember how I got inside the car of a complete stranger and Sky was too fidgety to think straight.I look sideways at her and pressed her fingers against mine. 'Look Sky, I don't know either but I believe everything would be fine.' She raised her teary eyes to mine and I nodded smilingly at her. 'You think so?' She asked holding my hands in hers. 'I believe so.' I said firmly.I really want to believe all this isn't real. I just want to open my eyes and find myself in my room with Skylar, gossiping about the latest events in town. I just want to wake from this unimaginable reality and laugh over the silly dream I'd just had. 'You promised sugar, everything have to be fine!' She leaned her head on my shoulder and tears cloud my eyes that instant as that familiar feeling surged inside me again, screaming disagreement to my fe
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    CHAPTER 7: Whispers of Vengeance; the revelation.
    HARRIET 'NO, NO!! NO!!!!' She screamed as her body fell down the cliff...uhm, bed. Bed??Her eyes snapped open and she looked around her, feeling immediately relieved to find herself in her room and on the floor. She would rather be on the floor a million times than be thrown down a mysterious cliff.Struggling for breath, she crawled desperately to her bed, searching for a secret lock at the side of the mahogany in search of her drugs.It was a tough battle before she was finally able to access the lock, opened it and shakily retrieved the drug.She removed the lid and hurriedly forced several pills down her throat, collapsing back on the floor afterwards. Moments after she became better, she helped herself up and returned the drug to it's initial position. She sat up on her bed and pushed her hair back in frustration. Tears ran down her cheeks as she recounted her near death experience. It's been twenty two years since then. Why wouldn't Paige's soul rest and let her be alread
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    CHAPTER 8: It's a joke
    NARRATIVE In the business area of Birmingham's city, stood the sixty floors headquarters of JP's Enterprise. The building stood tall amidst several huge industries and companies. Each floor was occupied by employees in various departments of the company. However, there was a secret underground office that runs the private investigations of the chairman. Only few knew of its existence. In there, Finley stood with his arms crossed, giving out orders to the expert hackers and programmers specifically hired by the chairman for business purpose. 'Make sure you find her. Keep typing, tracking, scanning, hacking or doing whatever you have to do. Just make sure you give me a location in the next five minutes.' He said as he began walking about the big room, his hands now folded at his back. He ran his blue eyes over each of the 50 hackers and their computers, dropping some comments when necessary. It wasn't even two minutes later when the only female hacker amongst them, calle
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    CHAPTER 9: What happened twenty two years ago?
    AIMEE'S POV 'Yes, Scarlett. You're the daughter of Paige and Jamie Grey of JP's Enterprise.' I announced and the girls, particularly Skylar jumped out of her seat while Scarlett laughed dramatically. 'Sorry? What did you say? My sugarplum is the daughter of Chairman Grey?! I'm sorry Aunt Aimee but isn't that so absurd to believe?!' Skylar said with her hands on her waist. 'I understand it's hard to believe but if you girls would just hear me out, everything will be made clear.' I said and she sat down back. 'Can't we continue this some other time? I don't think I can deal with anymore revelations.' Scarlett said and my heart went out to her that moment. My poor baby girl... 'I'd have love to do that too baby, but we can't delay any longer. Your mom's death anniversary is in a few days and your father would want you to be home before then.' I sighed. 'You mean, the dead woman on that banner at the canal is truly my mother?' She asked with widen eyes. I nodded. 'What
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    CHAPTER 10: She looks just like her
    SCARLETT'S POV I could feel the reflection of the morning sun, cascading from the open window down my face. My lashes fluttered continuously but I wasn't willing to open my eyes to the reality I'm yet to submit to. Everything still felt like a dream and I wanted it to be but every other morning I woke up since the big reveal, made me realize that I have to give up my dreams and live in my reality. It was a tough decision even though, I've been preparing for this subconsciously for a while now. My birth mom already paved the way, all I need to do was follow. But I'm so scared! I don't know how this new life would treat me. I'm worried as it seems I'll be alone in it. Mom and Sky would return and I'll be alone. How was I supposed to cope in a house with the woman who killed my mother? Without any form of defense, no skills whatsoever? I felt breathe on my skin and I finally let my eyes open. I turn around that moment and I almost had a heart attack. 'Jeez! Sky, what the
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