The Black Rose

The Black Rose

By:  Purple Cashinx  Completed
Language: English
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(A Lesbian Werewolf Story) Lexis meets a secretive lady at a masked ball, the young ladies are drawn to the lady right absent. What she doesn't know is she's being chased and not by people, what will happen when she finds out who this lady truly is.

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13 Chapters
May I Have This Dance?
Lillie ran her fingers through the red stands that rest on her shoulder, she smiled softly closing her eyes. She remembered back to the being, the first night she met Lex, it was at a masked ball at the girls house. Lex was dressed as little red riding hood, this made Lillie smirk a little.Lex was huddled in the corner near the fruit punch, head leaning against the wall. Lillie was in a black pin suit with her lucky purple tie on. She wore a gray wolf mask over her face, she walked up to Lex sliding the mask up."Don't you want to dance?" Lex looked up smiling shaking her head lightly. "I never learned, funny huh? My dad has these every year and I've never touched the dance floor." Lillie offered her hand, "Well then, let's change that." She smirked with a wink as she pulled Lex up, her arm wrapping around the redheads waist. "I promise I'll be gentle", Lillie grinned watching the smaller girl trying not to blush.Lex followed Lillie to the middle of the room, the older girl draped L
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When She Comes Calling
Next two weeks she was hunting, whether she liked it or not she needed to eat. She would hunt down killers and criminals. People no one cared about or would miss, she wasn't sick like the boys, they take anyone. Make a game out of it, hunt them, torchered them, then kill them. Every once in awhile Allistaire had her charm a girl because he believed they had strong spirits that would empower him by eating their flesh. He would say their meat was more tender and their blood was sweeter. She shook the thoughts of seeing Allistaire tarring away at the redheads flesh with lust filled eyes while laughing as she screamed. Not her, anyone but her. Lille was done with the game. Done with Allistaire. No more games.Lillie sat down by the water, feet dangling in the lake. She could still taste blood on her lips from her last victim, Allistaire sat down next to her. She could hear screaming echoing from the woods behind her between laughs, it made her blood run cold "After all these years, you st
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Lucid Dreams
For the next 12 months the dark hair girl grinned as she watched Lex mouth every word of her favourite movies, but her personal favourite was horror movies for the redhead would jump into her lap each time cursing at the film that scared her. She would watch in amazement as the smaller girls' eyes would light up as they gazed at fireflies, every time they made love it felt like the first, she couldn't stop kissing the redhead, they danced all night laughing when Lex would trip on the older girls feet then blush, she had to bite back a laugh and take the girl seriously in there first fight, but she looked so cute even mad.Lille could never really be mad at the other girl either. She would apologize when she was in the wrong, sometimes Lex would forgive her right away, and other times she had to work for it.---She'd jump on the bed playfully pulling Lex's book away, trying to get the other girl to laugh, other times she would crawl onto the bed, just sit down cross-legged in front of
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We Are What We Are Brother
Her lungs filled with the night air as the sky became a deep blood red. Violet orbs became pitch black as she darted through the woods, fangs aching for her mouth to be filled with blood, a deep moan left her lips at the phantom taste of warm red liquids pouring down her throat filling her body head to toe. Her wolf let out a howl as her paws dug deeper into the roots of the earth.A twisted grin spread across her lips, this was going to be fun, the images of ripping her brother into half made her wolf roar. She wanted to be heard, she wanted them to see her, to face her, to watch as her powerful jaws crush through the bones of the ones they love.A low chuckle let left her throat, god it felt good, the power that surged through her veins made her muscles ached with pure power.I promised no one would hurt her..I told her I'd be right back..She believed me..God.. I'm so sorry..She smelled the air she was close, her mate was calling to her. She was in so much pain, it squeezed at Li
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What is real: Lex's Mind
Lex made her way to class slowly, she was always late. One thing Lex was not was a morning person. She was hoping no one could hear the squeak of the door as she sneaked in making a B line to her desk. Resting her headphones on her desk, she fumbled for her pencil.Mr. Wolf was going off again about the possibility of interstellar and other detentions that are being closed off from the public eye. The man believed he found alien life but was scared of his own shadow, Lex shook her head rolling her eyes slightly. He was trying to gather up a group in the class to go to the old Austin house.Lex chuckled a little watching, finally she spoke up what everyone else was thinking after a few moments of awkward silence. "Doesn't anyone remember the old black and while horror films where a group of idiots go into old houses for research and end up getting there balls handed back to them on a golden plater? Am I the only sane one here?"The room filled with laughter as Wolf walked over to Lex.
