Flash Wedding With You

Flash Wedding With You

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Angela always thought herself as the most lucky woman in the world until one day when she noticed her fiancée whom she had loved for half of her life was with another woman. When she was on the verge of collapse she suddenly met a man who proposed her a marriage contract. Christopher, who was a major in the army, got into an accident six months ago and was declared paralyzed for the rest of his life. He met Angela on the way of his brother's office, where he learned his own brother was with his fiancée. In order to get revenge, he offered Angela a three months marriage contract. In the fit of anger, Angela accepted the contract and got married to Christopher and became her ex's sister-in-law. It was precisely became Christopher was paralyzed Angela agreed to his condition. However, little did she know that she actually fall in the trap of Christopher…

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166 Chapters
Chapter 1
The elevator slowly rose.Angela’s heart was filled with anticipation and sweetness when she thought of Joan, whom she had not seen for half a month. He said he had a good news to tell her. Will he make a proposal today? She had waited for this day for a long time. Angela was carrying the soup dumplings in her hands. She got up at three in the morning and made it especially for Joan. She was afraid that he would be thirsty, so she specially made black bean soy milk. As long as Joan liked it, no matter how many things he asked her to make, she would still be happy. When the elevator reaches the top floor, Angela walked out and headed towards Office of President. There was still an hour and a half until work time. The entire corridor was quiet. Angela wanted to give Joan a surprise, so she deliberately slowed down her footsteps. She walked to her office and pushed the door open. She wanted to walk in and put down the bag first. However, she was surprised to find that the door of th
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Chapter 2
“Joan!” Angela shouted hysterically. She could not help crying out loud. “You bastard! How can you do this to me?”Following her furious roar, the sounds in the lounge stopped abruptly! After a while, the sound of cloths being worn could be heard.After a while, the door of the lounge was pulled open from the inside, and Joan walked out with a calm expression. When he saw Angela with tears streaming down her face, he coughed twice and walked in front of her with a slight frown. “Since you already know, there is no need for me to tell you anymore! I have always regarded you as my younger sister. The person I love is Cristal . If you want any compensation, just tell me.”“I will only ask you one question!” Large drops of tears rolled down from Angela’s eyes. She looked at the person in front of her who she had loved for nine years and still held onto the last glimmer of hope. “Okay! Speak!”“Have you ever loved me? From nine years ago until now, have you ever loved me?” Angela stare
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Chapter 3
“Angela, are you alright?” Joan did not expect things to turn out this way. He quickly ran to Angela’s side and reached out to grab her arm to pull her up. “Let her go!” Suddenly, a man’s cold voice came from the door. Joan’s body shook when he heard this familiar voice. Cristal was also shocked by this angry roar. She stared with her eyes wide open in disbelief. Christopher! Her fiancé actually came back early! Angela also looked towards the source of the roar. She discovered that there was a wheelchair parked at the office door! There was a man sitting on. He had short hair and a pair of sharp eyes under his thick eyebrows shone with a sharp light. He was looking everything in front of him angrily. “Why are you here?” Joan’s mouth twitched. He stood there awkwardly. He did not know what to do. He had always been a little afraid of Christopher. Now that he had done something wrong, he felt even more ashamed of himself. Christopher looked coldly at his brother and at Cristal
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Chapter 4
“I am really fine …” Angela wanted to break free from his big hand but found that there was nothing she could do.“Miss, get in the car! Your injury is on your head. If you do not treat it well, your life will be in danger!” Frank stood beside her and opened the car door for her. “If you want more people to see you in a sorry state, you can walk back!” Christopher let go of her hand and looked forward expressionlessly.Angela blinked weakly. She hesitated for a moment, but still lifted her foot and got into the car. Frank immediately closed the car door, took Christopher to the other side and helped him sit in the car. The Land Rover started moving quickly, and it sped towards the hospital.The car drove through the city and the scenery outside the window kept changing. However, Angela’s world was blank. At this moment, she could neither see nor hear. All her memories seemed to have stopped at the scene just now. Was she a fool?She smiled sadly. The smile on the corner of her lips
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Chapter 5
“The man I love is with your fiancée, and if I marry you, don’t you think this is too dramatic?” Angela could not describe her feelings at this moment. She only felt that this was too inconceivable! “You only need to tell me your decision.” Christopher retracted his gaze. A trace of firmness that he had never seen before slid across his eyes.“I won’t marry you! I don’t love you at all. Why should I marry you?” Angela said without thinking. “You love him. So as long as you marry me, you can see him every day! My legs are already paralyzed. Even if you marry me, I won’t be able to touch you. We only have a nominal relationship! I just can’t swallow this! Can you tolerate something like this?” Christopher looked at her coldly.“I …” Angela did not know how to answer this question. She was also a normal person. She had blood, flesh and feelings. She was betrayed by the man she loved the most. How could she swallow that anger? “I want you to marry me because our experiences are exactly
