Boss Turned Husband

Boss Turned Husband

By:  Hillary   Ongoing
Language: English
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Payton Pritchard, the secretary of a renowned music producer, Adam Owens gets a proposition by her boss to pretend to be his wife! And it all started after a night in Vegas. The relationship may be fake, but the chemistry between them is real. With people trying to sabotage their love story, can the two fall in love? *** "Adam, I know you're in there! I won't leave until you come out and take responsibility for your actions!" She yelled, shaking her fists angrily. "My husband isn't home. Now, please leave before I call the cops!" "That's what you'd like, huh?" She scoffed with contempt. "I'm not leaving till Adam knows what he did to me." "What he DID to you?" I ask, perplexed. "He didn't tell you about that night, did he?" She smirked wickedly. "Well, tough luck, sweetheart. I'm pregnant and he's the father." She's . . . Pregnant? But I'm pregnant for him, too. . .

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27 chapters
Chapter One
"Adam, I know you're in there! I won't leave until you come out and take responsibility for your actions!" She yelled, shaking her fists angrily."My husband isn't home. Now, please leave before I call the cops!""That's what you'd like, huh?" She scoffed with contempt. "I'm not leaving till Adam knows what he did to me.""What he DID to you?" I ask, perplexed."He didn't tell you about that night, did he?" She smirked wickedly. "Well, tough luck, sweetheart. I'm pregnant and he's the father."She's . . . Pregnant?But I'm pregnant for him, too. . . TWO MONTHS AGO I walk into the office with the most composed face I could pull and ignore everyone's curious looks. I frantically pull out the computer records and start inputting data.I'm never taking the bus again. Half an hour later, when I see that I'm barely on the seventh page of the document, I let out an exasperated sigh.I have so much work to do! How will I ever make it on time?Focus Payton, you can do this. You like this jo
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Chapter Two
I unlock the door to room number 105. I think this is my room.I walk in and my eyes go wide. My hotel room isn't a room at all. It's a freaking apartment."This isn't mine, Mr. Owen," I exclaimed. "I must have accidentally switched the keys.""No, this is yours. Mine is down the hall," he replied."But . . .""Is there a problem?""I'm pretty sure I booked a smaller and cheaper room for myself," I stated."I upgraded you. I want you to be on the same floor as me if I need you. Is there a problem?" He asked again.Why did he even do that? I thought that was my job . . ."Of course, there's no problem! This room is fantastic. Thank you so much!" I smiled widely."You don't have to thank me." He glanced at his Rolex. "My business meeting shouldn't last long. Let's meet up for dinner in, let's say . . . an hour?""Sure, that sounds great." Wow. I'm having dinner alone with Adam.He seems to have read my mind, because he promptly adds. "Of course we won't be alone. My friend Paul Winston
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Chapter Three
I cautiously enter his office. I take a chair in front of him, trying to appear confident."So, Mr Owen." I began, "what did you want to talk to me about?There was a brief pause, and the room gets so quiet that I can hear my own heartbeat. His face is stone cold and I hold my breath as I prepare for the blow."I need you to be my wife!""I'm sorry?" I coughed out, almost falling off my chair.Surely, this must be a joke. He didn't just ask me to be his fake wife, right? I keep waiting for him to burst out laughing and yell, “Got ya!” but it doesn't happen so I start to get nervous."You want me . . . to be your wife?" I slowly repeated."Fake wife," he corrected."Right. You're going to have to elaborate on that," I said, folding my arms. Adam sighs like he can't believe he's having this conversation right now.But how could I understand what's going on in that handsome head of his? One minute ago, I was so sure he was going to fire my ass . . . but instead, he wants me to be his fa
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Chapter Four
I call Thea and ask her to meet me at the mall. As soon as I see her, I scowl."Thea, how could you not tell me about the document?" I cried. "You could have at least warned me!"She blinks a few times. "What document?""Oh, I don't know. The one you signed this morning, maybe?" I replied sassily."I have no idea what you're talking about," she said, confusion eminent on her face. She looks sincere but I still can't let it go."Does the name Adam Owens ring any bells?""Oh! Yea, he showed up on my doorstep this morning and asked for my autograph," she beamed. "He looked amazing, I'll tell you! I don't know why he was wanted it, now that I think about it . . . Damn it, I should have asked him for his!" She exclaimed."Did he get mad because I didn't?"It doesn't take me long to realize what actually happened. "So you just signed a document without knowing what it was about?" I deadpanned."To be fair, it was really early, and he looked like a god," she remarked."Jesus, Thea! You signe
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Chapter Five
"We dated for about four months before we got married," Adam lied."How did you two meet?" He questioned."She used to deliver pizza for a living, and the first time she knocked on my door, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I found myself ordering pizza almost everyday which really wasn't good for my figure," he answered.Some journalists chuckle."So instead, I offered her a job, thinking it'd pass. It only made it worse. Until one day, I finally talked myself into asking her out . . .and she said yes." Adam turns his head and looks at me.His eyes burn with passion and desire as he takes me in. "She's the most beautiful woman woman I've ever laid my eyes on." His gaze dips to my lips, and my heart starts to beat faster.Did he really mean that? If not, he's one hell of an actor! Right at that moment, a journalist yells, ‘Give us a kiss!’" My eyes go wide, unsure what Adam is going to do. He accepts the challenge.He places his hand around my waist, and he gently pulls me closer to h
