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She walked into a trap got herself pregnant and as a result she was forced to leave her hometown. But this was no where near the end of the matter, six years later she returned with her twins by her stronger than ever. But just as she was ready to take revenge the father of her twins appeared and made everyone who once hurt her pay the price for their deed. He thought that the act of saving a damsel in distress would move her but, had not expected to see two little babies standing in his way, telling him that they are conditions to follow if he wants to marry their mother..

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In the First Care Medical Hospital, New York City, Angel Johnson was in the obstetrics and gynecology ward. She was drenched in sweat from the contractions and pains she was experiencing. Like a fish that was out of the water, Angel had her mouth opened wide to take in big gulps of air as she tried to follow the instructions of her obstetrician. "Give another hard push, I can almost see the baby's head now". Don't be scared you're almost there. The baby will be delivered soon. Congratulations you have a pair of twins a boy and a girl. Oh no the patient blood pressure is too high and she's losing too much blood we need to operate on her immediately. Angel has spent all her energy on delivering her twins. With the last bit of strength she had left, she cast a glance at her newborn babies before she lost consciousness, look at the babies they have just fair skin and rosy lips, too bad that they are illegal children. Angel regain consciousness amid the loud noises in the hospital room. T
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At a community health care hospital in New York City years later, Angel stood at the entrance wearing a pair of big sunglasses and two-inch stilettos on her feet with one hand on a white-colored piece of luggage, she appeared to be in a daze as she watched the people entering and exiting the hospital. Angel was finally back. Six years ago, she was on the run with her twins. With her friend's help, she hid In a private house for a year while avoiding James'' search for her. After a year of hiding, she had spread the news that she and her twins had died In a fire in a bid to stop James in his persistent search for her. With support from her friend, Angel had moved overseas with her twins and continued her medical studies there. She had dared to come back to New York City only because she had made some powerful connections when she was overseas. With these people backing her up, she was no longer the helpless young woman from six years ago. Her father's friends also had doubts about
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Hope started to think quickly. What was the fastest way to get rid of this pair of twins so that they will never have the chance to meet Chris? "You're so ugly! Mommy said before that people who tell lies end up with long noses and then they become an ugly old hag. You're as terrifying to as the old hag in the story that mummy tell us! Angela voiced out.She was an ugly old hag? The more furious and agitated Hope became,the faster her contractions increased in intensity.she could even feel the trickling of blood down her thighs and this frightened her. Her face turned white as paper she let loose another scream. Gesturing for her bodyguard to support her body,Hope started crying out, "Doctor, where's the Doctor?" She had fooled around too much before her marriage to James and because of this,she had accidentally gotten pregnant many times with her numerous sexual partners. As a result of her multiple abortions,it has been difficult for her to become pregnant after marrying Chris. She
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There was flash of curiosity in Chris smoldering eyes and, without any warning,he stretched and put his arm around Angel's waist. To anyone seeing this as they passed by,this was definitely a lecherous move. Angel was startled by Chris's move and took a moment to recover before she pushed him away.She raised a hand to slap Chris across the face but he was faster. He caught her hand mid-air as she swung it and said, "I'm Chris Williams. Remember my name". After saying this, Chris released her hand and headed towards the hospital entrance. Samson gave a long whistle, clearly still excited over the discovery of Angel and her twins, before running after Chris. Angela titled her head and asked her brother in her cute girly voice "Angelo did the mister who may be our daddy just take advantage of our mommy? "Hm". Angelo nodded his head calmly,his head calmly,his gaze still fixed on Chris, who was moving up the stairs towards the hospital main entrance.Perhaps he should attempt to get a hol
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CHAPTER 5: I will Bring Them For A DNA Test
James I don't have dementia neither did I suffered a memory loss, I'll never forget what you did to my family. Angel look determined as she gritted her teeth, so don't bother pretending to be overjoyed you just see me again, you just disgust me. I'm back to avenge my family either you take me down and leave me no choice but to leave New York City again or I'll destroy you completely. James thought little of Angel's threat instead he gave her an indulging smile, Angel you haven't changed one bit you still say whatever comes to your mind and you do as you pleases.If I was really afraid of you, I'll make arrangements and have you killed based on what you have just said. So really, a piece of advice for you control that temper of yours unless you are more than capable of protecting yourself. Like an eagle that spread it's wings, James spread his arms wide and added just like me I was a nobody and had worked my way up the social ladder. Now I have control in both the Chris enterprise and
