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Jane Kibson is a 30 year old lawyer, recently transfer from the outskirt city of Nashville. Due to some arguments with her superior Jane was thrown out to work far from the city. She was an amazing beauty, have a strong personality and behavior, an opinionated and strong willed woman. She have principles that cannot be broken even if her career was at stake. She will fight for what she think is right and take a strong stand on her beliefs and that cause her to lose her promotion in the Kibson law firm and worst was thrown out to work outskirt. How will her life be after a 180 degree turn from her old life? What is an unexpected turn of events will she meet to a new neighborhood at Nashville?

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Frustrations was all written on Jane's face as she was driving towards west of Virginia.looking back at how she work hard to make the law firm successful for the past 10 years. It's the law firm that her grandpa established and gave her as her inheritance. But everything was turn to waste.She was sixteen back then when her grandfather always took her to work. She read a lot of cases and books of law since then because while waiting on her grandfather's office she always read books and documents when she is bored. She learned alot from that. When She graduated with flying colors in a college of law she took the Chairman position in her grandfather's law firm even there are lots of invitaion from bigger lawfirm because of her credentials. She chose to work in a small law firm of her grandfather and it didn't take long after its becomes one of the biggest law firm after SHe work hard for all the success of the law firm company.For ten long years of her hardwork, everything was taken f
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After taking a shower and arrange her clothes in the closet, it was about 6 in the afternoon and the sun is already setting down. She went down to checked the kitchen and found nothing in the fridge and also the cabinet. There wasn't anything to eat for dinner. so She checked all the kitchen set if there's anything that she needs to buy in the market aside from groceries before heading out. She get in the car but before she started the car. She noticed a person standing on the other side veranda which is just an opposite of her room veranda. She can't figured out if it's a man or a woman because that side was dark. The person feels like was staring at her for about 10 minutes before it went inside the room.Jane's pov: That's weird. Who would that be? So i have a neighbor.Jane says to herself as she started the car and drove away to grocery store. Because she was new to the area it takes her long time to find the grocery store and to buy stuff. When she got home it's already 8 at ni
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Since Jane is starting again with her new life. While eating her breakfast, she make her to do list.1. Applied for a job (hunting job in the morning and in the afternoon do the online application)2. Buy personal stuff and other kitchen stuff.3. Buy groceries and toiletries4. Do the laundry5. Cook6. Clean the house (can't afford to get a house maid)7. Exercise (need to be always fit8. Find a boyfriend (not urgent, ca do it later)These are the to do list of Jane.She took a shower, get dress, put some make up and went out to do the first work on her to do list.She went to down town and applied for a job. Jod hunting is not so easy for her, Since her resume has a high credentials on list she was always got rejected. She is over qualified or there is no position fit for her credentials. Today wasn't good for her so she head back home after buying stuff that she needed. It was already 3 in the afternoon when she reached home beacause she was stucked in the traffic because of car
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James Aniston loves peaceful and quite places. He chose to live at the outskirt of nashville. He didn't like the city because of it's noise pollution. For 5 years living in quiet and peaceful place was like haven to him but this peace and quite ended when his neighbor next to his house arrived. She is loud, She always sing and even just talking on her phone or reading a book she still loud. No more peace and quietness in the world of James. Before whenever he leave open his sliding door on his veranda. He hears bird chirping, he hears the wind gushing and the trees swaying. But one day, everything suddenly change when his neighbor arrived. The sounds of the bird chirping, the wind gushing and the trees swaying was gone. Hearing the sound of someone singing woke up James from his nap time. Although he doesn't really like music and singing he also coudn't help himself to listen to the beautiful voice of his neighbor. It was only 3 days when he got used to hear her voice while talking
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Early in the morning Jane woke up and prepare herself for today's interview. After eating her breakfast head out to Berkly Corp.When she got there, there are lots of people waiting at the conference room. Around 50 people are waiting for the interview. She sat on a corner and wait for her name to be called. While waiting she heard people talking about how hard it is to get a job at Berkly corp. and how high is the standard of credentials this company is looking for.Jane: Jane thought to herself. will she be qualified? or over qualified again.One of the girl sitting in front of Jane says.Carole: That is why if you don't have the credentials, you can go now. you are just adding up to our waiting here.Girl 1: Im sorry Miss Carole but like you we also received a message from them so that means our credentials also reach their standard. Not because your the Mayor's niece you are the only one qualifies.Carole: JUst wait until you see me got the job here, with a high position. Wait and
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Jane went home very happy. At last there will be an assurance that she will be fine for the days ahead.She took a Shower and prepare to roast a chicken. She will celebrate her victory, she will congratulate herself for a new job and cheers for her upcoming success.She will celebrate alone but she doesn't care anymore. After what happened to her. all of her friends and companion left her. Even the most special person in her heart left her all alone. But now that she will have a new beginning. She don't care to anyone anymore.It was 5 in the afternoon when Jane finished preparing her dinner. She went up and prepare everything at her veranda. The roasted chicken, The wine and some vegies and her laptop tocall her bestfriend Irene.Jane was on video call with Irene her bestfriend while eating and drinking.Jane: Irene?guess what? I got the job! This will be the new beginning for anew journey of my life.Irene: Congratulations my dear bestfriend. I know you can make it. Im happy for you
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Monday, Jane's first day of work.She arrived early in the company.The secretary of the VP Rick was waiting for her and bring her to the Vice President's office.VP Rick accompany her in roaming around the company to be familiar with every body and told her about the company and the operations.When they reached the markerting department. VP Rick open the door for Jane. All the employees were shocked this is the first time the Vice President visited there department and most surprising at all is that opening a door for the new employee.Everyone gathered together when VP Rick and Jane together with VP secretay Lily went inside the Maeketing department.Everyone greeeted the VP Rick and then look at Jane.VP RIck: Good morning everyone. I would like to introduce to you the new Marketing department Head, Miss. Jane Kibson.Everyone gave Jane a warm welcome but Jane was still in awe. She didn't expect to get a higher position in the company because of her previous record.VP Rick just n
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Jane ring the doorbell of her neighbor and she was about to knock when the door suddenly open.A very handsome man was standing at the door looking at her with a set of beautiful green eyes. Jane was like she was hypnotized and unable to say anything and just stared at the person by the door. She was just woken up after hearing him say.James: Are you okay? Can i help you?Jane: (What a beautiful voice) Stamering at her words she said. You dog, i mean yor puppy in in my room right now and im trying to pull the dog by its collar but it slump on my floor, i tried carrying it but it was so heavy. That big dog is not a puppy anymore.James: while looking at her with a smile told her to wait and he will go with her to her house and get the puppy.They went back to her house together. When they arrived the dog was nowhere to be found. James keep on calling the name of the puppy.James: Max? Max? Max?Jane: Max? doggie where are you?Jane tol James that it was in her veranda earlier but it w
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