The Evil Wife (English Edition)

The Evil Wife (English Edition)

By:  Akihito  Ongoing
Language: English
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Heather Cassia Del Puerto has every reason to be loved. Citing from people's definitions, she's the epitome of beauty and intelligence. In addition, she has enough wealth and power being the La Villamorés' second owner. However, everyone was suffocated by her so-called perfect insight, and the audacity to think she is always right. Her holier-than-thou attitude annoyed everybody, but a particular tycoon is an exception—Lord Lavigne. Consequently, she didn't bother to change a bit after countless troubles, confident enough that the man everybody has been dreaming of is not going to leave her . . . Or so she thought.

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3 Chapters
Ever since it was justified that the world is round, I started listing the groups of people in this universe that I don't really need to deal with during my not-so-intriguing lifetime.First, STRANGERS.I blinked my eyes twice, trying to convince my self that it's not really happening, that I bumped my head on the wall or something, and everything's just a hallucination.Okay, okay. Breathe in. Breathe out."Miss, ah, can you move a little? My position is quite uncomfortable. You see, I'm pregnant."Damn. It's not a hallucination. I am really in a three-wheeled vehicle, and I remember the days when I don't even care what to call it! Because of this day's catastrophe, I could not even have the guts to know the fucking reasons why Heather Cassia is in a tricycle!"No need to tell me that you're pregnant. Not that I'm stupid to think that you're carrying a moon in your stomach." I couldn't stop rolling my eyes, yet I didn't bother to throw a glance at her. "I'm not going to move. After a
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Chapter 1
God knows I already did my best to stop myself. This tiny control in my head has already reached its limit. My lips twitched and the veins of my neck turned evident.I wasn't able to stop myself anymore. In front of her naturally friendly face, I raised my middle finger and clearly mouthed, "Pathetic son of a dog."She did not look shocked. Instead, she took a deep breath with a smile drawn on her face. It is in her where I can only see that kind of reaction. Even after being cussed at, she still manages to look calm and collected."My dear sister, does that mean we both came from a dog's semen?"My forehead creased. The level of my annoyance risen upon hearing her stupid response. "You're sick.""Severely," Hyacinth replied. "But my condition may turn critical, I know what I'm saying. Our parents would not be pleased to see you—""Your parents," I corrected her. "Thinking that your mom is my mom makes me wanna puke.""If I were you, I better leave," she continued like she didn't hear
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Chapter 2
"I'll be there in 30 minutes. I'm still preparing. Inform Mr. Cho that I would be busy this week, I have no time for his complaints . . . Yes . . . Confirmed. Plus, remove my 9th appointment, Mrs. Aragoza cancelled the meeting."I kept on scanning the new set of cosmetics above my cabinet while this man in my room is talking to his secretary on the phone.I am now a captive, jailed in his mansion walls. I can sense the setting sun, but I want to go in the woods away. I want to escape. Always have been.I heard that their conversation ended. In my peripheral view, I saw him put his phone in his pocket. He slightly came closer."I'm leaving. Ymir is downstairs, you can approach her if you need something."I faced him, slowly closing the MAC lipstick I am holding and placed it on the bedside table. Our eyes just met and I feel like I was thrown inside of a heated microwave. His effect on me is still the same. But if there is something that has changed, I no longer care whatever effect he
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