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CHAPTER 6: A Softer Side To A Hardened Man
with the Meyer group and now he was using the same method colluding with the Collins group to take over the Meyer group. Angel wondered if she should let Hope know about this. Would Hope and James destroy each other in a fight? With the document in hand, Angel sat on the small couch in the study as she contemplated the best way to leak this piece of news to Hope without drawing attention to herself. In the living room, Angela was sitting on the couch and eating freshly washed grapes. swinging her legs playfully,her eyes sparkled with mischief as she said "Angelo they're two people on mommy's social media account that she has labeled as the people she hates the most. One is the pregnant ugly old hag and the other is the mister who pestered mommy earlier. We need to think about how we can teach them a lesson.Angelo nodded while tapping on his phone's screen. What are you doing Angelo? Curious about what he was upto, Angela moved closer to him and saw Chris schedule appearing on on his
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The bodyguard opened the bod and said respectfully "Young Master and miss, we are here. Angelo held Angela hand when they got out of the car. When he saw Chris approaching out of the corners of his eye, his face clearly tensed up again. "Angelo it's daddy." Angela eyes beamed with pleasure as she tickled Angelo palm, He's very handsome! and he's very much tall! I like him very much! Angela has used three 'very' in her positive comment for Chris. To her it was the best way to indicate her fondness of Chris.Although Angelo was wise beyond his years, he is still a little child deep in his heart. Like other children, he had desire for a fatherly figure in his life. So although he had tensed up on seeing Chris, his eyes reflected his desire for Chris as his father. if Chris prove to be a reliable man and could protect his mother and sister at all costs, Angelo wouldn't mind including Chris into his of potential daddies. Of course, if this man couldn't protect them, then he wouldn't ackno
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After watching from the sideline for a while, Samson walked up and whistled before introducing himself, "Hello there Precious ones. I'm uncle Sam. You can ask me anything you want about Chris I will tell you all that I know." Angelo lifted is head and sized up Samson with slightly narrowed eyes. Samson appeared to have a flippant attitude, Angelo could tell from the look in Samson eyes that not only was he pleased to see them, but he also seemed to approve of Angela and him. Beside, Samson was also quite good looking and didn't look like a hooligan. Alright then, Angelo thought to himself, Samson could be included on his list of potential daddies.Chris would probably be angry if he knew of his son's thought. "Uncle Sam, you're not as handsome as my daddy." Angela was still hugging Chris leg as she warned Sam, so, don't you even think of fighting with daddy over my mummy. Angela indirectly praised Chris as she spoke with Samson. Samson was perplexed with what Angela had said. when did
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Yay! You're our Daddy now! Angela lightly held her dress by it's side and spun around in delight. Angelo pursed lips showed sign of breaking into a smile. He was only a six year old child who desired for a father in his life. Now that he had a father, Angelo would be able to tell those who dared use the word "illegal child" on him that he was not one, he now has a father. Chris fold the report in his hands and met two pairs of bright shinning eyes. His heart softened as he looked into those eyes. In a rare display of affection Chris picked up the two kids with his arms and kissed each of them on their cheeks. 'lets go I will take you both to lunch, Chris said as he left the hospital with both kids. They drove to siana restaurant where Angela ordered a lot of food. Angelo showed some self restraint by ordering only two dishes, while Chris only ordered a bottle of red wine for himself. During lunch Chris was savoring his glass of red wine as he watched Angela happily trying out all the
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Angel looked at Chris, the skepticism clear in her eyes. She pursed her lips and said coldy, Mr. Chris these kids are all I have. I'll give everything even my life, if anyone tries to take them from me. Chris concurred at once, "hm not bad you're a good mother". Surprised by Chris reply Angel paused momentarily before finally squeezing out, "Thank you for your compliment." Out of courtsey she added "if there is nothing, I will be going into my apartment with Angela and Angelo. Angel wanted to minimize contact with Chris eversince is audacious behavior yesterday but Chris ignored her hint of rejection. His gaze moved down and saw the bag of grocery bag she had in her hand. Reaching over to take the bag from her, he started to walk towards her apartment building as he said "let's go then". Angela tugged a bewildered Angel eagerly, "hurry up mommy. Daddy's gone already". Angel glared at Angela as she secretly vowed to teach this girl some lesson once Chris had left. It had only been o
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