The Alpha's Revival

The Alpha's Revival

By:  Reece Barden  Completed
Language: English
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(Book 3) Rex is an Alpha without his pack. Rejected by his fated mate, he just wants to be left alone to lick his wounds. He needs to work out how to survive with this loss and carve out a new role for himself within his beloved town and family. And maybe win his mate back in the process. Leah is a bubbly yoga teacher who knows what she wants. She won't give up until she gets it. When she lays eyes on her sexy brother-in-law, she decides she wants Rex. She doesn't know what's holding him back and making him push her away. But it won't work, not with this stubborn human. He can run, but he can't hide. This is Book 3 in the Shifters of Grey Ridge series. You can read these as standalone books but I would highly recommend reading the previous two books first. The Alpha’s Saviour is Book 1 and The Alpha’s Inferno is Book 2

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48 Chapters
Rex The howling in my brain is so loud that I can’t stand it anymore. I drop to my knees on the soft blanket of pine needles littering the forest floor and grip my head in my hands. I had to cut my hair short so that I wouldn’t pull out chunks in my fists like I did the first time this happened. The first time she did this to me. It needs to stop. I know it’s my fault, and allowing this to continue is a kind of masochism. I should just let her go. But I need it too, as unhealthy as that is. I need to feel every last dagger to my heart. I need it, because when I feel this pain, the pure agony of knowing my mate is being intimate with someone else, I remember to hate her. To hate her with every fibre of my being. It forces me to remember the torture she has put me through. The absolute betrayal of our sacred bond that she has committed. And it calls a halt to any lingering thoughts I might have of us someday working things out. At least for a while. It’s long enough to stop me from
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Chapter 1
Leah “A bootcamp? What would I know about running a bootcamp?” I mutter distractedly, my phone on speaker, as I race around my apartment, shoving books and notepads into a backpack as I hurry to a late-night cramming session in the library. Final exams are looming. I am not feeling optimistic. While I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go to college, it’s cemented in my mind that working full time in an office environment is just not for me. “You don’t need to run the bootcamp. You would teach yoga, which is what you want to do, right? And you’d get free accommodation and food in return for helping with the guests, making breakfast, checking them in, whatever,” Hayley explains, and I sigh, knowing that no matter what I say, she is going to have an answer. “And of course, the best bit is the chance to spend lots of quality time with your favourite big sister.” I scoff, ignoring that part of her argument. She’s not dragging me into my twin sister’s constant one-upmanship. “Yes
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Chapter 2
Rex “She’s in,” Hayley announces with delight as she dances into my small one-bedroom apartment in the packhouse. She’s vibrating with giddiness as she plonks herself down on my sofa, tucks her feet beneath her, and grins expectantly at me. I’ve been gone for the weekend, running myself into the ground to get some peace, to ground my wolf. Cooper, my brother, and Hayley’s mate, must have told her I was back. “I know. I got your message.” She’s still grinning, ignoring my grumbling. “Hayley… I don’t think this is a good idea.” I’m blunt and don’t mince words, gesturing to her sitting in my living room with a wide, smug smile. She’s just way too happy. Hayley’s expression transforms from one of delight to one of exasperation. “Rex! Don’t be miserable.” She shakes her head and frowns, but I can see her eyes twinkling. The excitement that’s been building up inside her bursting out. “Go on, tell me again why this is so good?” I close my book and set it down, searching for the patience
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Chapter 3
Leah “Wow, Hayley, this place is gorgeous.” I let out a low whistle as I spin on the spot, taking in the stunning scenery. It looks even more gorgeous with the sun beaming down. It’s breath-taking. The surface of the lake sparkles as sunlight dances across it. A slight ripple carries across the shimmering water as a gentle breeze provides some soft respite to the heat. The bright green leaves in the surrounding trees sway in the wind, and there’s a lush forest right behind Hayley’s old house. The restored cabin juts up against a hill. The view continues around the lakeshore, broken only by the occasional house or jetty built at the side of the lake. It’s so peaceful here. It feels so remote, so calm and restorative, but is only walking distance to the quaint little town of Grey Ridge. “You would have seen it last time, except…” Hayley trails off, turning from her spot at the bottom of the stairs and grimacing. “Except… some lunatic set our guesthouse on fire?” I offer, and she frow
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Chapter 4
Rex There is something so peaceful about being up before dawn when the rest of the world is still sleeping, and everything is quiet. I inhale deeply, my chest rising as I pull in a lungful of crisp country air. The heavenly smell of damp leaves and fresh rain float in the air as I stare out at the picturesque lake view at the front of the bed-and-breakfast. The weak morning sun is just peeking over the tops of the trees, and it softly illuminates the slight haze hanging low over the water. It’s breath-taking. The porch light comes on as I walk up the steps to the front door. A sensor light was one of the extra security measures Cooper installed around the property after Hayley’s attack. Somehow, I don’t think any amount of lighting or alarms will ever be enough to make her feel completely safe here again. He felt like he needed to try because she poured her heart and soul into renovating this property. But a new start in a new home is probably better for both of them. I can see the
