The Billionaire’s Psychic Lover

The Billionaire’s Psychic Lover

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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“I’d do anything to please you…” Paul Hayes is known as the most powerful billionaire in the board room. He’s also known as the most powerful man in the bedroom as well. The tabloids have no lack of descriptions of his forceful and controlling behavior with women. No woman spends more than one night with him. No woman knows how to keep him. Tracy Collins is a down-on-her-luck waitress with big dreams. Dreams only a billionaire could make true, if only she knew what he wanted. When a freak accident leaves Tracy with the power to enter a man’s dreams, she finds out Mr. Hayes’ secret. He doesn’t have a desire to control… He desires to be controlled...

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37 Chapters
Chapter One
Tracy Collins sighed to herself. Another month had passed, another month she was stuck here, doing this crummy job. She looked at her surroundings. In a fancy restaurant like this, a waitress should be making at least minimum wage. If not for the tips, she’d probably have to declare bankruptcy.What did I do to deserve this life? The thought haunted her, especially because she knew the exact reason she was stuck here. She had become too comfortable at medical school, maybe going to one too many late night trivia contests instead of slicing open cadavers. School and partying on top of working at this restaurant had caught up to her. Whatever the reason that she failed that last exam, she knew that she had nobody to blame but herself.Now she was stuck with a gigantic student loan bill. Six figures wasn't even the start of it, and due to the insane laws regarding student loans in these United States, she'd never get rid of them. Just the thought of how long it would be before she could
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Chapter Two
Tracy woke up a few hours later, feeling as if she couldn’t move. She might as well have been immobile, with all the wires on her and the IV in her. A nurse was in the room with her, and soon a doctor came to visit her."Do you know how lucky you are, Tracy?" His tone was familiar, and she recognized him as one of her professors from medical school. Just one more reminder of my fuck ups, she thought."Please, tell me how lucky I am," she said sarcastically, tenderly poking at the bandage on her head with a finger.He sighed. He clearly thought that this was all her fault. "You're bruised up pretty badly, but there's nothing broken. We were concerned about the head injury, but I think that even the scarring should go away pretty soon."She groaned a curse. A nice, scarred up face was a great way to ensure that she'd get less tips. She poked at the bandage again, this time wincing at the sting from the pressure."Hey, don't do that," he snapped at her. Then he shook his head. "You've se
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Chapter Three
Her dreams started fitfully, making no real sense. She remembered flying through space, a bunch of plus signs coming out of nowhere, some swirls of light, and then:All of a sudden her dream became crystal clear. She was in a room, and the lights were dim. She looked down but only saw the floor where her feet should have been. I guess I’m just a disembodied set of eyes, she thought to herself. She looked around and saw a king-sized bed. She saw Mr. Hayes on it, naked. His details were fuzzier than the rest of the dream world, but she could still see his six-pack abs and huge pectorals.A woman sauntered out of the bathroom, dressed in black lingerie. Tracy looked closer and saw that the woman was her. Well, maybe not quite, but at least a close representation of her. Her hair was much darker, and her stare was much more intense than anything she could pull off. Other than that, it was her face and body. She came out and walked right to the foot of the bed. His eyes were fixated on her
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Chapter Four
Tracy spent the weekend trying to decide what to do with this new information. She felt in her heart that the dream was a thought she had shared with Mr. Hayes, a real thing that he wished for. She now knew exactly what he wanted, what no woman had been able to deliver, but she was torn on what to do next. Should she compromise her ideals and sleep with Mr. Hayes in order to get ahead in life?Technically, she served people what they wanted all the time in a restaurant. What was the difference between that and serving a man what he wanted sexually? Her pride was in the way, she knew.Even more than that, she had doubts. What if her head injury caused her to have this vivid dream, and the feeling she got was just a hallucination? What if this was a real psychic link, but the real Mr. Hayes wouldn't give up control? Plenty of people had fantasies that they had no intention of ever carrying out, and this might be one of them.No, she decided. He came in with a different girl every week b
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Chapter Five
When she first saw his mansion, she almost whistled. It was at least twice as big as she would have guessed, and was located right on the beach. It had to be a ten million dollar house. He parked the car in the garage, and they went inside.The butler was waiting for him. So, I guess he does have some people that do things for him, she thought. He didn't seem too surprised to see Mr. Hayes with a different woman than the one he left with, but he probably saw a lot of that while working here. He said a quick greeting and then disappeared.Paul and Tracy went upstairs. The bedroom was at the end of a long hallway, and Tracy made sure to remember how to get back out the main door.When he opened the door to the bedroom, she had her confirmation that their connection was no hallucination. It was, more or less, the same bedroom as the one in the dream. The big bed was definitely the same, and the giant brass headboard. Every detail looked like she remembered.Once inside the bedroom, Mr. H
