Ready To Be Yours (Book 2 In love with my maid)

Ready To Be Yours (Book 2 In love with my maid)

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Language: English
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Clara who is use to be a nervous and weak girl in “ and her In love with my maid book 1 “ has now become a strong girl and ready to take back her right from Bella who is her cousin. Timi who is a CEO join wants his properties back from Bella and Ben wants justice for his mother death from Bella his cousin.

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74 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sharon looks restless and panicking and thinking about her daughter Diana.“ Just relax nothing will happen to Diana, you will be fine Bella dares not hurt her “ Sharon dad says.“ How are you sure about that Dad, Bella is so heartless and ready to do anything to get what she want Dad “ Sharon says as she cries and look worried.“ Have you Informed Timi about this ?” Sharon father ask.“ No dad, I have not, I just want my daughter back that is all” Sharon says with anger.“ It will be better we informed Timi about this” Sharon’s father says.“ I will tell inform him right away “ Sharon says and she picks up her phone to call Timi over the phone.Timi’s phone rings and he picks up his call.“ Yes tell me Sharon are you okay?” Timi ask.“ No, I am not fine “ I am not fine Timi “ Sharon says as she cries.“ What happened? Speak to me “ Timi ask.“ Diana has been kidnapped “ Sharon says.“ kidnapped by who ?” Timi ask as he looks shocked and worried.“ Bella kidnapped Diana” Sharon says
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Chapter 2
“ What?!!! But why ?Clara ask.“ That the consequences of Sharon and her father’s deed “ Ben says.“ But what is going happen, what did she want?” Clara ask.“I don’t know for I will ask Timi, I will speak to you later “ Ben says and he ends the call.Clara looks worried for Diana “ oh lord please protect innocent Diana from Bella, I have no idea what Timi will be going through in tte hands of this evil people “ Clara says as she gets worried for Timi and Diana.Timi went back inside “ what did Bella said she want , have you ask her “ Timi ask.“ She said she want my head and my dad’s own “ Sharon says as she cries.“ I will speak we can offer her money “ Timi says.“ She doesn’t not want money “Sharon says.“ I will call her now and speaks to her “ Timi says and he calls Bella over the phone.“ What do you keep calling me over and over “ Bella says and Timi put the phone on speaker.“ What do you want from us ?” Timi ask.“ I want Sharon and her father’s head it very simple if you wa
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Chapter 3
Sharon looks shocked about what her father said.“ You expect me to be calm when my daughter is kidnapped you expect me to be strong when my daughter is kidnapped I am not so selfish like you are dad either you are like it or not we are giving Bella ask she want then later we will deal with her but for the only thing a mother will like to hear is the safety of her child not ego “ Sharon says as she Lola angry.“ I know you are in your right senses just relax and drink water “ her father says and he gives Sharon water to drink Sharon fest a very and throw the glass of water away.“ Do you think and here to play ?” Sharon says as she shout.“ That is so disrespectful you threw the glass of water from me and now you are shouting at me is that how raise you up “ Her father says.“ Now you have to pick one dad is either I expose all our bad deed to the word or we should sold our problem here between us I don’t if go to prison just to save my daughter and I don’t care if my reputation ruin
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Chapter 4
Timi got to the house and he went in “what are you doing here?” Sharon’s father ask.“ I ask him to come o we dad so don’t worry we will go together “ Sharon says.“ We don’t need him we will both go “ Sharon’s father says.“ Why do you have to go you can stay Sharon and I will go “ Timi says.“ I don’t think Sharon or I needs your assistance because this all your fault “ Sharon father says.“ You both to keep quiet beside I remember tell you both that you will have follow my order so you both will come with me “ Sharon says.It is already even Timi and Sharon expecting Bella’s call.Sharon’s phone ring and she ses it Bella calling the. She picks the call.“ Are you ready to meet me ?” Bella ask.“ Yes, text me your adresse “ Sharon says.“ Remember don’t involve the police I repeat again so don’t try me “ Bella says and he ends the call and she text her adresse to Sharon.Sharon got the message and she looks nervous.“ It is time we go now “ Sharon says and they all enter the car and
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Chapter 5
One of the goons whispered in Bella ears and Bella gets angry.“ Really after I told you guys to not come with your bodyguard you still come with them all of you will suffer for this “ Bella says and she pont gun at Sharon.“ Please drop your gun Bella “ Timi says.“ Never you all will suffer for this including Diana “ Bella says.Sharon take use her earpiece to speak with her bodyguard to come in and Bella’s goons attack them. Bella put the trigger and shoot Sharon father on the head and he died and she points gun at Sharon to shoot and her at the stomach and she pony the gun at Timi.“ Go away Timi go with Diana pleas and pleas take care of her “ Sharon says and Bella tries to kill Timi but he shot him at in his hand and Timi run away.“ Look for him and kill him with the little girl” Bella says and she gets and angry.“ I told i will be the one to finish you and your dad now did you believe I am happy you saw your dad died now I will finish “ Bella says and She got her in he read