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Chapter 5
Rex Silently, I follow her into the kitchen and wait while she pulls down two mugs and fills them up. I love my coffee and I already know this is the good stuff. For such a chatterbox, she doesn’t seem to find my lack of small talk awkward. Leah gestures down the hall and goes into the small room we have set aside as an office. My jaw nearly hits the floor as I take the space in. It’s transformed. Yesterday, there was nothing in here except an old desk, a chair, and an empty grey filing cabinet. This morning, it looks like a professional office. Brand new shelves adorn the white walls, filled with lever arch files in a variety of colours. The side of the desk has cubbies full of leaflets for local attractions and brochures, for the pack’s other hotels and businesses such as Ethan and Cooper’s microbrewery. Leah pinned a map of the public forest surrounding us to a corkboard hanging on one wall. She’s marked out local hiking trails and added colour-coded pins to show the suitable cam
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Chapter 6
Leah My singing along to the radio had not gone down well. It turns out alpha males don’t love pop music sung out of tune… or with the wrong words. When Rex stared at me in horror before reaching over to turn it off, I didn’t bother fighting with him. I can take a hint. I thought we were bonding in the office. His expression was marginally less stony, and his stiff posture had relaxed as well. I swear I almost saw a smile. That’s the Rex equivalent of doing cartwheels. We even had a moment over schedules and hiking paths when our fingers touched. At least I thought we’d had a moment. Maybe it’s just my ovaries trying to trick me into making babies with this perfect specimen of manliness. I don’t know what happened, but something soured Rex’s mood since he offered to show me around, so I’m just leaving him alone. He drums his fingers against the leather steering wheel and seems to be deep in thought. About what, I’ve no clue. Rex has retreated into his shell and is mulling something
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Chapter 7
Rex I don’t know whether I want to kiss her or throw her out of the damn truck and speed off into the distance. She’s just sitting there, tap tapping away on her phone. Not a care in the world while I fidget in my seat, my hard-on refusing to go away while the sweet scent of her arousal lingers in the air. It’s driving me crazy, so I jab my finger down hard on the controls, opening every window simultaneously. Leah glances up, amused at my crankiness, before returning to whatever mindless scrolling she is doing. She rubs a hand down her upper arm where the cool air is blasting across her skin. A quick look confirms her nipples are stiff peaks, straining against the front of her tank top. There is no way in hell she can meet Danny like that, so I close the windows again and turn up the heat. She looks my way but again says nothing, choosing not to comment on my weird behaviour. Those big brown eyes seem a little too all-knowing and all-seeing for my comfort. Leah is dangerous to me.
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Chapter 8
Rex Instead of following everyone inside right away, I sit down on the steps and put my head in my hands, focusing on my breathing and try to regain some equilibrium. My fuse has always been short, even for an alpha, but I feel like any progress I made clawing back some control over my crazed wolf is slipping right through my fingers. He’s become unmanageable and wild since the rejection a year ago. Downright feral, if I dare to be honest with myself. I need to exercise a lot to keep him calm. Being outdoors grounds him. So, whenever I can, I disappear off into the wild for a night or two. Especially when I feel the tug of the mate bond or the agony of Stacey being with her fiancé. Leah and her carefree attitude have blown all that careful management of my mood away. I wanted her so badly. Just the idea that Nathan is going to pursue her has my blood pressure shooting sky-high. It makes little sense. She’s not mine, even though my body behaves otherwise. I can’t be with someone else
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Chapter 9
Leah POV Chase is right. There is definitely something fishy going on around here. After Rex pretended not to storm off in a huff, and then Nathan pretended not to rush off after him, they left me with a very shifty and very uncomfortable-looking Danny. I really hope they’re not whack-jobs, for Hayley’s sake. The entire gang is really growing on me. Especially Rex. He’s got that whole macho, mysterious vibe going on, but I can tell there's a softer side deep down that I haven't seen yet. Deep, deep down. But I quite like that. There’s just something about a man who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. Maybe it appeals to me because I can’t keep every thought I have from flying out of my mouth. Hayley intercepts me as I wave goodbye to Danny. I was about to follow in the direction that Rex and Nathan went, but she steps in front of me to block my view of the hall door. I still catch a glimpse of Jonathan Jones sneaking back inside with a bundle of clothes in his arms. He catches me
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