The Beta's Rebound

The Beta's Rebound

By:  Samuelade  Completed
Language: English
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Eloise hates her kind. Her traumatic history with a certain werewolf has made sure of it. Because of this, she doesn't do packs and mates. She would rather stick to coffee and finding love in the traditional human way. But just when Eloise believes her indoctrination of normality is a success, a heartbroken werewolf stumbles into her cafe. A werewolf she does drugs with. A man she opens her heart to. A Beta she has sex with, awakening a whole lot of trouble for her simple constructed Eden.

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66 Chapters
“Sleep tight, Eloise,” My father said as he tucked me in and gave me my favorite stuffed wolf.I yawned and pulled the blanket up to my chin, all the while studying the man leaning over me with a strange look in his eye. He had been acting strange for weeks, full of energy one day and then unable to get out of bed the next. Mother had told me that he was just going through a midlife crisis. I had no idea what that was. All I knew was that I just wanted my daddy back. The man staring at me felt more or less like a stranger, and he gave me a weird feeling. A chill that crept down my spine each time his bloodshot eyes travelled in my direction.“No matter what, I want you to stay in bed tonight, do you understand, Eloise?” He asked as he abruptly grabbed the stuffed wolf out of my arms and fixated his attention on it.“Please give him back, Daddy,” I begged as I stretched out my arms for the wolf I had come to depend on lately. Daddy wasn’t the only one who’d been acting strange; Mommy h
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ELOISEMy fingers found the sink valve and I twisted it open. The sound of water against the palm of my hand was the relief I wanted. Despite downing sleep pills last night, I has barely had any sleep and when sleep did come, my nightmare just had to butt in. I splashed the cool water on my face. It was the only thing strong enough to rouse me from the tight rein sleep still had on me. I stepped back into the bedroom and stared at my alarm clock. 5:30.Plenty of time for me to do what I wanted. I took my good time in the bathroom and prepared for work. It had been a year since I graduated from high school in the small town of Ashlake. I was supposed to leave for college two cities away but I couldn't manage. Mom and Dad already had a lot on their plates. A college so far away would wreck their finances. I didn't want that. Finishing up in the bathroom, I proceeded to dress and step into the kitchen at exactly 6:30. Mom and Dad were already there. No surprise. A plate of bacon and e
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ELOISE "Who hurt him?" One of my coworkers mouthed, looking into the distance. Particularly at a man who I had served coffee six times. The question was directed at me and while a snarky replay would have sufficed. I didn't know the girl's name. I didn't care to. What was the point of it anyway? But she was right. The man seemed to be troubled. He had been in the Cafe all morning. The sky was dark. The time was almost 7 PM. We were supposed to be closed minutes before but I wanted to stay. The Cafe was my only escape from my adoptive parent's constant concern. I planned to work all the way till eight before leaving. They ate and slept early. I had a spare key. It was a win-win situation. "None of my concern." I retorted. "As long as he keeps patronizing us, he can stay as late as he wants.""I see you are insensitive as always Eloise." The girl chuckled, wearing her bag. "Good night.""Good night," I whispered back and watched her leave. Now. It was just me and the handsome strang
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ELOISE The sun was what notified me that morning had come. The hot rays seeping through whatever cracks present made me turn to my side. The bed was strangely spacious and the sheet smelled different. It wasn't the sweat or the strange fluid that caught my nostrils. It was the soft sweet smell of strawberries. Cologne, I think. That was when my eyes shot open. I didn't use strawberry fragrances. I didn't use any for that matter. I had been right. The white sheets my body was pressed on were definitely not set by me. My eyes glanced around. The room in question was painted in black and gold. An odd choice but that wasn't the point. The question I needed to ask was where was I? Well, that question was answered when I looked to my left. Curved into a ball was the man from last night. He was naked and his hand was hooked around my hips. I...I was also naked. Usually, one would scream in this sort of situation but I couldn't risk waking the sleeping man. My memories were coming back. Ha
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ELOISE "He is not our fated," I told my wolf out loud as I flagged a taxi down. One stopped and I hopped in. "Take me to Highwynne road," I told the driver."Highwynne road..." He mused. "Where is that?"The bout of the mental torture I was inflicting on myself as a result of the sudden arrival of the voice in my head stopped and I actually made some effort to look around me. The road looked different. Ashlake didn't have bad roads but there was just something more industrial to the road I was staring at. The houses around. They looked expensive and perfect. Nothing like the variety in Ashlake. It made me wonder–Scratch that, it made me fear I was in a different city. Surely Matthann was not sick enough to drive me to a different town just to get laid. "Where is this?" I asked the driver, reaching into my purse for my phone."Marblefay. Why do you ask?" Marblefay? The city I grew up in. The place of nightmares. I kept my cool and opened my device. Not sure why. Perhaps I hoped the