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Chapter Six
She woke up around noon. She was exhausted, but she knew there were things to be done. Her friend offered to be her taxi for the day after hearing the story of her night, and she accepted.She went into work and apologized to her manager for walking out on work. She claimed that Mr. Hayes had insisted she leave with him, and that she had felt that it was best for the restaurant if she went with him. The manager said he understood, but that she wouldn't get credit for the time she had worked prior to that. He also said that he gave away her shift that evening. It seemed like revenge to Tracy, but he claimed he had no idea if she had quit or not. She could start up again Sunday night.No worries, she thought. With any luck I won't be here long enough to care. As she left the restaurant in her friend's car, she noticed a black sedan pull out behind them. She couldn't be sure, but she figured that there was no real point in trying to hide from a billionaire anyway. Even if this was an att
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Chapter Seven
When she woke up the next morning, Tracy immediately took out her vibrator. She would need her mind clear during this evening’s events, so she needed to get all of her sexual tension out right away. As she switched it on, she thought of Mr. Hayes’ bulging biceps wrapped around her, his massive cock filling her completely. Orgasms came quickly and easily for her today, and afterward, she found herself completely energized and ready to tackle the day.She called the number on her hospital bill to check on the total. It came as no surprise when she was told that her remaining balance was zero, and that the hospital appreciated her business. Her mind turned to this evening. If she played her cards right, she’d be one step closer to not having to worry about any of her bills.She arrived right on time for her shift, and began to seat customers. It was a Sunday night, so she’d expect it to be pretty slow usually, but today it seemed a little busier than usual. She got into the swing of thin
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Chapter Eight
Mr. Hayes took off his coat and threw it on a chair, then walked toward her. "How did I do tonight?" he asked, obviously a little nervous. Tracy smiled. Even though he was a couple years older than she was, he was still a guy in his late-20s, and his lack of confidence in this situation was apparent.She did have him just where she wanted him. As he wrapped his hands around her, she said, "I’ll put it this way. No man has ever pleased me the way you have tonight," she said.She could feel him start to get hard. "Like you said the other night, once you’ve been pleased…" He smiled at her, a wolfish grin, before continuing, "...then I can be pleased.""Mmm, that’s not quite what I said," she objected. "I said that it was more important that I got what I wanted, and that I didn’t think that you could please me. You, Mr. Hayes, have started to please me, and I am pleasantly surprised."He came in, right next to her, and moved in for a kiss. She let him take it, kissing him back for a few m
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Chapter Nine
When all evidence of their encounter was gone, and they were both fully dressed, Mr. Hayes moved in for another kiss. Tracy let it come, and didn’t pull away. They made out for a minute or so, before Mr. Hayes asked, "So when can we do this again?"Tracy smiled. She’d been waiting for this moment. "You’re so close, Mr. Hayes. So close to actually pleasing me." She pulled out a stack of envelopes, held together by a rubber band. She moved close to him."I’m going to tell you how this is going to go, and it's up to you to decide if you want to keep going or not, if you really want to please me. First, you’re going to pay off all these credit card bills. It’s a drop in the bucket for you, but it’s the very last step you need to take before I’m ready to take this to the next level.""Consider it done," he said without hesitation, moving in for another kiss. She stopped him."When that’s complete, and not a moment before, you’re going to take me on a date. Not quite the same kind of date y
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Chapter Ten
Tracy checked her computer when she got home. She figured that since Mr. Hayes was going to get what he wanted, her computer was probably okay to use now. Sure enough, every credit card bill was paid off. Her student loans remained, but the payments on those would be manageable with a clean credit slate. She looked at the clock and saw that it was three o'clock already. She had best not keep the billionaire waiting.She got in the shower, dizzy with happiness now that her debt problems were over. She thought of how much she had enjoyed this, and slowly, she moved the shower head down. When the water hit her clit, her mouth opened in wordless pleasure.She thought of Mr. Hayes, touching her, kissing her, his desire palpable. She had resisted him for so long, longer than she had thought possible, but she had done it. All her hard work had paid off, and tonight, she was in for the sexual experience of her lifetime. She came hard, legs buckling a little with the force of it...At 7:04 she
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