Hellmatch: The Mafia's Heir

Hellmatch: The Mafia's Heir

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" I can give you anything in exchange of that baby, Luca! Call the shot, what do you want?" " Be my mistress for the lifetime, baby girl." **** Kiera Stevens was supposed to pursue her modeling and acting career gloriously. Marriage? Probably yes! Her Baby? No way! **** Flourishing star from the Entertainment Industry, Kiera Stevens was a 18 year old promising figure from the modeling world. Coming from a prominent family, she had everything in her life until one night stand changed her life. On the heat of alcohol, she lost her virginity with a stranger that changed her whole life. Azrael De Luca, the Mafia King from the underworld was desperate to find the girl whom he fucked mistakingly. Afraid that his opponents would use her against him, Azrael kept searching for years until he met her accidentally. Things changed when he met her furious eyes, the fire that she held between her green robs. Azrael was supposed to take away his sole heir from her but what if he wanted the mother and child both! Rejection came repeatedly and the whole world was shocked to see the Mafia King at a girl's mercy. The game of seduction started but a world of darkness is never blessed with love.

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65 chapters
Chapter 1 ____ The Proem
Chapter Title: The Proem____________" Congratulations, you are pregnant! Here is your baby!", a thirty plus woman pointed at the tiny dot on the screen with a big smile, rolling over the liquid on her slightly protruded belly.Kiera Stevens felt her entire world, crashing down in a few seconds. Her big watery green eyes pulled on the screen, feeling a new surge of emotions.It was a baby! A life in her stomach!How could she get rid of it?This was her fifth time that she came to this hospital to abort the baby. But either she was scared or fled away in panic. This time when she was determined to get rid of this child, her strength was lost as soon as her eyes were connected to the screen.Her baby! Her own flesh and blood!The middle aged doctor asked for her concern again, turning off the screen to her disappointment," Do you still want to continue?"Kiera didn't utter anything for a long while. Her hands clutched the bedsheet secretly, exhaling and inhaling frequently to reach o
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Chapter 2 _____ Azrael De Luca
5 YEARS LATER............|| Kiera Stevens's POV ||" You must go, Kiera!", My dad finally raised his voice, speaking after a short cough. His days weren't going well after he crossed his late sixties. Sometimes, he just passed everything to his assistance and rested for days at home.Sighing, I straightened up my spine to reconsider his proposal. He wanted me to join a business party tonight, a hall full of artificial people. Yes, I called them artificial because they could do anything for the publicity stunt. I hated business life, this career that he intended to pass me one day. But staring at his wrinkled face, I didn't find my courage to turn him again." Just today...", I mumbled after a long sigh, turned around and headed upstairs with the magazine in my hand. He wanted me to take his place because my recent advertisements had made headlines, so many people admiring my stunt. Yes after a fucking damn 4 years break, I was comeback on runway, on screen. I think,being rich made m
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Chapter 3 _____ Dance With Me
|| Kiera Stevens's POV ||I stared at the tattooed man,a a few feet away from my standing spot.Azrael De Luca!It was a new name in the business world but was succeeded to leave a deep impression on everyone. One thing, everyone knew about him that he was gossily rich.The man named Azrael sat across, crossing his legs together. His one hand gripping the red wine had multiple tattoos, crafted from his fingers and disappeared under the long sleeve of his Armani suit. My eyes switched to his next hand, spotting different remarks of tattoos, wondering how long they had on his body. It was very unusual as a business man. My dad used to lecture me that only goons had such dangerous tattoos. But I bet, he wasn't that sort of guy. Security was tight in this city and such a mafia business was a fairytale to us.I bit my lips tightly to observe his features. His grey hairs had mysterious gleams like no other else in this room. Even his dark black hairs were perfectly settled, glistening throu
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Chapter 4 _____ Like My Gift?
|| Kiera Stevens's POV ||The air thickened around me, suffocating without any proper reason since I couldn't feel anything except those tattooed arms around my waist. Each time, we moved with the rhythm, his sleeves rolled up, displaying those scary tattoos.It was just a dance! Did he have to threaten me like that?His eyes held a contended smile when my body moved along as per his wishes..well, it was an order. He asserted his name like a king as if he could do anything if I refused to compile his order. I never wanted to dance with him since his presence scared the hell out of me. The intimidation was so much that I could barely breathe properly. But my father's business wasn't running too well in these last years. I didn't want to put his business in danger because of my disturbing mood." You were in love By Bryska" were playing in the background. The slow, sensual tone was developing an unhealthy romantic atmosphere, not for me." Why are you doing this to me? Do we even know e
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Chapter 5 ____ The Devil's Room
