Family Doctor's Baby

Family Doctor's Baby

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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From New York Times bestselling author Krista Lakes, comes a sexy standalone novel about the baddest bad boy doctor and the sweet little nurse that he falls for. When I left my small hometown years ago, I never expected to come back. I certainly never expected that when I did, I'd be working for him. He's the town's doctor. He's supposed to be a respectable member of society, a pillar for the community. He's supposed to have come a long way from the bad boy who rode a motorcycle in high school. But he hasn't. One glance from those lustful eyes looking at me tells me that he has the same voracious appetites that he did when we were younger. Only it's not quite the same stare. It's more urgent. It's more intense. I'm not the same nerdy girl who tutored him. I've grown up, developed fertile curves that I know he finds irresistible. In this small town, rumors travel fast, and the family doctor can't be seen as a player. So he does try to resist. And I do too. But with every smoldering glance and moment of sexual tension, we find our barriers breaking down. After a stressful night of touch-and-go baby delivery, a moment of elation overcomes our inhibitions. It seems like maybe we'll need to confront those rumors sooner rather than later, especially before I begin to show the results of that night. Can I give this doctor the family he has always desired?

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95 Chapters
Chapter One
“Did you get fired from your last job?”I did a double take as I removed the stethoscope from my ears. “Excuse me?”“Did you get fired from your last job?” Abigail St. James repeated, impatiently holding out her arm for me to take the blood pressure cuff off. The small exam room suddenly felt constricting with the former prom queen lording herself over me yet again. It had been fifteen years since high school, yet nothing had changed.“No, I was not fired,” I replied, trying to keep my voice calm as I undid the Velcro and hung up the cuff. “In fact, my boss begged me not to go.”“Sure they did.” Abigail rolled her big blue eyes. “Why are you back then?”“I wanted to be closer to my family. So I moved back and I got a job here at the clinic,” I said. “Please put your finger here so I can check your pulse.”I held out the small pulse-ox finger machine. Abigail held out her left hand with a big sparkly diamond on the ring finger and then waggled her hand. She waited for me to put the mac
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Chapter Two
When the work week was over and Saturday finally rolled around, I decided to wake up a little early. Even though it was my day off, I still had a lot of things to do. My parents, who lived on the other side of town from me, were having a BBQ. It was always a huge event and it only seemed to grow every year. Half the town would end up making an appearance. Some I'm pretty sure only came for the free food, but others were genuinely interested in keeping in touch with my parents.My dad was an active member of the town's Gentleman's Poker Society and my mother went to every Ladies' Bridge Club meeting. The poker games were real, but the bridge games were just a means to gossip and plan out the lives of everyone else in the town. All the important people in town were members, which meant that despite having a strange daughter, my parents were pillars of the community and that everyone knew who they were.The thought crossed my mind that this might be my dad's last BBQ and my ribs tightene
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Chapter Three
Fifteen Years Ago: Riversville High School “You're late, Mr. Mathews.” I peeked over the top of my book to see Jacob Mathews saunter into Mr. Elway's classroom. He had on a black leather jacket, tight jeans, and a careless grin. “So, add it on to my time,” he replied nonchalantly, spinning a chair to sit backwards at one of the classroom tables. Mr. Elway sighed. “You have no idea how much I'm bending the rules for you. I don't allow students to retake the exams, but your parents...” “Yeah, yeah. My parents.” Jacob rolled his eyes. “My mom is on city council and my dad's the police chief. They get what they want.” “Yes.” Mr. Elway adjusted his tie. He always wore a dress shirt and tie to teach class. No other teacher dressed up like he did. They didn't need to in a small town, but Mr. Elway wanted the best for his students. “Your parents have convinced me to make a special case for you.” Jacob shrugged and looked bored. My book lowered slightly as I tried to get a good look at
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Chapter Four
After taking the five minute drive across town, I pulled through the gate and down the paved driveway that led to my parent's house. Their land was immaculate. My father maintained every square inch of the acre around his house with amazing diligence. The grass on either side of the driveway was trimmed better than a soldier's haircut and the fence the surrounded the home was spotlessly white. My dad took pride in a well-maintained home. He always said that “Your home is the best representation of yourself.” If that saying were true, then I wondered if I actually was a small and rickety old woman whose hinges creaked when the wind blew, just like my house did. I was surprised to see how many cars were parked around the house. I knew there were going to be a fair amount of people, since these gatherings grew every single year. However, I didn't expect this many. There must have been thirty cars on either side of the driveway, which had become overflow parking because the spots around
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Chapter Five
