Chosen By The Mafia

Chosen By The Mafia

By:  Nina Daniel  Completed
Language: English
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Lana Bellen is an 18 years old naive student with a dream of flying high. She has a passion to travel her wonderland and when it executes; she collides into real danger; a fatal mobster. A 28 years old Armando De Luca who is famous as Lord of Mafia. His heartless trait radiates fear in the core of hearts. Betrayal awakes his devil, his loaded bullets thrusts their bodies before culprits could clean themselves up. He is known as "El Veneno (The Poison)". As heir of D. L Enterprises Holding Inc and Master of Spanish Mafia, he owns half of the intercontinental sphere where his sharp jaw and cold eyes confirm his foreboding. Nobody dares to mess up with a man like him. But when his own captive makes his heartbeat for the first time, How would he fight with love and ferity?

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104 Chapters
“Beautiful,” he murmured, I was standing with my eyes down, I didn't know for some reason, I didn't feel like looking at him, The way his eyes were locked on me was chilling enough to keep me gulping hard. I stood still in my track like an obedient puppy. I fetched hard to muster up my courage but it wasn’t ready at any cost to be in my favour so I ended up deciding not to glance him. Obviously, I didn't want my cause of death to be too stupid, His eyes walked around my body progressively, clearly scanning me up. “Come here,” He said while patting his thighs and my feet automatically moved toward him for not giving him a chance to hurt me. As I reached under his range, he grabbed my forearm and pulled me to him, I grimaced in pain, “Ahh ouch,” a tear dropped from my eye, my body shaking and my eyes mouthlessly asking him to let me go and choose someone else. What he did was not what I wanted to happen with me again. I don’t want to take my last breath in pain where this inhuman h
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Chapter 1
1Warning: This chapter contains powerful language and torture. Please read it at your own risk.Lana's POVI wonder those people who can absolutely get everything they utter, from a castle of chocolates to showers in golds, like the world is just for them; made for them, served to them. People are their slaves; women their properties, men their defenders. They care about no one, just all themselves and their thirst for more and more. The hunger of power never ends for them, it keeps growing and ultimately leads towards the destruction of mankind.I believe in goodness despite having only pains and traumas gifted by life. One thing that relieves me; the help of people like us; the weak class. I wish to do something big for them. I have always been a giver and never a receiver, My belief is if I ever expect something from someone; I'll always end up disappointed by them. There's my only family to be counted on; my folks. They are the best thing that ever happened to me. Despite being p
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Chapter 2
2Lana’s POVWinter has been welcomed and all of the aurae is jammed with snowflakes. As I walked back to my home from work, I inhaled deeply. I was tired yet motivated but don’t know for how long. Right now, passing by beautiful houses dressed with lights and decors made me purse my lips where my inner self accosted me about my poverty but I blurred out before it gave me a fit.Today, I was late home because of workload. It’s been so long I haven’t slept peacefully. I just wish to sleep a whole day without worrying about our financial crisis. It’s depressing to wake up with the thought of no longer supplies left. I’m no longer born yesterday kiddo, Our hurdles made me older than my age. I have a school in the morning and work in the evening. My routine left me no fun. I’m working hard to meet our expenses with my parents. I can’t buy whatever I like, I lame excuse to myself; I lie, I avoid buying unnecessary stuff and save it for my future because only if I’m working passionately it’
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Chapter 3
3A Few Weeks PassedLana‘s POVI wonder if there could be any possible way to stop the time and cherish the moment forever but again, this is the world of real facts, not my fantasyland. I exhaled a deep breath and kept ambling on the poolside with the ocean of memories in my brain. As I looked up in the gloomy sky with full of starry stars, and yet I tried to count each of them specifically but at the same time, wondered that dynamics of light can’t be numbered. I lifted my head all little more up in the blamy breeze and closed my eyes along with the flow of wind. It’s so calm yet so peaceful in here. I wanted to sway slowly to the beat of air but here my mind was busy in recalling my treasured memories.I just couldn't get over this nirvana. I opened my eyes with the thought of beach in Ibiza where he spent our 5 glorious days and then the great Barcelona was in line, we stayed there for 2 weeks.I could proudly say that time has been written in my dear diary forever. I celebrated
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Chapter 4
4Eyes all closed, shoved to the death room, all I can think about is my life before Spain, my parents whom I spent every breath with but they don’t know I’m living my last ones. My two little babies who I wanted to secure and their future but I failed securing my own.Some of my friends who I thought were not worth it but right now, I’m missing them too, I wanna be with them. For one last time.Never in my life, I thought I’d miss that time too but look today, I’m recalling my memories and admitting them the best time I ever had because there won’t be me anymore. Life will not stop for me, if my story ever gets on screen, people will awe for me for a while, and then it will be where every tragedy belongs; in the trash.I’ll be nothing but a temporary instance, what a bit of luck. I wanted to be an on-screen with a major accomplishment, but here I guess I’m gonna play a victim role. The universe never wanted me to win.My blood and his hands covered in it will be my last viewpoint.Go
