Wicked Wife of A Chairman

Wicked Wife of A Chairman

By:  Queen Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Stop pretending and sign the divorce papers immediately. I’ll personally be watching for you to sign the divorce papers this time.” “Divorce papers? I’m not even married. Who are you?” Yuriel Scott woke up in a hospital after an accident. Suddenly she was presented with a divorce certificate by Aleandro Gilren, a multi-billionaire entrepreneur in the capital. “Don’t test my patience and sign the divorce papers right now.” Aleandro said impatient. “I don’t even know you; why should I sign it?” Yuriel tossed the document in Aleandro’s face.

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64 chapters
Obsidian Eyes
“Who are you? Please release me!”A girl called out in panic and pleaded as two men in black carried her through the crowd at the club.Yuriel Scott is a 20-year-old girl who is also an architectural student.An hour ago, she was just out of night school and heading home. Instead, two guys in black suits stopped her in the street and kidnapped her in a van. She was then taken to a nightclub.The two men were indifferent to Yuriel’s rebellion and carried her through the nightclub.They stopped in front of a VIP room door. The door was opened, and Yuriel was thrown raw into the room.Yuriel smirked with pain when she hit the glass table hard. Blood flowed from her forehead.“Oh, don’t be rude, man. Treat our guests well.”A woman’s voice sounded evil, pretending to chide the two men in suits. Then, Yuriel heard the voice that had been her nightmare for four years in college.She quickly looked up. Eyes leaped to see a red-haired girl in a black dress smirking sarcastically with a cigare
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An Unfair Destiny.
The two-man who chased Yuriel were stunned to see the accident. They two looked at each other before turning to flee.Yuriel blinked at the same moment. She grimaced to feel her whole body as if contorted.With great effort, she turned her gaze to the side. She could see a silver car hit a big tree in the dim view.The front of the car was badly damaged. The car’s front door was half ripped off its hinges when it was open. In addition, the windshield of the car’s glass windows smashed into pieces.She noticed an unconscious woman leaning against the seat in the driver’s seat. The woman’s white dress was covered in blood. Her hands were drooping bloody at her side. Yuriel blinked with her eyes to enhance her vision. After a while, her pupils quivered. Her breath caught in her throat.Nooo!Yuriel’s mouth was opened to say something in the middle of her breathless breath.Tears flowed in her eyes as she quietly mumbled the woman’s name. “Yu ... nifer!”The woman’s face was very famili
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Mixed Identities.
Aleandro again will not be fooled by any more Yunifer tricks who want to delay their divorce. After completing an important project, he went straight to the hospital with his lawyer.Aleandro hasn’t met Yunifer since he got the news about her accident because he’s running his company’s latest project, so he’s unaware of her current condition.“You should have contacted me to welcome you.” Kenneth leads Aleandro and his group to Yunifer’s VIP room.“I just thought I’d stop by. You don’t need me to bother you, doctor,” said Aleandro.“Oh, well.”Kenneth would like to ask further why Aleandro had been visiting his wife for only a few minutes. Though he hadn’t come to see his wife, who had had a big accident. But Kenneth stopped himself from asking.Aleandro’s children’s wife’s scandalous affair has been the victim of both social media and news as Aleandro Gilren is well-known as the most successful young entrepreneur in the Capital.Of course, he didn’t want to see his wife any longer. S
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“Madam!” Kenneth rushed at her. After a while, he turned his eyes toward Aleandro. “Sir, it looks like Mrs. Yunifer is going into shock. Please follow me out. I’ll explain the condition of Mrs. Yunifer.”Aleandro looked at an unconscious woman in a patient’s bed with an unread expression. He then turned around to follow Doctor Kenneth.In the VIP room, Aleandro overheard Dr. Kenneth. “Yunifer seemed depressed and shocked after the accident. It’s probably what caused the memory loss because her brain wants to forget bad memories to protect her. The reaction you saw in Yunifera’s sphere was one of the triggers.”Kenneth summed up Yuriel’s so-called ‘Yunifer’ condition and explained it to Aleandro.“Are you sure, Doctor? She is not faking it? Yunifer used all the means to postpone her divorce proceedings. Who knows if she pretends to have amnesia because she doesn’t want a divorce.”Sherly, who had come along as secretary of Aleandro, she was suspicious and displeased.She glanced an
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Yunifer’s Diary
“Oh my god, it’s so scary!” Diana’s partner exclaimed as her gaze met the fierce red eyes Yuriel.“Did she hear our conversation?” the nurse whispered fearfully.“Who cares? After she gets rid of President Gilren, she’s no one. She climbed the status by drugging Chairman Gilren.” Diana pouting. “Shut your filthy mouths!” a woman’s voice roared toward them.The nurses immediately turned to look at a red-headed woman who appeared beside them at any moment.“Miss Melly!”A beautiful woman in designer clothes rebuked the two sisters who had gossiped at Yuriel’s bedside door.“Who do you call climbing status from drugging, huh! It was that jerk that made her do it! In addition, earlier, Aleandro had an affair with Yunifer. So what right do you have to criticize him!”“Is it too loose at your hospital to let their nurse judge a patient?!” Melly’s loud voice, which scolded the two nurses, attracted the attention of some passing nurses and patients.The two nurses look like want to fainted,