I nearly dropped my ear of corn onto the plate when I saw the most handsome man I knew walking around the corner and into the back yard. Sure enough, the kids were right. The good doctor had shown up to the party. He strolled across the grass, waving at the kids as he moved. I didn't get to see him in regular clothes very often, but when I did, I was always reminded of how good he looked.He was wearing a simple red polo shirt with dark jean shorts and flip flops. The outline of his muscular chest was easily visible and the sleeves of his shirt were short enough so that his biceps were exposed. The kids all got up from their picnic table and swarmed around him, hugging his legs and squealing with joy.“Hey, kids,” he said, ruffling up their hair with his hands. “Are you guys having fun?”“Yes!” they shouted in unison. It was almost as if they'd choreographed the whole thing. It was so damn cute.“Good!” he said. “I'm so happy to see you guys.”After saying a few more words to the kids
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Chapter Six
The weekend went by far too quickly and Monday morning was there before I knew it. Luckily, I loved my job, so it wasn't like it was the worst thing in the world to have to get up and go to work. I just wished I could have slept in a tiny bit longer, that's all.When I got to the office, I parked in my usual spot, right next to Donna's big red farm truck. I got out and then glanced at my reflection in the window of my car, making sure that I looked okay before heading in.I looked pretty good today. My curly hair wasn't frizzing too badly this morning despite the humidity, and it was mostly contained by my ponytail. I had light eyeliner and mascara on so that my blue eyes actually looked like eyes rather than getting lost in my face.“Oh good Hannah, you're here,” Donna said, as I stepped in through the front doors. The waiting room was empty, which never boded well. Empty waiting rooms meant that fate was going to give us emergencies.“Good morning.” I smiled a little apprehensively
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Chapter Seven
Katie's Bakery was the best place in town to get sandwiches. And donuts. And cake. And really anything delicious. Katie had taken over the place after her father retired. She'd won a baking show on the Cooking Network last year, which was as close to famous as anyone in Riversville was ever going to get. She was now the town celebrity.The bakery was also the only real place to get a take-out lunch that wasn't a burger or fast-food taco.As I pulled open the door to the bakery, a familiar voice called out my name.“Aunt Hannah!”I turned to see little Leigh Ann and her mom, Karina, seated at a table outside. They were eating lunch on the patio right out in front of the Bakery.“Leigh Ann!” I said. “What are you doing here?”“Eating lunch with Mom,” she said, matter of factly.“Hey, Karina.” I waived and Karina's eyes lit up when she saw me.“Come sit with us after you order,” she said.“Yeah, definitely. Be right there.” I ran in and ordered two turkey sandwiches on Katie's famous bak
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Chapter Eight
That night, I found myself completely exhausted. I ate a bowl of soup with some homemade banana bread and attempted to stay awake to watch my favorite reality show. Within minutes, though, my eyelids became heavy. I could hardly keep them open long enough to get up and turn off the television. I somehow managed to find the remote, and once the television was off, I sat back down on the couch. I wrapped myself in a blanket that my grandmother had knitted for me as a graduation gift for getting through nursing school. My tiredness, combined with the warmth of the blanket, made me even more drowsy. As soon as I closed my eyes, I was asleep.I had no clue how long I'd been out before a knocking came on the front door of my house. It was loud and sounded urgent, echoing off the walls. It caused me to wake up and wearily look around. When I glanced over, I noticed that the moon was shining its pale light through my windows.It must be at least midnight, I thought. Who could that be?After w
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Chapter Nine
When I woke up the next morning, the vivid images from my dream of Dr. Matthews were still fresh on my mind. I could practically feel his kisses and the heat of his skin, even though it had never really happened. I got ready for work and noticed that I was in a surprisingly good mood. Even though it was the middle of the week and the weekend was still a few days away, I was humming to myself with glee.If my city friends could see me, they would tell me I needed to get laid. If I was feeling this good off a dream, imagine what the real thing could do to me.I spent the day feeling wonderful. The patients were happy, or as happy as they could be about being at the doctor's office, and I managed not to blush too hard around Dr. Mathews. The first encounter of the morning with him definitely threw me off my game, but I managed to not embarrass myself too badly.The shadows in the office grew longer and the steady stream of patients trickled to an empty office. I sat at my computer charti
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Chapter Ten
“You sure you want to know about my whole life?” he asked.“Sure. Especially since I already know the first eighteen years of it,” I said.I thought of all our lab time together as I taught him biology. He was so quick to learn. It had started out with awkward silences, but with every class spent together we talked more.I'd learned about how his parents had grand plans for him, but had never bothered to ask him what he wanted. He wasn't sure himself back then, but he knew he wanted out from under them. It was a big part of why he was always getting into trouble.Dr. Mathews smiled and for a moment I caught a glimpse of the Jacob I once knew.“Let's see. I got into a community college just outside of Des Moines and earned my associates there. Transferred to Iowa State, and got my bachelors in biology.”“Biology?”“You inspired me,” he replied. His blue eyes crinkled in a smile. “So, thanks for that. Anyway, I went to Medical School. Did my residency in Denver. Got a job there. And I a
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