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Chapter 6
The car drove all the way to Christopher’s apartment. Angela kept playing the scenes of the past nine years in her mind. Every heartwarming scene made her heart ache so much that she felt suffocated.Nine years, Joan! Even if you don’t like me, why do you want me to wait for you like a fool? Why?Her tears rolled down again…After an unknown amount of time, the Land Rover finally stopped in front of Christopher’s apartment.“Get out of the car! After we get married, this is your new home!” Christopher’s voice was emotionless. He looked at her coldly and said.When Frank heard Christopher’s words, he immediately got of the car and opened the door for Angela.Angela looked at the luxurious apartment outside the window. She lightly bit her lips and her slender fingers tightly twisted the leisure bag on her leg.Christopher sat beside her without moving. He seemed to be waiting for her to make a decision.“I promise you!” After an unknown amount of time, Angela turned her head to look at
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Chapter 7
“Angela …” Joan did not know what to say.“I am a little tired today. I do not want to talk about this matter. Let’s talk about it when I go to work in two days…” Angela really did not want to hear his voice anymore.“Okay, then you have a good rest! I will hang up first…” Joan knew that he did something wrong, so he hung up first.Hearing the sound from the other end of the phone, Angela helplessly took the phone away from her ear. Before her hand could go down, her phone was snatched away!Angela turned her head and looked at the man beside her. She saw him quickly open the phone screen and skillfully throw a string of numbers into it.“What are you doing?”“This is my phone number. I saved it for you! In the future, if you need anything, call me!” Christopher entered his number and used her phone to call his phone. Then he returned the phone to Angela.Angela silently took the phone and put it into her bag without looking. She then turned around and looked outside the window. Her t
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Chapter 8
Angela looked at the man speechlessly. She watched as the employee happily wrapped up the sexy underwear made of a few pieces of pitiful cloth. She was completely shocked by this man’s actions!If he had bought her those cloths for others to see, then what about these undergarments?Could it be …She didn’t dare to think about it.Although she was speechless about this man, Angela knew that he would not listen to her opinion! They came out of the lingerie section and Christopher brought her to buy shoes and bags. He changed her from inside to outside. He was satisfied, so he took her out of the mall.“Where do you live?” When they get into the car, Christopher asked her coldly.“What are you doing?” Angela asked back a little later.“I’ll take you home.”“Okay…” Angela immediately said the address of the house. Frank started the car and drove towards Angela’s home.“Go back and tell your mother today. I will go and visit her tomorrow morning.” Christopher instructed Angela like a chi
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Chapter 9
Everyone present was shocked by Christopher’s words.“If she isn’t Cristal then who is she?” Winston could not help but smash his chopsticks.Christopher blinked his eyes. He looked at his grandpa and said calmly, “Angela!”These three words were like throwing a bomb in the deep water. It instantly set off huge waves!“What did you say?” Florence stared at him in disbelief and the others were also completely stunned by Christopher’s words!One should know that Angela identity was Joan’s fiancée. Although the two of them did not hold any ceremony, everyone in Lawrence family had already tacitly agreed to this fact. Now, they actually found out from Christopher that he and Angela had registered for marriage!Christopher’s words were like a clap of thunder, catching everyone off guard!“What did you just say? Say it again!” Albert felt that he must have misheard Christopher. Christopher had always been calm and collected. Why would he do such a ridiculous thing?“This morning, Angela and
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Chapter 10
“Stop right there!” Florence angered by her stepson’s words. She took a few steps forward and blocked Christopher’s path. She raised her hand and pointed at him hatefully.“Christopher, you finally spoke your heart out after so many years! Dad, Albert, take a look. This is your son. I think you are not worthy of being Joan’s Big Brother!”Christopher’s lips finally curled into a smile, but it made people’s hearts turn cold. “Do you think I don’t deserve to live in this house because I am in a wheelchair?”“That’s not what I said. You said it yourself!” Florence coldly snorted. No matter how impulsive she was, she did not dare to say that he did not deserve to live in this family.“Shut up! He did not do it on purpose. Can’t you tell?” He really did not want his wife to continue. Albert walked to his wife and shouted at her.“Why are you yelling at me? If you have the ability, vent your anger on your son! You feel that I have wronged him every day. Look at your good son. Even if he is
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