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Chapter 5
5Warning: This chapter contains heavy-violence. Please read it at your riskArmando’s POV “Jefe, las prostitutas intentaron escapar, pero le disparamos a una, pero otras siguen respirando. (Boss, prostitutes tried to escape but we shot one dead and others are still breathing)” Leane explained,“Tráeme estos, cortaré sus partes privadas yo mismo, luego lentamente sus vidas. Querían escapar por la libertad, no les perdonaré un minuto libre(Bring these ones to me, I will cut off their private parts myself, then slowly their lives. They wanted to escape for freedom, I will not spare them a free minute)” it was enough talk for me; I ended the call,They should’ve known that no one leaves once captured, escaping is not a way out, instead, it means throwing yourself in the hellfire.Hookers like them only want money and just sex. Then why run? Work for me, I’ll shower you in dollars.Disobey, then better bear effects of the invasion.Minding back to my killing expertise,I was getting rea
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Chapter 6
6Lana’s POVWhat am I gonna do here? I don’t know how long they will keep me here, why are they treating me well? The master,he was gentle when I thought he would be my terminator but I guess he wants to use me before slaughtering, does he lure every girl this way? He must be, I need to run away from here, it won’t be easy; I need to be careful otherwise next time I’d be shot dead just like that girl. Oh God! I’m sorry… how am I gonna live with that guilt? I can’t forget her fresh blood streaming down her head, the bullet… that hit her head without giving her any chance to live, Why are they so cruel? They almost killed me and took her life instantly, God how am I gonna live with this guilt? Please, God… take my life away too, or I’ll come to you, I just can’t live like this. I pray you to forgive me, I wanna come to you, maybe killing myself will be easier than getting slew after mental and physical torture, I never thought of being in this state in Spain but that’s what you
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Chapter 7
7Armando”s POV“Master she disappeared” my men came in running,I couldn't stand it first but after then I processed it in my mind, I jolted up and lifted him in the air with my hand gripping his neck. “TRY. SAYING. IT. AGAIN,” I barked out with a gnash,“Ma…mas-ter, we’re find-ing h-her” he uttered in suffocation.“How do you let her ESCAPE!?” I punched him. Hard. He fell back on the floor.I was roving in circles, “I want her in front of me in 5 minutes or you all die,” I snapped my fingers and growled on my last words, he wasted no time and ran for his life.I poured myself a whiskey and gulped it in one go, my hands gripped that breakable glass so hard that it cracked and eventually crushed into pieces.WHAT IS SHE THINKING!? OH BABY, THIS WAS NEVER AN OPTION FOR YOU, YOU’LL BE HERE. YOU HAVE TO BE. THERE’S NO WAY OUT FOR YOU MY LITTLE KITTENAHHH, FUCK! I slammed my fists on the worktop again and again like a mad lover who was head over heels crazy for his love and threw every
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Chapter 8
8Warning: This chapter extremely refers to sexual acts and some readers might find it offensive. Please read it at your own risk!“It’s my turn to play wild,” he said with a cunning sniggerWas he trying to say that he’ll play wild on Xbox with me? I frowned at him with a question written on my face, “I-I don’t get it,” I mumbled softly,He was mute but his body was in functioning. He adjusted me in between his legs and finching me down in the mattress, after examining my position, he stood up from the bed. My conscious mind was studying his intentions and it was suggesting nothing positive,I felt my heart coming out when I saw him with two long ropes, He had them wrapped around in his hands, on which my inner-alarm triggered, “Wh-what a-re these r-ropes for..for? I stuttered badly and tried to move back, He moved forward with a smirk on his face, like he was enjoying my weak form, “You’ll know it soon, naughty one,” he said in his darkest shade of tone, "these ropes are used for
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Chapter 9
9Lana’s POVChirping of birds was what made me conscious of the world, I was so lifeless that opening my eyes was the hardest I could feel and my body, it was like somebody lacerated my heart and left it for bleeding until it emptied thoroughly. My head was aching so bad, even if I wanted to take a glimpse of my surroundings, my feeble body was too weak to register anyone around me. A little while later, I felt people beside me, I sensed minute activities happening beside me. I also aware of pinning to a fleecy mattress as an expired corpse.A pinky finger moved and, sudden hustle-bustle started around me, I could hear voices,What is this? My mind muffled, For an aeon, I was unable to move and stuck. Shocks of soreness transmitted from my nail of thumb to my skull. My forehead formed a line as I arched my eyebrow in agony. Oh Lord, this will kill meEven if I mistakenly move in my gesture; a line of current ripped me apart in half; leaving me to surrender even before I could start.
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