On The Edge Of Life

On The Edge Of Life

By:  Nia  Ongoing
Language: English
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"No offense but you are always so grumpy, it's actually kind of cute." I bluntly say to him and watch him throw me a nasty glare, I just giggle at that. "I'm not." he defends himself in a calm yet stern voice keeping his face emotionless. "sure." I find myself saying sarcastically. I think I'm too drunk  because there is no way a sober River will have the courage to hold a conversation with a very grumpy Killian. I expect another scary glare to come towards me but instead I meet with a soft gaze that stares at me with an unreadable expression. "I'm not." This time he says softly, I see him biting back a small smile and , he smiles. I've never seen him smiling before, not this way. Standing on the edge of life, River breathes in and lets himself adjust into a new life, into a new family. After a horrifying past he finds his life wrapped around a shaggy orphanage and several foster homes which makes it hard to believe that he is actually being adopted. Having a family was always a desire of him but to his burnt luck, he doesn't feel like he belongs in his adoptive family. Everyone and everything around him make it clear that he wasn't born to be happy. River is waiting for another push, one last push to end it all and fall from the edge and that's when a grumpy looking Killian Price steps into his life. River can't decide if Killian is the saviour or the devil himself. River's life meets with unexpected secrets mixed with burning desire, adorning the melancholic attire. Soon, he finds out he isn't the only one standing on the edge of the cliff, or he realises he is far from the edge.

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    6 chapters
    Chapter One
    River's POVAfter taking a much needed cold shower, I slip off the bathroom and head towards my cupboard with a semi-wet towel resting on my neck to get the black suit which Henna,my adoptive mother, has chosen for me to wear today. I take my time to dry my hair with the towel before opening the small wooden cupboard which is painted white. Slightly frowning, I glance at the black suit in my hand, really not feeling it. I'm much more comfortable in my sweatpants and a t-shirt in this scorching heat. It's so freaking hot these days though winter will knock at the door in a few more weeks, the weather is always sunny so it burns my skin whenever I step outside. Needless to say, I absolutely hate summer heat. I prefer winter and I can't wait for this sweaty season to go away. Without wasting any more time as I'm already late, I try out the suit which is kinda bigger on me as it actually belongs to my adoptive brother, Gabriel. He is around 4 inches taller than me with a wide shoulder a
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    Chapter Two
    River's POVAs we all had light lunch at the funeral, Anthony decided to head towards a restaurant to have early dinner as It's already evening and we all were tired to go home and make some food.Right now we are at a family diner, Anthony is ordering food for all of us after asking what we all wanted to have a few minutes ago. I really don't have idea about food out here in restaurants as I never really went out that many times, didn't have money to buy food from restaurants either so I decided to have what Scarlet ordered which includes a hamburger and fries with oreo shake. Apparently, Henna doesn't like Orni eating junk food all the time but she didn't stop this time. She was too busy to grieve over the death of Mary. Sometimes I really don't understand her sadness. We all have to die one day. Isn't it useless to cry your eyes out for someone who will never return? I've learned from experience. No matter how much I cried, my parents never came back. If people who are still alive
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    Chapter Three
    River's POV Silence is filling the room with awkwardness as I arrange my things for classes tomorrow. Yes, I'm attending school from tomorrow and right now I'm feeling a mixture of feelings. I'm both scared and excited for tomorrow and both of these emotions are making me overwhelmed which will keep me up the whole night for sure. I didn't have a good experience in my last high school. I was severely bullied because I was an orphan, an easy target for a bully. At first, the bullying wasn't that severe but I called destruction upon myself by speaking up and standing up for myself. There I learnt that if you belong to the lowest part of the food chain, you should always keep your mouth shut. But I'm not sure if I've taken any lesson from it because I will probably fight back even if I know I will lose at the end. Henna knows about my high school experience just like the whole orphanage. My face was almost deformed when a group of jerks attacked me for not following their order so it
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    Chapter Four
    Initially, I thought I wouldn't be able to catch proper sleep due to the excitement and anxiety about going to school but I was proven wrong as I had a pleasant and sound sleep. That was actually unexpected but definitely a good sign though it doesn't cover up one bad side that I desperately need now. I wanted to sleep on the way to school to avoid facing Gabriel as I have to ride with him to school. But now I can't sleep, not because I had a good sleep,but because Gabriel's friend, whose name is Sebastian, is constantly rumbling about things that I'm not interested in.I feel like my head will explode anytime if he doesn't stop and thanks to my luck, it feels like he is not gonna stop anytime soon. I can't ask him to shut up either as it would be considered rude. He is also Gabriel's friend so I don't wanna offend either of them, I'm already walking on eggshells.I was already tensed knowing that I would have to go to school every day with Gabriel as it's actually his car. I won't b
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    chapter Five
    So what if I didn't have friends by my side? I always have my enemies to give me company; trouble. Since my early childhood, trouble has always found its way to me and I gladly accept it with open arms. Back in the orphanage, I didn't really get along with most of the kids, especially with the bigger kids who used to bully others and take away their food, mine included. I had to sleep with an empty stomach many times because of them but yet I didn't stand up to them as I knew it was of no use.But the trouble starts when someone does something good to mend things, always. I got in trouble because I punched one of those bullies. They had started it first, calling me names and making fun of me. I couldn't control myself and fought back finally. It didn't do much but taught me that you shouldn't stand up against someone when you are right because people are gonna ignore you. If you are the wrong one, you become the valid one.But this time, I'm calling trouble towards myself. I just can'
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    Chapter Six
    Luck will never be on my side, will it? As if tolerating harsh words from Gabriel weren't enough already, now I'm expected to tolerate the harsh behavior of nature as well. I really like rain but only when I'm in the comfort of my home, well, technically not my home but you get my point. Rain is fucking annoying when you are standing at a bus stop for half an hour and waiting for the right bus to arrive. Not a single person is here beside me. Every kid from the school is gone already. Of course I'm freaking late because Gabriel had to throw a fit and leave me alone and I had to take a few minutes to cool off. I could have walked home as I'm already fully soaked with the rain water if only I knew the road back home. I really didn't pay attention when I got here to school and the roads are creepy here, you can find 2 to 3 mouths to each road ready to swallow your confused head. Really not an ideal place to be alone for a newcomer. It's getting late, I hope Henna wouldn't be mad at me
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