Her Mafia's Vengeance (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)

Her Mafia's Vengeance (The Mafia's Dark Desire Series)

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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It started out with a marriage. A simple contract signed, one where no feelings were involved, and no strings attached. A small business deal. But when their love conquers even the mafia's darkest desire of revenge. Things start taking a different path. One which would draw both the fate, and a line of the loving couple. Both Eliana and Vladimir Romanov would be forced into a war like no other. It is one of power, strength, and money. Against a man who not only wanted their dynasty’s place, but wanted them gone for good. The man was ruthless, powerful, deceitful, and he was willing to do everything for a spec of power. And remember, the Mafia's world only has one rule "there is no rule to follow when it comes to power" Would they be able to do what it takes? Will their love strive to survive through it all? Or would both crumble under it?

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    “What is it that you want now, Lorenzo?” Eliana asked as she entered the study. Her eyes were fixed on the man who was standing, his back to her as he stared out the window.“I have another loyalty test for you” he said not turning to face her. The man’s eyes were fixed on the garden in front of him, but he could still see her reflection as she clenched her fists in annoyance.“You have given me dozens of tests, and I have proven my loyalty to you” she responded not flinching. She knew the cost of one wrong move, and she couldn’t risk it after everything she’s been through so far. She had to be in control of her emotions if she was to survive this.“This would be the last test” he turned around to face her, walking to his desk and heading to his chair which she noticed was turned in the other direction. He turned the chair around to face her, and her eyes widened when she caught sight of her husband.“Vladimir?”“Kill him, and you’ll be my official heir. Everything that I ever owned,
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    Chapter 1
    Eliana:I walked through the aisle leading toward the auction.My body bare for the hungry men’s eyes to see.My husband avoided my eyes, his eyes hard as he glared at the man who was to buy me.They had made the deal.My mother, his lover’s life, for mine. His daughter’s.The bloody bastard was going to buy his own daughter, and we were both forced to comply.His eyes, those blue eyes which mother once fell in love with, Lorenzo D’Angelo, were fixed on one target, and it was me.My turn came as the men called for me to rise on the podium for the men to see. Most of them avoided looking at me in fear of my husband’s reaction. The memory of the previous auction still carved in their minds. However, Lorenzo stood up and put up his bid “one million dollars”He knew that I was neither a virgin, or his sex slave. The deal he made with Vladimir was different than that of other slaves, but he did it to make me know how much he wanted me to pay, and what he was willing to lose for that to hap
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    Chapter 2
    Vladimir:I walked inside the house with a heavy heart. The walls tightened on me with each step I took.Knowing where I sent my wife not only scared me, but broke me, and knowing that she convinced me of it herself only made me want to bring her back, lock her in the room, and wrap my arms around her, hugging her tightly.The woman was stubborn enough not to listen to reason, and if the Z case wasn’t the lead to him, and if I didn’t know that her own life was in danger because of his existence; I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing this. However, we all knew the reality of things and couldn’t deny it, and unfortunately for me, Eliana took that to her advantage.The way her eyes met mine, the trust she had. The love and fear. I hated that she chose to put herself in this for us to end the whole thing. But we all knew that Lorenzo needed to be stopped. He has gone for far too long for us to just stay quiet about it now and despite me wanting to handle this my way; Anastasia had a different
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    Chapter 3
    Eliana:I woke up to freezing cold water being splashed on my face, startling me.My body was bruised from being beaten, and I wasn’t surprised with the way I was woken up. Lorenzo has been making sure to make me suffer in every possible way, and him waking me with a freezing bucket of water was the last thing I now worried about.“Drink” he ordered throwing a plate of soup in front of me. I glared at the plate for a second before grabbing it and taking a sip of whatever he had for me. I knew that I needed to survive for Vladimir’s sake. If I was sent here; it was because my beloved trusted my intuition.I was thankful that the man was decent enough not to sexually abuse me despite my ripped clothes. He believed that I was too ‘tainted’ for his men to touch me, and being thankful for that; I didn’t bother answering him.“How many times am I to explain to you that I had nothing to do with my mum’s death? Bloody hell, if I married Vladimir, it was to keep her safe!” I said following my
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    Chapter 4