|| Kiera's POV || " Like my gift, Pretty Girl!" His one line kept reverberating in my mind, taking away all my strength in a matter of seconds.The road in front of me seemed too long to end. Silent tears shed from my eyes whenever I remembered the presents from him. It was all the images from my days abroad. God knows how the fuck he got those pictures of mine when I was fully pregnant with Ryan, walking around the street or doing groceries. It made my heart skidding like a race to think that someone was holding my darkest secrets. Until now, I was pretty sure that my father had removed all the evidence of my pregnancy from the world through his money. Then...how the hell did he get those from local cameras? A fearful shudder passed from my lips. I was failing to stay on track on the road because of my anxiety. Azrael De Luca was threatening me to come to the city's abandoned place where people call it haunted currently. I didn't even get the chance to tell my father where I was he
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Chapter 6 ______ 48 Hours
|| Kiera Stevens's POV ||Silence.......There was a long awkward silence around the room. My breathing caught in my lungs, chest rising up to down heavily in anxiety. I stared down at the dead cockroach, lying next to my feet. The bullet that came from my back was only an inch away from my feet. His door has gotten a big hole from the piercing bullet. I prayed that no one was hurt outside. I hated blood more than anything else in my life.How the hell did he have a gun?I sucked a deep breath, my mind playing with the image of him, aiming the gun on my back currently. But when I looked back, it was all a lie. He was smirking like he had hit some jackpot just now. My eyes dropped on his gun, finely wrapped around his long fingers as if he was used to it." Did I scare you?", he said, raising one of his eyebrows playfully. I just stood there like a frozen ice-cube, too afraid to move or do anything. He continued, taking slow, predatory steps on my way," This is what I do when anyone d
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Chapter 7 ____ The Worst 24 hours
|| Kiera Stevens's POV || " Mumma!", my little happiness shouted from the stairs, jogging in his small feet all the way down. I screamed back instinctively, snapping back to the reality that I was a mother not any model, " Be careful, Ryan!" My son giggled, throwing himself at me as we both knocked on the ground. I kept showering peeper kisses on his face, his smiles taking all the uneasiness from my heart. Even Luca's warning disappeared from my mind as soon as I saw him. Ryan wrapped his arms around my head, his tight felt possessive as if I would vanish in a moment. " You can't believe how long he has been waiting for you!", Aisha spoke from the stairs in her night gown. I thanked God several times to bless me with this best friend of mine. In my absence, Aisha took care of Ryan's needs always. I knew my baby well. He preferred Aisha's company more than his grandfather. I smiled, standing up from the ground, " Thanks mate!" Aisha rolled her eyes in response. She didn't like t
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Chapter 8 _____ Found The Girl
|| Kiera Stevens's POV || My steps paused in an unexpected shock, staring mutely at his bearded face until some distant road lights flashed across his face. The man was above 50 years old, almost catching my father's age. If my consciousness was caught right, he runs some company in the town. But there was something different, coming from his eyes. It was mysterious, lustful something like that. Although my instinct was pushing me to go away, I stood there numbly to hear the rest of his words. Because I was doomed practically from every corner. Swallowing, I tilted my head back at him to ask nervously, still wobbling on my knees, " What.. what do you mean?" The man gave me a cocky smile which I didn't like. Approaching me closer, he continued in an arrogant voice, tapping on his chin, " Well, I am the owner of DGK Enterprise. You can become our brand ambassador. Trust me, Azrael can't have his influence on my company." DGK was a well known cosmetic brand who run different busines
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Chapter 9 ______ One Night Stand
|| Kiera Stevens's POV ||He just left.....After imprinting a forever haunting dream of shooting someone in my mind, he left without words. His dogs followed him hurriedly. Cluelessly, I remained there, shivering. A few guards were left behind who showed no pity on me. That man kept begging for mercy but who was I to forgive him? I was sure that Luca didn't give a shit about me. After all, I was his play tool only.As soon as the door was closed, I stumbled, backing out to fall on the chair. Only that time, I got some reaction from the guards," Miss..."One of them approached me, uncertain about how to touch or grab me. He spoke pretty politely," Are you feeling good?"I hummed, massaging the back of my head," I...I..am..fine..."How could a human feel fine after shooting a person for the first time?It felt crazy to recall the moment. Thankfully, the guards took him away from here, allowing me to breathe properly. I had no idea for how long I had to stay there but Luca was going
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Chapter 10_____ A Promise
|| AZRAEL DE LUCA'S POV ||Another lie! Another attempt to strip me down from my position!Did these people think that I was so naive to believe in their lies?That girl was choking on her breath. She dared to lie, looking straight into my eyes. She deserved death but not before telling that who sent her for me. She coughed vigorously, stammered her words out shakily," I..I.. didn't..lie..."I groped her chin hard. She flinched in pain, eyes gathering tears in fear. I shouted at her face, asking for a damn answer," Tell me the fucking truth! You said that you had C-section? Where's the scar? Where's the scar, bitch?"Her eyes went wide, realizing that she had fucked up with her own plans of lying. She pressed her lips tightly without giving me any answer. Something dangerous gleamed from her eyes. I knew at that exact moment, she was someone from my rivals or else none of this fucking bastards had the powers to look into my eyes.Out of nowhere, she stretched her arms out to grab th
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