The Alpha King's Weakness

The Alpha King's Weakness

By:  Queen Hall  Ongoing
Language: English
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His name is KING DONOVAN He wasn’t a prince but was worshipped and praised like a king or God. He was rich, powerful and very handsome but he doesn’t do love. He changes women just like he changes his clothes everyday, he was also a man whore and a pervert….a good looking one so women say. But his world turned upside down when innocent and naive Bella came in, when she became his secretary everything changed about him, she occupied his every thoughts, he began to go crazy about her. But unknown to him, Bella was sent to make him fall for her then after that break his heart into pieces and also bring down his company. She didn’t accept to do it at first but she had to when her asmathic brother got kidnapped and she was threatened with her brother’s life. Who will she choose and make a decision, her brother’s life or her love. Will they be able to overcome this? Will their love conquer all?

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5 Chapters
Bella opened the cupboards one by one praying silently that there was food left, even if it is just a little bit her head dropped in disappointment when she saw that it was dusty and empty.“Big sis, is okay, If there is nothing to eat, I can stay hungry “Damien, Bella’s little brother muttered and immediately he did, his stomach grumbled loudly.“Damien, I….I am so sorry, I can’t take care of you, am just useless, I can’t just stand there and watch you starve, it would affect and endanger your health”Bella said, no, she just couldn’t let him starve with his condition.“But big sis, am okay”Damien said biting his lower lip, that was what Damien do anytime he is lying.That word that came out from his mouth *Am okay*, no matter how Bella tried to forget it and put positive thoughts into her brain, she knew that he wasn’t okay, Damien knew that too.“Wait here and rest”Bella mumbled and pay his head gently.“I must get food for you okay?, Just wait a little bit, I will be right back!”Be
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Bella let her knees sunk to the hard wooden ground as tears rolled down her eyelids to her cheeks.No!This can’t be happening to her, this can’t be happening!, Her brother was just 9 years old and was asthmatic!Anything could trigger his health.She needed to find the guy and accept his offer as soon as possible even if it was something she never expected herself to do, she had to, so that her brother can live.Bella grabbed the paper and read the address again before running out of the house as fast as she could, bumping into people and almost getting hit by a car but at that moment, she didn’t care.Her brother was more important, important than her life itself, if it is to die for her brother, she would do so happily.Bella couldn’t help but think, wherever he was kept, was he in good health?, Did his attack start again?Ohhh, she felt like she would go crazy or burst anytime soon.“Hey!, Watch it!”A man in his early 40’s yelled and hissed in pain when Bella bumped into him and h
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AT KING DONOVAN’S MANSION“Alex!!,Alex!!”A guy yelled walking into king’s room and it appeared like king was about to take some nap.“Xavier!!, Stop yelling my name like that and how many times do i have to tell you to stop calling me that!!!”King half-yelled and shot him a harsh glare, a glare that could take someone on their knees but xavier looked unbothered.“Calling you king is absurd and by the ways?, i am your best friend not some outsider”Xavier rolled his eyes and sat on a chair which was big enough that people could mistake it to be a throne.“Aha!, lest i forget, i got great news for you!!”Xavier muttered snapping his right fingers together.“Now what?”King said clearly pissed, he was really trying to hold his anger because if he don’t, he might ended up pouncing on xavier and beating him to a pup.“I have found a suitable secretary for you since you fired your previous secretaries, hope the girl wouldn’t have the same fate “Xavier blabbed and king sat up.“What did you jus
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Bella played with the pen they gave her nervously, damn!, She was scared and nervous at the same time.She was asked to sort and correct a pile of files and right now, she felt really tired but ofcourse she needed to continue working to avoid being tagged a lazy secretary in just her first day of work.“Why don’t you use the laptop or computer to do so?”Xavier had once said but she stubbornly persisted to use her hands.“No Bell, you have to do this for your brother okay?”Bella said to herself again,the more she said that continuously, the more she continued doing her work despite the tiredness and fatigue.Bella yawned loudly while stretching her arms wide before looking up towards the door when she heard the sound of it creaking open.“Oh no!”Bella groaned inwardly and clenched her hands behind her, Xavier was getting more piles of files for her and she was beginning to think that king was doing it on purpose and wanted to make her life difficult.“Am sorry dear, you must be tired,
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Bella managed to fall asleep very early in the morning after crying for what seems like forever all through the night.And as a result of that, she woke up so late, she quickly took the shortest bath that she had ever took in her 21 years of living.After that, she wore one of the new decent clothes Dante bought for her, when she was done, her stomach grumbled loudly but she ignored it as usual.Though she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday but of course, she has no money, not even a dollar and what she feared at that moment or in a moment to come was passing out in front of king Donovan.Bella trembled as she felt her head spin but she quickly shaked her head to balance her sight which was turning blurry.She quickly walked out of the house and started her walk towards the company.Bella smiled when she entered her office successfully without passing out on the way or something similar, thankfully, king wasn’t in his office at the moment.She quickly went through his schedule and
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