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MATTHAN I should have run after her. Heaven knows I wanted to. Why them did I stay back? I could lie to myself but the voice within told me it wasn't because I was afraid of being charged for public indecency. The feeling was odd. I wasn't one to stop chasing things or people that fascinated me but after Alice's rejection, I was starting to think in a more calculated manner. I hated it because it was unlike me. But I detested the thought of scaring her. Eloise. There was just something about her. Even when she has been dandy high on moonshine, I could recognize it. A spark that was calling on to me. There was no mate bond. Yet, my wolf lurched at the thought of her. I didn't think I would be able to get over Alice's rejection so fast but it was a pleasant surprise to know that I wouldn't be downing another lofty dose of moonshine or a good time at the Incubus brothel. I had to get back to the Cafe. I had to see her one more time. "Do we like her?" My wolf being the more rational ex
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ELOISEI got home late in the afternoon. That was after I had been spam called and texted a hundred times by my adoptive parents. I did send them a message urging them not to involve the police and promising that I would be back very soon to explain things. I had switched off my device for their sakes soon after. The bus dropped me a few blocks away from my house and as I highlighted the vehicle, I observed our house. There was no blaring siren or ominous black car. Not a crowd in sight too. That had to mean good news. Placated, I walked briskly to the door and shoved my spare key into the keyhole. It didn't budge of course. Not when another key was already in. I swore under my breath as I slowly but inevitably knocked the door. I heard mom's voice first. "There is someone at the door!" She practically yelled. Her voice was apprehensive. A tell tale sign of the explanations I would have to provide soon enough. "Honey, go check."I heard loud footsteps. It took only a moment. The ke
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ELOISE I couldn't speak. I doubt anyone could. Clay was puffing. His face was red. You could tell those words had been hidden in him for a very long time. There was a twinge of guilt on his demeanor as soon as he finished his statement even if that guilt was not enough for him to retract his statement. It wasn't like he was wrong. It made sense then. Clay hated me for valid reasons. I told his childhood and parents from him. Anybody who had to go through that deserved to be angry. Mrs. Carter looked at me. Her lips were trembling and the story her eyes told did the final crack on the camel's back. It was one of fear. I had seen it many times and I knew what followed. Before the words could even come from her, I crumbled. The tears I had been reining in came pouring in rounds. Mr. Carter walked up to his son Clay and grabbed him by the hand. He was rough with it too. "You are going apologize to your sister now!" Through the misty tears that half blinded me, I could see Clay's sneer
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ELOISEThe hunger in my system vanished. I rushed towards the door and slammed it open, disrupting customers who had their own business to attend to. I barely cared what anyone thought of me at this point. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I demanded, slamming my hands into his table. The content of his coffee poured. Some of the dark creamy liquid dousing his shirt. "Are you stalking me or something?" "Eloise," He replied, lifting his cup to wipe the coffee residue off with a handkerchief. "You are making a scene.""And I don't intend to stop!" I retorted, sharp as a blade. "You shouldn't be here.""Why not? This is a public place. I am a customer who has done no wrong. You on the other hand..."I didn't want to hear it. He was right in a way. My yells were gathering the wrong kind of attention. Even my fellow employees were throwing looks and whispers. I drew in a deep breath to calm myself down. Not that it worked. Anger still boiled in my blood. The only difference now was tha
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MATTHAN A bluff. That was what it was. But it worked. A little too well. My stomach twisted watching her face turn pale. I was ruining my chances long before they could even blossom. Not good. It was moments like this I asked my wolf for advice. But I could sense the cringe surge from deep within my soul. He also thought it was rash and stupid of me to pull such a trump card."You are bluffing," Eloise mumbled. I wasn't quite sure who she was trying to convince. But the way I saw it, the statement was directed more at herself. I let her play the scenario out in my head and if she needed the final push to take my offer. I was willing to give it. "You are bluffing." She repeated. This time around, her eyes were fixated on me like tiny chestnut brown daggers. I took from my chest pocket a pen and a card. I proceeded to write my number on the card before sliding it towards her. "Try me, Eloise Carter." She reluctantly took it. Mostly because her colleagues were whispering and she did no
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