Devil's don't fly

Devil's don't fly

By:  Blacksapphire  Ongoing
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They say love is not a choice but destiny. But in this story, it is destiny that they should fight in order to gain the love that they both wish for. Axel, the prince of hell falls for an archangel named Muriel. And when Lucifer launched a war against the heavens. He helped to warn the angel, thus angering his father so much that he aimed to kill Axel, his own son. But in an unexpected twist of fate, Muriel was the one that Lucifer had managed to kill while saving him in the process. After that, he was casted out from hell, and had to live with humans. As he waited for Muriel to be reincarnated. And swore that he would protect him with his life. Indeed, Muriel got reincarnated in Urie's body. Axel thought that he could fulfill the wish of being with his beloved angel after centuries of waiting fir him. But he was wrong. As it turns out, he has to protect Urie while keeping his distance as to not tainting his purity before his ascention. But will he able to choose from keeping him safe and loving him, when he can only choose one?

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62 Chapters
Longing for a lost love
Inside the most grandiose palace that is owned by the most handsome and sought-after bachelor in the country. Azalel looked at a painting in his study in a very sad gesture. His eyes filled with longing and grief, not for the lost. But for missing had been thousands of years ago since he last saw that beautiful face. A face that changed not only his life but all his beliefs and everything he had fought for. His eyes focused on the image of an angel descending from heaven. While a devil with horns and a horrifying tail was looking up. Trying his best to break up the chains only to reach for the hand the angel was lending.That was the most heartbreaking scene for him. That was exactly what he was trying to do all these years. And still, he wasn’t able to get loose from the chains of his origin.I will definitely find you, and when I do, I’ll take back everything you have lost. Even if it means my life. I will definitely protect you. He made a pact to himself. And that’s wh
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Fate will bring them together
"What exactly did you do?" Azalel rummaged whilst entering Lucas's personal office. He is the CEO of a global enterprise. While Lucas is the president of the whole.He basically threw his very expensive phone at him. From which he did not have to dodge. With just a wave of a hand, it stopped in mid-air.Lucas looked like an angel while smiling at him. Hiding at a devil's skin."What's wrong my friend? Did I step on your tail today?" he said referring to Devon's tail in demon form."The hell you did! Who told you to organize a party in my name?" he said emphasizing the last three words with anger."I was just looking after you. I know that, unlike petty humans. Criticisms mean nothing to superior beings like us. But, it does affect the company. So I decided to take the initiative in helping you erase all those malicious contents on the internet." he seemed very proud of himself thinking that it was a wonderful idea. "Look at it this way," Lucas started walking towards him. His hand la
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The long awaited meeting
Azalel can't help shrugging while looking at a two-way glass above the ballroom. He was there for an hour now. And he didn't want to mingle in any way. While on the other hand, Lucas was the life of the party, trying to entertain the guests. There was even a time that he looked up at him from the ballroom. Knowing exactly how disinterested he is with the whole thing.You son of the devil, come down here. Even from his height, he can clearly read what Lucas was trying to tell him clearly."Fat-chance." he was about to make an about-face. When a group of four people entered the room.He didn't need a telescope to fairly recognize a very familiar face from that crowd."It can't be," his breath was almost like a thin rope that snapped.The glass of wine that he was idly holding fell to the elegant carpet. For others, it would mean disaster, for it was worth millions. But that didn't matter much to him. His focus never left that face that haunted his memories for a million years."Muriel
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Time stopped
I heard the angels call againI threw myself a partyChardonnay and oxyI stopped the screams inside my headI remember when you had meFloating high like Sid and NancyThey say it's not the answer but I can't carry on'Cause I got nowhere, no one, without you boy I'm doneAnd when I'm gone, remember you're the oneAnd just because I fight don't mean that I never learned how to loveYou know devils don't fly So don't expect me not to fallDevils don't flyBut God we almost had it allBut I got chains and you got wingsYou know that life ain't fair sometimesDevils don't fly But I try"Don't you think the song had a very sad meaning?" Axel asked out of the blue.To be honest, he felt the same thing. But why does his heart hurt more than it should upon hearing his question?"Devils and angels were never a match. It's just sad that one of them had to fall for the other. Yet, their nature prevents them from being together. Or rather be friends.""Do you think the same thing?" it sounded
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Is it really you?