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Chapter 6
Clara treats Timi as she cries, she couldn’t concentrate on what she is doing.“ why the tears?” Timi ask looking worried.“ What do you want me to say, everything happened to you just happened because of me if hadn’t come to your life or worked for as maid in the five years you wouldn’t have known Bella “ Clara replied as she cries.“ Then what will you say about Sharon and her father? Are you also the one that brought them to my life? The answer is no, but I mean to say is that even though, you hadn’t come and worked as a maid in my mansion it will still happen because bad people will always be bad people and they will always find a means so don’t blame yourself for this is not your fault neither mine as well it is meant to happen “ Timi tells Clara as he calm down.“ I’m sorry that, I didn’t tell when I was leaving but I had to to save myself, Ben and my pregnancy then, I am sorry I did not tell you, I was pregnant then but I had to hide from you to save myself, seeing my mum kille
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Chapter 7
“ So you don’t trust us ?” Anna ask Bella.“ No mum, they have been so nice with me tell me what about dad is here with you “ David ask Bella.“ No, you dad is t here darling and I don’t you will ever see him again dear “ Bell tells David.“ What do you mean by that mum “ David ask Bella and Bella ask the maid to take David upstairs to his room and she ask the other maid s to park the language upstairs.“ Now, I will reply to your question, I do trust you but you I’m not the type that trust people “ Clara tells Anna as she sip her wine and Anna looks more angry.“ When you know you don’t trust me then why do you ask me to look after your son why didn’t you carry him along with you are just wicked and I don’t know when you will change why do you have to implicate an innocent man like Timi, he is such a nice man, you filial the properties not only that you even go ahead and tell the world that he committed a crime he nothing about and I a am sure this all your doing Bella “ Anna tells B
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Chapter 8
“ How will she be of help you us ?” Ben ask Clara.“ She will be of big help to us, she will come with us, you, me, and Lily but lily will be the one to enter the mansion, “ Clara tells Ben.“ Yes, that's a good idea but how are you sure her mum will accept her to go to another city, “ Ben tells Clara.“ I will tell her parents that I have another business in another city “ Clara tells Ben.“ Do you think that will work or do you think they will believe that, what if anything happen to her, you know how Bellacna be dangerous “ Ben ask Clara.“That is true, you are right about that “ Clara tells Ben.“ What do you suggest we do ?” Clara ask Ben.“ The open you just said now it is very good on the but risking someone else daughter is my fear and remember you can't go either Bella must not see you “ Ben tells Clara.“ Yes, I know Bella is dangerous but we will stay in the hotel but you will go first, I need you to do something for me “ Clara tells Ben.“ What do you want me to do for you
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Chapter 9
Been hears that a new Secretary of needed for the company “ I think this is a great opportunity for our plan to work, clara will have to come and work here as a secretary since Bella won't be present in the office always” Ben says speaking to himself and he went back to his hotel room.Clara waiting for Ben’s call and Timi tries to calm her down.“ Can you just calm down and sit “ Timi tells Clara.“ I can't just wait to get this plan started, Bella must pay for all her crimes and bad deeds “ Clara tells Timi.“ Of course, she will but you have not even speak to the parents of Lily “ Timi tells Clara.“ I will speak with them today and about the children as well “ Clara tells Timi.“ I love you and thank you for supporting at this time “ Timi tells Clara.“ You don't need to thank me, I am just doing what is right, I love you too “ Clara tells Timi.Timi holds Clara by her waist and he kiss her and romance her and Ben call and Clara picks the call“ Tell me Ben, is everything fine ?”
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Chapter 10
Clara went back home looking happy and Timi went to meet her.“ What is the good news ?” Timi ask Clara.“ The good news is that her parents accept that she should come with me, our plan is begins to work out, I will make we defeat Bella “ Clara tells Timi as she looks excited and she hugs Timi.Clara park children things as she prepare to take them to Lily's parents.“ Mum, where are you parking our bags to ?” Daniel as Clara.“ Yes dear, I and your dad are traveling to somewhere but promise to be back soon, you will stay with Lily's mum and dad for the main time and you shouldn't trouble them to much “ Clara tells the children.“Don’t go mum “ Daniella tells Clara as she looks sad.“ I promise you, I will be back soon “ Clara tells Daniella.“ My mum went far away and you too want to go far away just like my mum “ Diana tells Clara as she cries and Timi went to meet her.“ Listen, I will never leave or your mum will never do, we have some unfinished business and we must complete if
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