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The Aftermath
Her hair flowed in the wind, their hearts beating as one in the night. Her auburn hair glowed in the dark, she was free. Through the woods they ran, jumping through water, Lille smiled watching the small girl as she laid on the ground heart beating fast looking up at the stars. Lex laughed as she grabbed a loaf of bead out of her hoodie. "Did you see that? She actually almost hit me with a broom! She was fucking kung fu grandma!"Lille chuckled laying down on her side next to the redhead leaning up on her elbow head in hand facing the other girl. "This is what I get for dating a pup..." Lex propped herself up on her elbows turning her head to the side looking at the dark hair girl next to her "Hey!" The girl pretend to be offended waving the bread in the air, crumbs in the corner of her mouth "I was hungry, I can't help if she doesn't like wolfs...or that I kinda stole the middle of the night out of her open window."Lille leaned in playfully taking a bite out of bread in Lex'
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Let Me?
It was going to be her birthday soon, 789 years old. It was weird hearing that, made her feel old but she was still the youngest of the family. That made her giggle. Ada, Lille, and the redhead traveled all round the world, Ada showed them everything. They went to Pairs, Germany, Italy. Saw great wars, the beginning of life as well as the end. Lex made friends along the way but then she watch as they faded away. She learned fast not to get to attached to others.Once in awhile they get a "Do I know you?" They just smile and move on.Lex was so excited to see the old ranch house again it was her favorite place to be, it was her home. She sat down on the front steps smiling, feeling the wood under her hands closing her eyes. "Hello old friend, I've missed you."She could smell clovers in the air. She looked up as Ada's took a seat next to her. The redhead and Ada watched as Lille was yelling at Rowland as she unpacked the truck. He was leaning against the side, arms folded, rolling his
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What if..
She watch Lille, Ada, and Rowland sitting by the fire, they where laughing. The four of them started a ritual of staying up all night watching the stars. Rowland and the small woman grew close, they where at the point of being bad as siblings, sometimes Ada or Lille had to separate them for the night.Nights when Ada was hunting the young woman slept in her alphas arms and nights when Lille went out hunting the redhead would sleep in her warriors arms. When Rowland would go the younger pup would stay up all night waiting for him, the boy didn't have a mate to come home to, so she wanted to be there. She knew very well what it was like to have no one to come home too. The two siblings would end up talking all night, the first time she did it both Lille and Ada watched her from the upstairs window, smiling softy as the small redhead waited for her brother. The older alpha came out of the bedroom finding the dark hair girl by the window "Is she still out there?" Ada laughed as Lillie nod
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The Haunted Girl
Kris stayed up all night with redhead in comfortable silence, the younger girl smiled shyly looking over at Kris not really sure what to do with herself. The older redhead could see the girls uneasiness so the woman tried to offer some comfort "If your tired, you can lay down on my lap. I could sing to you?" That didn't sound like a bad idea it wasn't Lillie or Ada but it works so the small girl agreed as she layed down on Kris's lap.The taller redhead stared stroking Lex's hair as she sang softly, between the sound of the road and the singing Lex fell asleep right away, it was a quiet ride back to her old home. As Lex woke up she realized she was still on Kris's lap, the curly hair girl fell asleep holding the redhead in her arms. Kris woke up looking down feeling movement in her lap, from what the small girl could see they where parked in the driveway. It was just the two redheads "I told them to let you sleep for a while." Lex smiled a little "Thank you."Kris red silk tie brushed
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Blood Will Run
Lex breath caught in her throat watching the woman in front of her, the older redhead started a fire in the small girl soul with the deep passion in her stare, the redhead shuttered lightly trying to find the words "Sky..." she looked outside at the rain "What about Kris? She could be hurt or even dead while we are in here...and Lille...she's waiting for me I can feel it."Sky laid a finger softly against the other girls lips looking down with understanding eyes "I know..but this maybe my last time to be with you in this life. Most life's you fall for Kris...and I sit by and watch, so every moment is special to me that I can have alone with you. Call it being selfish..I know you have Lille, I'm not trying to take you away from her. I just want you in my arms one last time." The woman voice became a soft whisper "I just want one life with you...just you."A tear came down Sky's cheek, blue eyes pleading for the small girl to understand, the young redhead paused her eyes getting sucked
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