The Sequel of Love

The Sequel of Love

By:  Karl Razor  Ongoing
Language: English
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Introducing Ryan King, a junior in college with a picture-perfect life. He goes to college on a full athletic scholarship, and he is the star of the college, for he is very popular. Ryan's whole life turns upside down one sunny morning when he wakes up with amnesia, he can not remember a single thing about his life or where he is. He does not even remember his girlfriend whom he has been dating for four years! Ryan’s family takes him to the doctor, but they are told after getting the test results that he seems totally fine. With no answers to rising questions, every part of his life starts to fall apart, beginning with his relationship with his girlfriend. What can Ryan do to get back his picture-perfect life, or is it too late and it’s all downhill from here?

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4 Chapters
Chapter one
The night out with my friends comes to an end as I drive home in a fancy Lamborghini. It is not mine, but Jacob’s, who is my best friend.The car that I own is not too extravagant, but I love it. It is an electric car that my dad just got for me for my past birthday.It is a Tesla and I really love it. With the gas prices climbing, my friends usually ride with me; but tonight I forgot to charge the car, so I’m using Jacob’s car to drive back to campus.Tonight was really wild and I have not partied that hard in a while. It was Jacob’s birthday and we celebrated it off campus at his parent’s huge house.His parents are out of town, plus they gave him permission to throw his birthday party at the house. If I could guess, I would say that the entire school was there.Including my girlfriend who was drunk and carried home by her friends. I insisted on taking her home, but they were adamant that they did.Jacob got so wasted that he puked two times and even went unconscious. It was truly a
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Chapter two
Oh, dang.This cannot be real.“Oh my god, this is so cool!” The guy says and then he puts the phone back on the bed.“How is this cool?” I ask him, slightly annoyed by his reaction.“I literally lost my memory and I can’t remember anyone or any place; it is not cool, it is terrifying,” I say to him and his smile fades.“Well, yeah, but still kind of cool.” He mumbles.“So do you know where we are, or who I am?” He asks and I smack my forehead with my hand in frustration.“I don’t remember crap,” I tell him and he notices my frustration.“Okay, sorry. I’m Kevin, I have been your roommate since we were in our freshman year.” He informs me.Kevin.It does not click anything in my mind. It is like I am just meeting him. I have no recollection of him in the past.“So we are seniors?” I inquire and Kevin chuckles. “No, no. We are juniors, Ryan.” He says.He seems excited about what is happening, and I feel like I’m in a nightmare that I can’t wake up from no matter how hard I try.“And oh,
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Chapter three
This is the most confused I have been in years, the last time I was even relatively confused was when I had not started college yet. I had graduated from high school and I had so many offers. All the colleges I applied to had accepted me and offered me so much more than I expected.I remember I had so many sleepless nights trying to pick which one to go to, I am a perfectionist and that does not mean that I want everything or anyone I meet to be perfect. I just want things to be under control, so sometimes I obsess about things that are not in my control or outside my knowledge.I obviously ended up picking the college that I am in now and I don’t regret it a single bit. I have grown so much mentally and in so many ways. I have people that have challenged me to move out of my comfort zone, and this has been the happiest that I have been.The happiest until now...Losing my memories feels so strange, I feel like I am being either being lied to by anyone I meet or I am being told the tr
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Chapter four
The office abruptly got struck by awkward silence, a silence that could not be broken into. The three of us sat still, wondering what just came out of my mouth. Mr. Wells, staring at the nurse, bit his lips and shook his head as one who has been let down. He then let out a sigh of disappointment. Perhaps, still he doesn't believe a damn thing I say! You know, when everyone around you starts to think you are an idiot, the flow of negative thoughts would just cramp up your head. You see, Kevin told me that Mr. Wells is one person who always rooted for me whenever I played baseball. He was my number one fan. Now that he thinks I'm on drugs, I don't think things are going to be the same anymore. After two minutes of silence, Mr. Wells stood up, threw his left hand in his front pocket, and rolled his right hand through his raven hair. "Kings, you sure you want this?" Mr. Wells says loudly after stroking his head. "Yes, I do. I want my parents right now." I sit and let the words slip out
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