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Chapter Six
A few hours later;Adam is pacing the floor with his hands behind his head. His best friend, Paul, is sitting in one of the arm chairs, while I'm standing and looking at them while leaning against the wall. The air is tense."This is such a mess. I can't believe she's doing this to me!" Adam fumed, his tone slightly aggravated."Calm down. I'm the best lawyer in town. We'll fix this," Paul reassured."I don't understand what's happening right now. Can someone please explain?" I begged."My wife is suing me for half of my fortune, that's what's happening!!" Adam bellowed."I knew that. But why was she so certain that I wasn't your real wife?" I queried."God, my head is killing me," he groaned, stopping his pacing and rubbed a hand down his face to his chin."Let's focus for a while, alright? I won't let her screw you over," Paul voiced out."And how are you going to stop her?" Adam sneered.Paul strokes his chin and addresses us. "Well, first if all, you two need to move in together,
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Chapter Seven
"Adam?" I breathlessly called out."Yeah?" He hummed in response.I take a step back and turn my head away, averting my eyes from his handsome face and tempting lips."It's probably best if I leave. I need to start packing my stuff since I'm moving in with you," I announced."Yeah, right. You do that.""I'll see you later." I start to walk towards the door. I flip my hair and add a little sway to my hips as I make my way to the door. Once I reach it, I turn around and see him smirking.I bet he liked the show. ***I look at all my stuff, now neatly packed in boxes and suitcases. It's been three days since the red carpet rendezvous and I still can't believe I'm doing this.Marriage was one thing, but living together?Just then, my phone pings and I see it's a message from Adam.Adam- Are you getting here soon?Payton- I'm still waiting for the moversAdam- Well, hurry upPayton- Oh . . .Payton- Hey, it's not up to me.Payton- I'm doing my best.Adam- I know, I know. The thing is, I h
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Chapter Eight
I must be seeing things. There's no way there's a pair of handcuffs on his bedpost!I close my eyes and open them again.Nope, the handcuffs are still there. Who is this man, really? He's proving to be much more interesting than I imagined.I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around and give Adam my most sheepish smile knowing I'd been caught."I thought I told you not to enter my room?""I was just...""You were just what?""See, the thing is..." He arches an eyebrow and I sigh. I can't wiggle my way out of this. "The door stood ajar, and I got a little curious... So I peeked inside. I'm really sorry. I promise to stay out of your bedroom from now on."I move to walk past him but he takes a step to stand in front of me. "Where do you think you're going?" He asked."Since you don't want me in here, I thought I'd leave as soon as possible," I explained."I won't let you off the hook that easy, Payton.""Is that so?" He tilts his head to the side and smirks. "I never expected I'd get suc
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Chapter Nine
I can't stop staring at the box of condoms in his drawer. He bought them today, that much was clear. And he obviously had someone on his mind when he bought the box.Is he sleeping with someone else? Maybe someone from the office?Most girls would be more than willing to jump his bones if they had the chance. Or...Maybe he's expecting to sleep with ME?I leave the office feeling confused and worried.***I arrive quicker than I thought and Adam meets me in the hallway."Did you find the contract?" He asked expectantly."Yes." I hand him the contract without making eye contact."Thank you for bringing me this," he said."Whatever." I turn to leave, but he grabs my arm and spins me around."Hey, wait a minute. Are you in a hurry or something?" He inquired."Something like that," I replied.His eyebrows pinch together and he looks me deep in the eyes. "Is everything okay?""Of course. Why wouldn't it be?" I answered with a fake smile plastered on my face."I don't believe you," he frown
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Chapter Ten
"What?" I cried out, my heart pumps loudly in my chest. A honeymoon?Adam smirks and grabs my waist to pull me closer. "You heard me, Payton.""Yeah, but I just don't understand." My brows furrowed."What don't you understand?""Why would we go on a honeymoon when we're not even actually married?" I queried."There are two good reasons for that," he answered. "One, we both desperately need a vacation." Can't argue with that. "Two, it would be weird if we didn't go now that everyone knows that we're married," he finished."Oh, really? And you don't have a secret motive at all? Like getting me alone without any distractions?" I inquired, arms folded across my white night top.He smirks. "Well, I guess you'll have to find out tomorrow.""Why, what's happening tomorrow?""That's when we're leaving." He presses a lingering kiss on my cheek, and then strides out of the kitchen.God, what have I gotten myself into?***Later in the day, I quickly text Thea to tell her of my current status.
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