Prime Minister, I Love You

Prime Minister, I Love You

By:  Đài Hà  Ongoing
Language: English
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Adela opened her eyes, she found herself lying in the body of a strange woman, her body covered in blood, a large number of strange memories flooded her mind. Reincarnation! Truly Reborn! She is still a queen when she closes her eyes, after opening her eyes, she becomes a completely different person, imprisoned in vague memories.

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5 Chapters
Chap 1: Reincarnation
Adela felt a force that was pulling her back little by little. The legs lost their balance, and the body fell freely into a bottomless pit. The darkness gradually came to cover her entire body, and a vague fear was slowly rising in her heart, for some reason, but this time, Adela had the feeling that she would forever be trapped in this scene. ... Outside the dark clouds stretched to cover the whole sky, and each lightning bolt was struck, adding to the gloomy and lonely appearance of this Adam villa. A very fast rain fell, each raindrop falling on the foliage created a crackling sound, thunderous thunder, mixed in with the rain was a mournful, heartbreaking cry. The man's demon-like back was imprinted on the white wall, and he frantically whipped the woman below with a whip. The servants around could only surreptitiously pray for that ill-fated woman, blame her for being greedy for money and marrying into this Miller family, to a pervert and violent man. The wind howled through t
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Chap 2: Scarlet Harris
Bernie looked at Finn with complicated eyes, is this implicitly tolerating him to commit acts of domestic violence?He sneered, his hands fidgeting with his 1941 zippo."Dad, if you don't need her, why keep her in the Miller family?"Finn glanced at him, his old eyes shining with a strange light."My business doesn't need you to take care of it."After that, he turned and walked away, leaving Bernie with a bunch of unanswered doubts. Why did Finn Miller force him to marry Scarlet as his wife, giving her a chance to step into elite life but ignoring her life? Is it too ridiculous?…The night sky was black, layers of purple clouds covered the whole sky. The north wind hissed every once in a while, the sound from afar echoed like the cry of the devil's tears transmitted from the eighteen floors of hell.“Dad… Don’t leave me… Daddy!”Mixed with the wind is the hopeless scream of a woman, each call to Father mourning to the heart.Scarlet sat down next to the rubble, Mr. Harris's body was
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Chap 3: Turn back to Miller
Scarlet opened her eyes widely, she absorbed all of Scarlet's client's memories, and her mouth couldn't help but exclaim. "Scarlet, you are unlucky." When she was eight years old, her mother died of cancer, and her father took another step forward, but unfortunately, this stepmother was just a huckster. Since Lucy Harris entered the Harris family, Scarlet's tragedy officially began. At home, she was beaten by her stepmother, and at school, she was isolated by friends, saying she was a rich kid, born with a silver spoon, but compared to a child from a poor background, they even had a better life than her. At least they still have joy and liberty. But she? Surrounded by the elite with flashy lights but fake and disgustingly dirty. On her seventeenth birthday, her father, Mr. Harris was entangled in a money-laundering business and ended up his life in the depths of the abyss. His grave was still not green, Lucy hastily sold her into the Miller family, one of the four greatest families
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Chap 4: Adam Villa
She glanced around, walking quickly on the cobblestone path. Suddenly, she felt a force pulling her back, Bernie's big hand squeezed Scarlet's elbow. She took a deep breath, feeling the pain travel from her elbow to her brain."Hey, what are you doing!"Scarlet could not help but shout.Despite Scarlet's resistance, he still pulled her back, seeing the villa getting farther and farther away, she broke free from his control."Hey, don't consider me as a soft persimmon and then you can be tormented me anytime."Bernie stopped, he turned to face her, his face full of boredom. His current mood was extremely secret, he did not want to face this woman for a second. Nobody can know what he had gone through the whole way from the Hospital to Adam's mansion. She was like a talking machine, rambling on and on. The words she said were like thorns piercing his throat, he had no reason to refute her, but he couldn't use violence to make this mouth shut. This feeling that few people can understand.
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Chap 5: Adela Princess
"Adela, you have to stay here, you have to take what should be yours. I have to take revenge on those people on behalf of my mother.”Adela raised her head to look deeply into Eudora's eyes, her eyes were clear and full of doubt, she didn't understand, and she didn't want to understand why her mother had to confront those people?"Mom?"Eudora gently stroked Scarlet's hair, which had been dyed wet by the rain, her voice was very soft, just enough for the two of them to hear."My darling, you won't understand. What you have to do is just listen to me, stay here, be a noble princess that makes people respect. Then time will answer everything for you.”Eudora only left such a sentence and then left, her back was unrepentant, her feet walking in high heels. Adela could only stare blankly at Eudora's increasingly distant figure.“My Princess, from now this Athena palace will be your home.”The manager's voice rang in Adela's ears. She lowered her head, her eyes filled with tears, a strea
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