By:  Ruthie Balo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Autumn gets pregnant out of a relationship that was a dare, to say she was even in love with him, as things started to unravel out, it turns out that he loves her too. Things would start to go well between Autumn and her baby daddy, they even got married until Autumn starts to cheat on him with someone from the office. Finds out what happens after, whether Autumn would heed to her best friend advice and save her marriage by ending things with the other guy or Leaving her husband for the other guy.

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4 Chapters
L&L 1
Autumn walked into the school feeling happy. Yesterday was her one-month anniversary with Caden, her boyfriend. And, it was lit. She frowned when she noticed everyone giving her funny looks. Is there something on my face? She looked at her shoes and continued walking when she bumped into someone. "Oh! Laurels, sorry baby girl," Autumn said, and chuckled. The reply she had gotten shocked her as she blinked her eyes and wondered what had happened. "Gosh can't you see?!" Laurels, one of her best friends asked, eyeing her dangerously. "Obviously she's blind. I mean, she didn't see that Caden was playing her did she?" Violet snickered. Autumn was confused. Did she wake up in another world where everyone was mean? Or did everyone just decides to be mean to her?"What do you mean?" Autumn asked feeling agitated. "What do you mean," Laurels imitated, giggling then rolling her eyes, "Of course you're blind you can't see what's going on on the school blog." Laurels shoved her phone
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L&L 2
Autumn sighed, feeling exhausted as she plopped down on the bed. She checked her book for assignments, then took out her phone, finally switching it on. She plugged in her headphones and turned on her data, then proceeded to open Instagram. The day's events were still fresh in her mind. How she had turned into the object of mockery and ridicule at school in just one day. She clicked on her account and stared at the pictures she had taken with Caden while they were dating. She shut her eyes firmly and swallowed the lump in her throat and archived them, instead of deleting the post. I will not cry she told herself firmly. She opened her eyes and archive the three pictures they had taken together that she uploaded. You're so stupid, Autumn.She refused to shut her subconsciousness up. It was right anyways. She was stupid. Stupid to ever believe that a guy like Caden could ever fall for her. He was a playboy after all. She should have known he was just using her to pass time. She lef
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L&L 3
Autumn heard a soft knock on her door. She sighed and got up, walking to the door lazily. Sybil and Ryan's face appeared as she opened the door. "Hey" she said slowly wondering what her friends were doing there. "Hi," Sybil replied. Ryan gave her a smile. "Mind if we come in?" Autumn quickly stepped away from the door for her friends to come inside. She closed the door behind them and they all sat on her bed. "We noticed all that happened today," Sybil began and touched Autumn's hand, "are you okay?" "Yes I am," Autumn lied. Her voice broke with each sentence. _I will not cry!_ "You're not, Autumn, you don't have to lie to us," Ryan said, "you know you can talk to us about anything, right?" Autumn sighed and lay on the bed, "I just...I guess I miss Laurels and Violet." Sybil stared at her best friend incredulously, "Are you crazy? After all they did to you? They bullied you at school today! I saw it with my own eyes!." "Sybil, Laurels and I have been friends since we
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L&L 4
Autumn was sitting in the cafeteria with her friends, Ryan and Sybil. They were quietly having their lunch."Who noticed Caden won't stop stealing glances at Autumn?" Ryan asked, breaking the silence. There was a small smile on Autumn's lips as she focused on her salad. "And I think Autumn knows why he's looking at her," Sybil added, giving her best friend a suspicious glance. "Spill, Autumn" Ryan said firmly. "I talked to him yesterday," Autumn replied casually."You what?!" Ryan exclaimed I'm shock. Sybil had a similar expression on her face. "Are you out of your mind?!""You both need to chill," Autumn said, slightly chuckling, "it's just a text to let him know I'm over him." She brought out her phone and showed her friends the text. "Wow! This is...strong!" Ryan said after reading the text. Sybil nodded in agreement. "Now I'm sure he would leave you. I'm proud of you girl!" Sybil added, giving her friend a high five. They continued eating, until someone banged their han
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