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Amalia Brown is a 17year old girl living in Camel City with her family. She lost her mum at the age of 8 and since then, her life has never been the same. she lived in a harsh and unbearable condition but didn't complain so long as she was spending time with her dad, But when her dad passed away, she had no reason to stay back cause her stepmother, Lizzy will only torture her to her death. she prefers to die in the excess cold than to die in the hands of the people she calls her family. She ran away from home, willing to fend for herself...What wi happens when she comes across a middle-aged lady who takes her in and treats her with love and tenderness? will her past stop her from accepting this unconditional love that is given to her or not? Jace Bartley is a 24-year-old business tycoon. he lost his parents at the age of 15 in a car accident and was left to take care of his little sister, Sophie, and manage his dad's company. He never believed in love. what will happen when he comes across a young girl crying alone in a field as he found himself drawn to her? will his unknown girl be able to sway his belief or not? Ethan is a 24-year-old electrical engineer...he found himself falling for Amalia at first sight but couldn't summon the courage to tell her...what will happen when Ethan finds out that Amalia is in love with someone and not him? will he be able to accept it or not? Amalia finds herself in a dilemma of choosing between Ethan and the mysterious man...Will she choose Ethan or the mysterious guy she experienced her first kiss with?

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50 chapters
chapter one: why me?
In a field full of colorful flowers, under the beautiful night sky with bright stars, sat a young beautiful girl in a short flat gown that is light blue, complimenting her pale skin and long slender legs that match her silky twilight hair. She stood there motionless while staring at the night sky with her brown hazel eyes. Feeling the silence of the night, she couldn't help but feel the warm tears rolling down her cheeks reminding her of the emptiness in her heart."Indeed, nature is beautiful" commented Mrs. William her favorite maid. Looking at the girl in front of her, she couldn't keep calm but prayed for her happiness and safety. "And in it, I find solace" replied Amalia Brown as tears continues to flow endlessly down her red cheeks that were slapped by her stepmother, Lizzy."When will this end?" asked Amalia Brown, not able to hold it anymore. "Soon enough little Miss, very soon" reply Mrs. William while approaching her. " why me? among all the children on earth, why me? why ca
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chapter two: Happiness
The next day, Amalia wakes up as early as 3:30 am to do her work as usual. She went on washing the floor in the living room, the water is cool as if it was just removed from the freezer, shivering now and then, Amalia has no other option but to work.Mr. Brown finishes earlier than expected from the business trip he had to China and was excited because he'll be able to see his family, especially Amalia Brown, his beloved daughter. Just at the mention of her name, Mr. Brown's thought runs wide and his most treasured memories were reawakened. He found himself thinking about Melissa, his first wife whom he loved with his life, he thought of all the happy moments he's shared with her, and how she made a wonderful mother and a perfect wife.Coming back to the present, he couldn't help but think of how Amalia is growing and she's becoming very beautiful as her mother(his late wife) and how she takes everything about her mother. He couldn't be any less proud and happy, that Melissa left him
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Chapter 3 favorite song
Mr. Brown enters his room, looking in the direction of his bed, he saw his wife, Lizzy, sleeping so peacefully. He calls out to his wife Lizzy but there was no response because Lizzy was engrossed in her sleep. He enters the bathing room and freshens up. Coming out of the bathroom, he sees Lizzie sitting on the bed half-awake. He went to his wardrobe and choose a pair of blue trousers with a white shirt complementing his pale skin and silky brown hair. He immediately puts on his dress and went and sit at the edge of the bed while looking at his sleepy wife. " Good morning"; he says giving her a light peck on the forehead. When her drowsiness faded completely, she couldn't imagine what her eyes were seeing. Her husband was sitting in front of her half-smiling at her. Fear grips her heart but she struggles to greet him back." Good morning" was all that could leave her mouth, getting off the bed, she immediately rushes to the bathroom and closes the door.Mr. Brown left the room for th
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Chapter 4 Contract
As she ends the song, tears roll down her cheeks and fall on the guitar while she looks at her dad with eyes full of unspoken words. Silence took over as there was nothing left for any one of them to say. Getting up from the mat, Mr. Brown hugs his daughter with everything in him, indirectly telling his daughter that every single lyric of the song was well understood by him. That night, Amalia danced and sang inside her room, not being able to contain the happiness within her. Feeling tired, she plunges over to her bed and this time, she didn't have to pray for sleep to consume her because, in less than no time, she was gone in her dreamland. Mr. Brown, lie down on the right side of his bed beside his wife Lizzy, replaying every single thing he did with his Princess Amalia, he smiles to himself. Think about the song, he then realizes that her daughter Amalia didn't only take her mother's features but also her voice, her voice that is compressed with emotion, ns, and her brown hazel
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Chapter 5 Intensions