    Vladimir:“I take that you’re not in your best of moods” dad stated once he took sight of me walking into the house. My knuckles were filled with blood after tracing one of the men that would lead us to the woman.It seemed like there was a call made by her to the man, and seeing as he refused to give me any answers; I was forced to take different methods. His eyes which were wide in fear eventually had him spilling out that the woman was Lorenzo’s mistress. She didn’t know that she was ONE of his mistresses, but it seemed like Lorenzo was punishing her for some reason.“I really don’t feel like talking about my mood right now. If there’s nothing that you’re going to tell me, I’m going to my room” I said glaring at him. I knew that he didn’t approve of me giving Eliana to Lorenzo, and I did not want to have this conversation with him. He’s already shown his anger and annoyance by it before the auction. Therefore, I wasn’t in the mood for it.“The kids called, I thought that you’d want
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    Chapter 5
    Eliana:I had to fight back hissing in pain as the maids washed my body.The fresh wounds made the whole thing a lot harder for me, but I was glad that things were somewhat moving from where they had been for the past few days.I knew that Lorenzo wasn’t going to simply ‘trust’ me. But I also knew that even the slightest hope of things going from me being tormented to me joining him on the table meant that things weren’t just stagnant.Having sent Vladimir a message. I was now more comfortable with how things were going and where they were about to reach. The man must have been going mental over worrying, and I was glad that he didn’t know of what was happening; otherwise, I knew that he would have done his best to come here and shoot Lorenzo’s head, and although that would have solved a lot, I knew that it wouldn’t have been the end of this.Knowing that I had a brother somewhere wasn’t assuring to me. It was the ONLY reason why we were keeping him alive. An enemy that we knew was al
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    Chapter 6
    Vladimir:“She did deserve it” I told Luka who shook his head as we left the house. I nodded at the men to pick up her lifeless body as we entered the car. The woman got what she deserved. It was her who decided not to cooperate, and regardless of knowing that she was lying, she still continued to lie.“At least we found the papers we were searching for, or some of them. No wonder Lorenzo kept her here. It would have been impossible to actually suspect that she would have anything in relation with him, his businesses, or who he is here” Luka said as he handed me a file. The rest were being gathered by the men as they searched for anything that could be of use. It turned out that the woman had a room UNDER her living room. It was where she was hiding the documents that we needed.“Fake her flight. We already have her tone, have her send Lorenzo a call that she was traveling to Italy. We would figure the rest out later. However, for now, it would be best that he believed that she was aw
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    Chapter 7
    Eliana:“And how am I to earn your trust?” I asked Lorenzo as I sat in his office. The two of us came here almost immediately after eating, and Lorenzo seemed to find my impatience amusing. However, he didn’t understand that it was mostly annoyance “I believe that you stripped me out of anything for a while now to know that I have nothing to hold on to”“Exactly” he said crossing his arms over his chest “for now, you have nothing to hold on to. But I don’t trust what you’d do if you ever get to have everything”I simply nodded as a response, waiting for him to proceed with what he was going to say. Seeming impressed, Lorenzo opened a drawer, handing me a file. I stared at the file, but didn’t bother opening it until he nodded at me to do so. Inside the first nylon sheet was a picture of a woman. The woman looked no older than thirty, the smile on her face reached her eyes. But going through the pictures, I frowned when I saw that she was stealing money, putting it inside a bag she had
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    Chapter 8
    Vladimir:I stared at the message Eliana sent me for a few seconds as I tried processing what might have been going on.My heart raced against my ribcage as I fought the urge to call the number, trace where the person was, and go ahead searching for my beauty. It would only cause her trouble and for that reason, I was forced to stay quiet, and remain calm.“What do you want us to do?” Luka asked. The two of us were inside the office when I got the message, and I have been trying to collect my thoughts since then.“Find out where she sent the message from, I’ll manage a way to reach to her” I said and Luka nodded “try hacking through the cameras if any, anything that could help me listen to whatever conversation they may be having. I need to hear Lorenzo’s next move for me to be able to know where to find her”“We need to tell Viktor about this too. He and Anastasia would try and find something too. Thing is, we need to ensure that things go smoothly as anything detected could be an is
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    Chapter 9
    Eliana:I paced around my room as I waited for Vladimir to come.The man was mad for coming here, and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t take everything in me not to wrap my arms around him, hug him tightly, and kiss him senseless. The way the two of us looked at one another, shared a glance, then forced ourselves to remain calm was painful, but it had to be done.The bedroom’s door was knocked twice before it was opened, revealing my husband who was escorted by two maids. The maids were outside the bedroom. They helped me get dressed in the black sleeveless dress that I was wearing before leaving the room, leaving me to wait for my husband.He stood by the door, waiting for the maids to close it before he turned around and locked it. His eyes looking me up and down before he opened his arms for me to walk into. I ran toward him, ignoring my aching muscles. The bruises that Lorenzo inflicted on my body were yet to heal completely, but I was thankful that I was at least somehow
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