“Say I am not wasting time following you here.”“I know how eager you are to be with your beloved angel. But you need to hear what I have to say.”Cause it affects both you and Muriel. If he is who he seems to be.”“What do you mean?”“Do you remember the day you lost Muriel?”He was forced to pay attention to what Lucas had to say.“I saw that his body was taken to the holy land. I had suspected before that the archangel was really dead.”“Are you saying that Muriel’s body has not completely disappeared yet? In that case, who is the person with his face downstairs?”“That’s also what I want to know.” Lucas fell into deep thought. “We both know how cunning your father is. It may just be one of his tricks, to drag you back to hell to be punished for disobeying him.”Devon fell for a moment in thought. Yes, he could doubt everything except Uriel. So it can indeed be used against him. And it is not a secret how deep his feelings for Muriel are. Enough for him to betray his own father. A
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He's mine
News of Axel Cartilier taking a fancy to a boy. Spread like wildfire the next day. They even had a picture taken secretly. While the two were dancing in a very intimate manner.Good thing that Urie’s face was not completely focused. For it was taken from afar. Since it was a private party and everyone was asked to leave their phones. And anything that can invade the privacy of the guests. Which are mostly celebrities and politicians.“I can’t believe I’d burn myself with the same fire I made to clear you out of suspicion. Now, everyone is convinced that you are actually gay.” Lucas shook his head in mere frustration.“Let them call it whatever they like. But if Urie gets hurt from any of this. I’ll sure set every newspaper gossip in town on fire.”“I’m sure, you would.” He’s indeed the prince of hell. He need only to lift a finger. And there will be ashes everywhere.“But aren’t you more worried if your father takes notice of what’s happening? It won’t be long before he finds out the
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This guy...really
“Did he get in touch with you after the party?” Rain asked Urie almost whispering as they both walk to the parking lot. Their manager we’re both having a talk from afar. And their p.a’s weren’t that far either.The two continued their chat in Urie's car.Both thought that they were the only ones in it. As they sat comfortably.Urie shook his head lightly as a silent reply to Rain's question.“I can’t believe he’ll play you like that. I really thought he’d be a perfect boyfriend material for you.”***Lucas was holding a laugh while sitting in the driver’s seat. Axel only smiled upon hearing Rain’s annotation.“Who says I’m not?”Urie and Rain almost jumped out of their seats. Upon hearing Axel speak on the passenger seat next to the driver.Rain unconsciously held Urie’s hand as they were both sitting in the back seat. His lips molded a knowing smile while looking at Urie's shocked expression.The latter seemed almost as if he was going to faint.“Would it be rude, if I invite you to
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Don't you dare touch him!
“What happened?” Azalel closed the door from inside the room. Where they saw Rain running away. Leaving the two out. As Urie calms his friend down from behind the locked door.“Demons tried to attack us while our guard was down. At least two of the chefs are dead because of the possession. And Rain saw them all.” Lucas tried explaining. “Seems like two of the chefs that came with them are actually demons.”“Why didn’t we sense them earlier?”“Your father must have something to do with it.” he had just noticed the wound on Lucas's arm. Blood flowed non-stop from where he is holding it.“How can you be so careless?”“I know. I didn’t have the time to protect myself. Or your angel's friend would have been a fatality.”“Let’s stop the chat for now. Time to end this nonsense, before Muriel gets a grasp of what’s happening here.” Azalel walked up to where the possessed body stood.“Son of the devil king, ” it spoke in a language only their kind would understand.“How dare you address me so
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The loveliest of all
Azalel was already biting hard on his tongue. Blood flows freely on one side of his lips. But he dared not say a word. He only looked at Muriel’s mortal body lying unconscious on the ground.“Other than that,”“You mean there’s more?” Lucas interrupted once more.“Yes, and I won’t finish unless you stop interrupting me.” the angel smiled at Lucas trying to gain composure.“As I’ve said, besides messing with Muriel’s feelings. It is forbidden that you disclose any information about his past. Whether him being an archangel. Or you guys being demons, even the ones that hunted him. Most especially, about your father Lucifer.”“If I succeed in doing all of those things. Will you guarantee his safety even if I’m not around anymore to protect him?”“What exactly does that mean?” Lucas asked. From which he ignored once again.“You have my word. And God’s blessing as well.” angel Gabriel was about to leave. But he turned his back again as he remembered something.“Oh, I forgot to tell you,”Lu
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Urie and Rain got back to work the next day as nothing happened.When Urie woke up, Axel was already nowhere to be found. Lucas said that he had a business to attend to. And that the two of them had an upset stomach. That caused them to faint.Axel had already fired the chefs as Lucas told them. And had them delivered to their own homes afterward.Even after that, Axel had not any contact with him.But what about the kiss?Though it happened only once. It should have some meaning to it, right?”“A penny for your thoughts?” Adam stood in front of him. Holding a cup of hot coffee in one hand. And a slice of chocolate cake on the other.It’s no secret that he is a sucker for both. Adam handed both to him.”I figured you haven’t had your breakfast like every other day.”“Thank you.” he smiled at his thoughtfulness.Rain was busy acting on one of his scenes elsewhere. That Urie didn’t have to feel guilty about accepting Adam's good heart.“I heard you disappeared with Rain the other day. I
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