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Divorce Papers.
Instead of getting sympathy from those around her, she was criticized as a jealous woman who could not keep her unborn child from miscarriage.Everyone knew that Sherly had come to pick up the company’s important paperwork. But Yunifer interrupted her and scolded her. She accuses Sherly of trying to seduce Aleandro.But it is, in fact, Sherly who provoked the most sensitive Yunifer in her pregnancy that Aleandro would divorce her after her baby was born.She couldn’t endure the grief and grief of losing her baby. No one by her side tried to defend her. Even her husband has grown colder and has eluded her ever since her miscarriage.Not long after that, she discovered that Aleandro took Sherly to their home in the middle of the night when Yunifer came home from the hospital to visit her adoptive mother.But Yunifer did not immediately arrest the couple and turned away to vent her grief with alcohol at a nightclub. She knew that she had no right to judge Aleandro because their marriage
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Marriage Contract.
She wouldn’t let him leave without getting anything. Although Yunifer was dead, she wasn’t! There’s a lot she can do with that money to get revenge. Aleandro was silent for a few moments before then said with a gaze never escaped from Yuriel.“Too bad we won’t get a divorce.”The three women in the hospital ward were stunned as they looked Aleandro up with various expressions. “Hah, seriously! Are you really so poor that you can’t even give her alimony and not get a divorce? What a miser!” Melly’s chirping.Yuriel nodded her head. She and Melly always agree.Aleandro glared at the women chill. He has been a patient called a cheapskate. He is the business king of Capital. How dare they call him poor and miser. His pride is being trampled on. His eyes grew cold looking at Yuriel.“Alen, what do you mean you’re not getting a divorce? Didn’t you want a divorce so badly? Why did you break it? It’s okay to give her an $80 million allowance as long as you can get away with a marriage you d
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Lawful Wife, Versus Secretary.
Aleandro wrinkles his forehead. He’s been having a strange taste in Yunifer ever since. The woman’s unusual attitude caused him to wonder.Yunifer, that he knew, was a gentle, obedient girl. She would smile every time he looked at her, unlike the woman in front of him with a frown, gloomy, gazing at him in a look of hostility.Ever since she woke up from her coma, Aleandro has never seen her smile.Did memory loss make a drastic change in her behavior? Then, Yunifer acted like she was someone else.If she is not Yunifer, then who is she?Her face truly resembles Yunifer, and any identification found at the scene of his wife’s accident suggests she was his wife.Aleandro hadn’t had time to look into the attitudes of Yunifer. The important thing now is to keep the marriage going.His grandfather made a fuss until he got sick if he divorced girls like Yunifer.Contrary to the oddity he felt in his wife’s attitude change, Aleandro immediately spoke of his intention to preserve their marri
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The Conglomerate Family.
Who is Gilren Aleandro? He was the President of the Capital’s large company and came from a high-ranking family.Since his birth, he’s had a prestigious status and is now a CEO of his own free will, making him the love of many women.Countless women vying for their wives, but Yuriel looked down at him as though Aleandro’s wife was nothing and could be picked up on the side of the road.One could tell what a bottomless Aleandro is to his wife.Sherly looked up at Aleandro and quietly felt good inside. But unfortunately, Aleandro has an inflated ego and will not tolerate others degrading him.The speech of Yunifer provoked the man’s anger, and the couple’s relationship deteriorated.But she feared Aleandro would vent his anger on her because she was the major cause of Yunifer degrading the status of Aleandro’s wife.Aleandro’s expressions became dark, his eyes ice-cold as he looked at the woman next to him. But the woman was ignoring the override looking out the window.Aleandro had nev
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The Old Gilren.
Aleandro gritted his teeth, trying to hold a grudge in his chest. He’s coming after Yuriel, who got there first.Sherly frowned and caught up with them.Yuriel looked around the mansion’s huge-looking room. She saw several passing servants gazing at her, whispering.Two of the servants passed by, looking down at Yuriel with contempt while carrying the bucket used to mop the floor.“She’s really shameless daring to show up in this house.” They didn’t turn their noise down until Yuriel heard them speak of it.Just when Yuriel wanted to correct them, Aleandro had come along and stood next to her. He called the servants to Yuriel.The two women in maid dress immediately came in the front of Aleandro with respect.“How can we help you, Young Master?” “Where’s Mom and Dad? “asked Aleandro matter-of-factly“Mister and Lady Gilren are in grandpa Hendry’s room. A short while ago, the lady called a doctor to examine grandpa Hendry’s condition ...” answered the servants.Without waiting for an
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