She entered the house thinking she will make him fall for her, everything seems to go the opposite way all because of Amalia. All her dad's attention is always on her, every single time he comes back from a business trip he will always spend most of his time with her, and with that going on, she knows she will not win his heart so long as Amalia is alive. With the hatred inside of her, she decided to make Amalia's life a nightmare making use of every single opportunity she's got. Walking slowly to the dining, she smiles lovingly at her husband and gave him a peck on his jaw while greeting him which he( Brown) just smiles lightly at her. She turns to Amalia and greeted her with a fake smile on her face but the hatred in her eyes didn't go unseen by Amalia who responded sweetly. She took her seat at her usual position and there comes Dellia all dressed up beautifully with her light brown hair reaching her at shoulder length. Standing for a while, Dellia waited for her dad to notice h
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Chapter 6 Wishes
She runs to her room and shut the door loud without care, her heart is aching painfully that she can't explain, her dad has been going on business trips often but this one felt like she was losing him forever. Her heart hurts like never before, she falls beside her bed and lay her head on the bed crying nonstop. She understands that her dad got a company to run but the feeling was just too much for her to handle, she doesn't understand why she always has to spend little or no time with him.She wishes to stay in his arms forever while he sings lullabies with her, she wishes to live a life full of happiness with her dad beside her, she spoke out her wishes, hoping the heavens are listening and will grant it for she can't imagine herself in this mansion without her dad every single day he's not at home for it is hell for her. She believes her dad is her home and without him in the mansion, she has no home.Mr. Brown was already confused when he told his family about his upcoming trip in
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Chapter 7 Beauty to behold
Behind the apple tree stood Mr. Brown, staring at his princess with eyes full of unfathomable emotions. He has been standing there close to an hour but it felt like nothing because the norms in his legs were nothing compared to the pain and cries he was hearing, his princess is broken and he is the course of it, his princess is miserable all because of him. How he wishes he could turn down this trip, he would've gladly done so but it is out of control. Tears run down his face as he watches her cry, his heart aches, and the pain in his chest increase, he crunch his chest with his left hand while supporting himself with his right hand on the apple tree, and he felt like crying out loud but he held himself from doing that because he can't let her know he is watching and like the man that he was, he won't want to show weakness, not this time when she was broken. He silently listen to her sing with a voice full of sadness and unspoken emotions, and all he could do was stand by and watch he
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Chapter 8 Newfound spirit
Mr. Brown followed her from behind and stood by her door, silently listening to her talking to herself while sniffing from time to time due to the cold. He stayed there and only make a sound when he could no longer hear any noise coming from inside...he opens the door and walk in, quietly taking a seat by the side of the bed, he stares at his little princess sleeping all peacefully and beautifully. A sad smile forms on his lips as he lowers his head and peeks at her on her forehead causing Amalia to moan in her sleep. He went back to his room and lay on the bed as Lizzy slept peacefully beside him. Sleep was a mile away from him as he motionlessly stared at the ceiling without blinking with his thought running wide. Light pops up on his phone screen that was placed by his bedside and starts buzzing jolting him from his trance. He pick up the phone and check on the caller but wasn't surprised to see the caller's name because he has been expecting a call from him, his assistant. The ca
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Chapter 9
Me. Brown asked both daughters to join him for a little talk, and they obediently took their seats by him waiting for what he had to say. All he wanted was to spend some memorable time with them and that's what he was going to do, he brings up light and cheerful discussions making the girls talk and laugh from time to time...seeing his beautiful daughters laughing their hearts out with a carefree mind, he was overjoyed and couldn't explain how it feels like...this Is a rare sight to see since he is ale always at home, he misses them a lot, and though they were all happy now, he felt bad for not always being there when they need him most, for not showing them the fatherly love he oath to but looking at them now, he wishes for this to happen all the time. The house was lively with the trios chatting up in the living room happily, the servants peeking at them while smiling because it was a rare sight to witness such a wonderful atmosphere in the Brown's mansion, it has always been ghos
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Chapter 10
After dinner, the father and daughter did their usual routine by going out to the field and watching the wonderful view. It was almost midnight when they decided to go back home and rest for the night...Amalia enjoyed every single time she spent with her dad, even though she knew this was her last day to see him before he travels, it was still hard for her to accept it...As they walk their way to the mansion, her heart was becoming matter how much she tries to convince herself, she still can't let go. She has been watching her dad go on business trips so many times but this one feels different, everything just doesn't feel right...It was like this is the very last time she was ever going to spend time with her dad and she can't stop herself from feeling this way...She was lost in her thought that she didn't realize they were standing at the door of her room...the sadness in her heart was something she couldn't evade or hide, it was evident in her eyes and her dad was not
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